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Postponed release date for Portugal: 23rd October

Written by Rox_Nox2003 on October 17, 2006 to .

According to online Portuguese CD retail stores, it has been confirmed that due to delays, the new Roxette compilation and its 2CD (CD with DVD) will only be released on October 23 all over the country. It seems that the normal edition has arrived, yet it will not be on sale until the arrival of the deluxe edition. However, it was expected to be released on October 16 simultaneoulsly with other European countries.


In Argentina it’s almost the same but with the GH. (don’t know anything about the CD+DVD) The date is October 24 according to EMI.

I guess, it’s worth waiting :) It’s still nice that the new releases will be released in your country.

It’s such a wonder how some news make on their own on the front-page....It’s not that I’d appreciate this for people in Portugal to know when they get the deluxe version of the GH but exactly how many Portuguese people actually visit this site, people who’d actually make the most of this bit of news?

Yeah, yeah, nag, nag, the charts item was totally ignored: separate news for Sweden #2 or Spain #3 or even Finnish #5 would’ve deserved a lot more space than something like a postponed release date for a country nowhere near Roxette’s priority. Just a thought. No offense.

I’agree with Roxryder-V2002 :S ...

Sorry, animalkingdom. But all those chart facts, numbers, sales and such is boring to me. Who cares about ths stupid charts nowadays? We all know crap tend to sell even more than decent music. So what’s the fuzz about the charts?

For me, this info is more useful. At least for the Portuguese fans, doesn’t matter if they are 1 or 2. By the way, my greetings to Sandra, a Rox-Fan from Esmoriz (Portugal)!

It seems it happens the same in other places. I preordered both GH in CDWow and one of them was shipped the 14th, but I still have no news about the other one.

When the release dates for other countries were presented these were the ones that were know alltogether at the time. In the meantime no news concerning released in a few other coutries, like Portugal, were unknown. I decided to investigate asking online cd stores for release dates and fortunantely these news were given to me. It could have eventually been added as a Updated addition to the previous release date news, however the website administrators decided to place it a part for reasons they only they can explain. I just decided to share this with you irrelevant whether this is or isn’t importante for you. We might be very few portuguese fans here, but we all deserve come sort of attention we also deserve to contribute somehow to this huge fanbase.

No offense was felt. Yet a sense of respect and understanding was needed. Legitimate to give your own views nevertheless

Cheers, Nuno from Aveiro Portugal


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