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Written by tevensso on October 17, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - On you can now vote for Roxette’s best video through all times. There will be three videos a day to choose from. Next Tuesday all six winners will be fighting for Best Roxette Video ever.

  October 11: “The Look,” “A Thing About You” and “Wish I Could Fly”

  October 12: “Listen to Your Heart,” “Almost Unreal” and “The Center of the Heart.”

  October 13: “It Must Have Been Love,” “Run to You” and “Crash!Boom!Bang!.”

  October 14: “Joyride,” “Milk & Toast & Honey” and “How Do You Do!.”

  October 15: “Fading Like a Flower,” “Dangerous” and “Stars.”

  October 16: “Spending My Time,” “Sleeping in My Car” and “Dressed for Success.”

OK, so now it’s time to choose the best Roxette video of all times. The selection must have been a bit random by TV4 as they have only showed 18 out of about 45 videos. Take it for what it’s worth. The finalists are in bold.


It’s difficult with the 1st three vids, finally I voted for WICF - ATAY would have been my 2nd choice.

Indeed, interesting options, with two “brand new” videos out of 3.

My vote has gone to WICF as well.

BTW, I start to wonder how many times P&M have recorded “HI, my name is Per, and I am Marie. We are R-O-X-E-T-T-E!” over the past 20 years...

i voted WICF also.

The Big L.

I don´t know what to do... :S

Well... my roxette favourite video... untill this day is:She doesnt live here anymore, it makes me feel better when im sad. This kind of video makes my adrenaline go crazy. I used to see on saturdays night before i go to burn Bilbao at party!!!!!
june affternoon it was one of the most original video ever saw by myself.
.........ROX ON TOP

I’ve voted for Wish I could fly. Great song and great video.

I voted for A thing about you... very romantic, and wow, this guy without trauserss... uhmmm i whis one of them to xmas jiji

Yes, June Afternoon, I forgot it... I voted ATAY...

I voted for A Thing About You. But they’re all the best... :) And I always get happy when I hear P.G. and M.F. speak... Haha...

ATAY is the best video I think :D

voted for WICF, but my all time fave is She doesn’t live here anymore.. hope it’s there in the next days :)

Voted for ATAY, but must say I really thougt about WICF ..

Per & Marie greetings @ (downloadable stream link):


Mirrored on rapidshare for those who may not be able to download from mms links (it’s the exact same file):

I voted for A Thing About You. But all these videos are great!

Thank you, Sweepi.

I voted for WICF, because song and video are both great. For me, WICF is a song, that both sounds like Roxette AND new pop music (not like OW, that only sounds like new pop music to me). And: WICF means a lot to me, too.

But the decision is not easy, because ATAY is a beautiful song with a nice video, too.

The best Rox videos are,

Anyone & Wish I Could Fly.

The video from Marie and Per is so cute!

I love Roxette

I voted A Thing About You since it’s one of my favourite videos, so romantic...

ATAY for me. They both looked great in that video.

that’s really cool! I actually voted for ATAY - I’m slightly fed up with the look.

I bet most of the non- fans will go for The look, as that’s the one with most publicity.

Right now, it’s all pretty even, interesting!

Can you only vote once, or does it work if you remove the cookies? (too lazy to check)

Besides Roxette selling sex in their videos, just the ideas, I think ATAY has quite an idea with a split room, two persons and a good ending. WICF is not that “creative” neither is “The Look”.
In addition to “A Thing About You” I would say “Fireworks” would do and “Crash Boom Bang”. High class work with something that stands out. Again not like - here is a bed, a girl, a boy and well ... they want each other. IMHO.

I voted for Wish I Could Fly. And I’m quite amazed that A Thing About You is the leading video at the moment.

By the way, you can only vote once, i.e. one vote per one computer.

For me “atay” and Marie look great! ;) thanks sweepi.

