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Radio broadcast of Room Service concert

Written by tevensso on October 9, 2006 to .

SÖDERHAMN - According to there will be no Roxette tour “within a forseeable future,” but Swedish Radio P3 will in celebration of Roxette’s 20th anniversary broadcast a concert recorded during the Room Service tour in the Globen Arena in 2001. The concert starts at 21:03 CET October 20 and lasts one hour.

  This concert has been broadcast once before and consists of roughly a dozen songs:

01. Crush on You

02. Dressed for Success

03. Listen to Your Heart

04. Real Sugar

05. It Must Have Been Love

06. The Centre of the Heart

07. Sleeping in My Car

08. Milk & Toast & Honey

09. Joyride

10. Crash!Boom!Bang!/Anyone

11. The Look


I’d like to hear that! Is there a web feed of that station?

So is this the RS concert that was recorded that was mentioned long ago?

Interesting that just 2 days ago Marie was quoted saying “maybe a mini-tour” at sometime in the future, and now we get “no tour in the forseeable future”. Whatever happens, happens.

I don’t see any discrepance between this two statements. “Maybe a mini-tour” doesn’t implicate to have a tour in the near future, at least that there’s planned/fixed or even foreceeable.
It just meant, perhaps in a few years she’ll be able to do a small tour - the positive thing is that she didn’t denie the possibility of this happening sometime.

PLEEEASE give us that on CD!!! tour in a forseeable future, but AT LEAST a radio broadcast of THAT MATERIAL THAT FANS are asking for a long time...but in a Swedish radio station.

My God. Seeing the quality of the news appeared during this 20th Anniversary, I´m waiting for the REAL BAD NEW one of these days. And you know what I´m talking about...

What are you talking about?

i was there :)
fantastic show and many great memories :)
i was my first big roxette show and first time in stockholm.

NO WAY , if roxette have given them the rights to play it, why not give us a dvd/cd pack. ow come on per.

wooo... I dont understand why not includes in a rox-box these kind of extra material to fans.I mean about room service tour concerts and i guess more and more unreleased concerts,interviews,even behind escens and more,many more like this.
This way the Rox box it will be fabulous, we are fans, we need more warms, we getting cold...


I don’t want to spoil all the fun, but this concert has already been broadcasted in the past, actually I have it in lossless audio (CD quality). Great concert and performance though :-)


Why not on the Box ? Hm... Would have been great.
By the way, “no roxette tour within a forseeable future”...IT REALLY HURTS hearing those words. I know it, so why always telling me that there will be no tour (in the forseeable future) ?!?! :-(( outch!
Anyway. I can wait for the rest of my life ! ha! ;-))

That’s nice!

But: why is MATAH getting played? Imo, it was the worst sounding song on the tour! Why not Queen of Rain or the cool version of Church Of Your Heart? Just a thought...

Yes, obsessed, the article reads “This concert has been broadcast once before,” I think that covers your point?

I’m goin to listen to it anyway. Thanks for the link!

Did you have details about this channel? Many listeners?

YES, really nice!
I have this concert by DVD, and the songs is very nice live with marie.

rox-obsessed, please can I have a copy of the said concert?

I can provide you with an FTP site to upload it to or transfer over MSN etc.


Again COY made the list that was compiled by someone other than ROXETTE

This is a good selection of the concert, except maybe for the missing Hotblooded, which is very good!!!

roxette! more one nice thing to us collec...

The “roughly 12 songs” are the following 11: ...

What? Only 11 songs? And where’s the rare stuff?

That’s all Per’s fault! And the end of Roxette!

I think it reads “roughly” because you could, in a way, count CBB and Anyone as separate show numbers.

Oh and @Krischan

“What? Only 11 songs? And where’s the rare stuff?

That’s all Per’s fault! And the end of Roxette!”

Whaat? Now what’s Per’s got to do with this radio broadcast? Not much, I’d say. And I just read a comment from you on where you were commenting a negative reply by saying “It’s beginning to sound like on TDR here.”

A little paradoxical hahaha.

Animalkingdom: A good portion of irony in Krischan’s comment! ;-)

I’m just watching the Stockholm Room Service concert - how good is it!! Haven’t seen it for a while. Such a shame they never released it :-(

I think, this concert was even broadcast on Lithuanian national radio ;) Well, at least it was the same 12 songs.

I am listning to it right now In The Netherlands. How I love The internet!

Laurens Rulkens


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