It was hard for me, but I went for WICF. So far TL is ahead. Reading the comments above I guess non-fans preffer TL. They probably pay more atention to the songs, and obviously TL is the most iconic. I think we´re so used to listening this songs over and over that we´re only measuring the visual aspects of the video. Great contest, by the way

I can’t believe The Look is winning over WICF! Well, I like The Look as a song but I must say the video is rather crappy.

WICF is, artistically, the best out of those 3 videos.

So today we have:

Listen To Your Heart
Almost Unreal
Centre of The Heart

I voted for Almost Unreal, but LTYH is already winning...

Listen to your Heart!
one of the best videos ever made by anyone!!!

For The Centre.. voted

voted for TCOTH. My favourite Rox video. These polls are all very well, but the general public will probably in most cases vote for their favourite song rather than video, which will probably end up with one of the biggest rox hits winning the overall poll, even if it doesnt have a particularly good video

What the bet it’s It Must Have Been Love thats the winner....

SILVER BLUE is on the top of my list. i vote for LISTEN TO YOUR HEART

I don’t think The Look is their best video, but I do think it is one of their best. M & P both look like rock stars, and their attitude is fantastic. Very rockish song and great hairdos.

I love TCOTH video... but today was really hard to choose...

Maybe it’s cos I was around and a fan when LTYH/TheLook came out that I find the videos extremely dated. Not as good as most videos from the time. LTYH is still a great performance/live video, but unfortunately my vote goes to TCOTH. Hello?! It’s just on of the best vids they’ve ever done! Akerlund at his best!

Cheers cheers

Oh, TCOTH against LTYH... I can’t choose? Lyth is the best video from the early Roxette, Tcoth the best from the “new” Rox..

I’ve voted for The Centre Of The Heart.

By the way, will the finals be broadcast on TV4?

Next pools are ready: ITHBL/Run to you/CBB; Joyride/M&T&H/How Do You Do; FLAF/Dangerous/Stars; Spendin My time/SIMC/Dressed for success.

I think the most famous song will always win: IMHBL, Joyride, FLAF...

Listen to your heart
Almost unreal
The centre of the heart hard choice but TCOTH does it for me every time. visually stunning.

Am I the only one here that voted for “Almost Unreal”? All three videos are great in their own way, but I’ve always liked the concept of the almost unreal video. I must admit though.. I have’t seen this Super Mario Bros version before I think. There are another version aswell, right?

The SMB version is on all the DVD’s.

I had a great laugh at college... the evil firewall wouldn’t let me vote, but still let me on TDR. Stupid really.

Sorry, LTYH for me...

Baby-C, you are not the only one, I also voted for AU. I like the visual effects in that video, specially when they change the clothes Marie is wearing. I also like her look, it improved a lot in 1993. Compare it with her look in the video of FLAF, where she looked pretty masculine and hard. I love the way Marie looked in 1993, specially the hair.

Hey Everyone!

I dunno, it’s a tough call on how to vote.. go for the actual song, video quality, or for both? I ended up voting for the actual song in the end. Almost Unreal is a marvelous video, but LTYH was and still is a huge hit. And I voted for TL on the other song.... maybe I’m just dating myself :) I’m excited - EMI is mailing me the new Rox CD today - it’s being released in Canada and has been released to Canadian Radio as of today.


As yet I voted for TL and LTYH.

And my all time favourite is SPENDING MY TIME! That´s a really formidable and expensive video.

But it´s hard to decide, there are no really bad videos...

Today for Vote:

It must have been love

Run to you

Crash Boom Bang

And today’s link ->

Only such a pitty that “the best Roxette video ever” is being chosen from only among 18 of the whole lot... :-S (Yes I know those are the ones from the singles featured in the new GH but still... Buaaah ain’t faaair!!... I wanna vote for “Anyooone” !!... :P *sniff*)

The video which shows Rox at it’s best (Live, Run To You) unfortunately runs last... It’s the most popuplair song which is on top!

Roxette is new on the swedish hitlist 2nd place, thats great news....

Yeah! -its great to see, that Roxette gettin BACK... -the 2nd Place in Sweden is so wonderful, other Week Number ONE?

I think Roxette make´s so many nice und funny Videos, so as: Milk & Toast & Honey, June Afternoon, WICF, ATAY, Anyone, Queen of Rain or You don´t understand Me, this a all Video´s to give me a nice Feelin, to feel and see her MUSIC... :-)



Milk and Toast and Honey

How do you do

Joyride is gonna be the winner here I think!!

It’s touch and go... :D

Joyride will win, but I think HDYD or MATAH is better video

people are voting songs, not videos. The look-video is better than A thing about you-video??????? puffff...

@above: I don’t know if The Look video is better than A thing about you, but I do prefer it. It’s more fun and they look great! I remember that Per once said that The Look was one of their best videos, and I agree.

Today, I’ve voted for Joyride!


the look ? best video ? its so old fashioned,

Joyride , is a great vid, reminds me of greens days video abit the one with the blue screen used at back

@Ian: That’s great news, thanks for letting us know! Wonder if I can sweet talk our local Top 40 station into playing “One Wish” here in Regina? They seem to like “The Look” and “Dangerous”...

@roxtexanet :

Z99 - Regina - I worked there from 2001 to 2003... Zed did play Centre of the Heart when it was released for a short time and I know our radio station here on Vancouver Island received “One Wish” last week.

Buzz Elliot is the Music Director there, get on his case and get them to add it :)

- Ian

This is proving the Majority of the world have probably never seen the more recent stuff of the bands. Or Heard for that matter.

just voted for dangerous video. amazing, powerfull, one of my all-time favourites!

It looks like people are voting more for the song than the video.

exactly. And it´s a little pitty because definitely the younger videos (especially the Akerlund‘s) are fabulous. But as the songs aren‘t so common as the old ones...
However, STARS is way better than todays other options.

I’ve voted for Joyride and Fading Like A Flower.


How Did you Vote?


- The Look
- Listen To Your Heart
- It Must Have Been Love
- Joyride
- Fading Like A Flower
- Spending My Time


That’s how I voted:

- “A Thing About You”
- “The Center of the Heart”
- “Crash!Boom!Bang!”
- “How Do You Do!”
- “Stars”
- “Spending My Time”

Only one of the above happens to be my favorite ’song’ too.
But there must’ve been a lot of people who voted for the songs instead of the videos...

I’ve voted for Spending My Time in the last round. It was very hard to choose from Spending My Time, Sleeping In My Car and Dressed For Success as none of them is my absolute favourite video. But there is a member of The Daily Roxette who said that his absolute favourite is Spending My Time, so I went for it :)

But today I’ve voted for Joyride. In my opinion, it’s the best Roxette video along with Queen Of Rain, Wish I Could Fly and June Afternoon.

so, now it seems to be the final voting. my favourite one out of theese videos is the look, but now ltyh seems to make it it. would be ok for me, too.

TCOTH is my fave.

Colourful but not kitschy, sexy, weird and damn cool.

Plus the lyrics of TCOTH sound like “hidden kink inside” *eg*

I voetd for:

-Wish I colud fly
-It must have been Love
-Milk & Toast & Honey
-Fading like a Flower
-Spending My Time
-Fading like a Flower

My favorites all in all are: Queen of Rain, Milk & Toast & Honey, Wish I coluld fly, A Thing about You, Anyone, Fading like A Flower and You don´t understand Me... -I can´t stop to list... ;-)

the best is Fingertips´93. black, white, white clothes,black clothes, black, white...perfect mister Akerlund!!!

Other than Roxette fans probably voted for SONGS rather than videos...based on the selection of the “videos” that made the final. Oh yeah, that selection makes Roxette look like they were done by 1992!


yep they voted for songs not for videos

I just realized the 18 videos are from the bonus-DVD...


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