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Bravo performance to be pre-recorded, but Roxette WILL appear onstage at event

Written by marcusvandeursen on October 7, 2006 to .

HAMBURG - While Roxette’s actual performance will still be pre-recorded, Per and Marie are now both expected to take the stage this month at the Color Line Arena in Hamburg, Germany when Bravo magazine celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a live three-hour television event.

  A notice posted yesterday on, the duo’s own site, indicated that Roxette will “make a live appearance on stage at the actual event on the 21st.”

  And Bravo themselves yesterday released this message:

Dear Roxette-fans,
We have positive news! After intensive discussions, we have today received the definitive yes: Roxette will be on stage at the big ’50 Years BRAVO’ anniversary gala on 21 October 2006. We’re very happy to be able to bring all fans this news.

11 comments what ARE they gonna do then? I mean on stage.

Gosh I´m so glad somebody finally lightened up the mystery!! Could‘ve done that a little earlier.
I think anyone will understand if Marie doesn‘t feel comfortable performing live, who are we to complain.

Maybe there will be some kind of interview or someting? Like.. the host says “and here is Roxette!” *they show the pre-recorded performance* and then after the performance the host does a small interview with Per and Marie. Just a thought.. just a possibility.

*me crossing my fingers and hope for the same thing at Bingolotto later on*

Maybe they can introduce some group,or give an award.

Or maybe Roxette will receive an award themselves?

Unless I’m mistaken, it’s not an awards show. Roxette will be there to provide a transition between what’s happening “live” on stage and their performance recorded the day before. To the audience viewing the show on TV, the effect should appear seamless... so expect them to be wearing the exact same clothes. Like many other television shows of this type... at the very end... if you watch closely enough... it will say “portions of this telecast previously recorded.”

wouldnt have been much easier, more logical and definitely safer to ask Per what exactly are they going to do in Hamburg? couldn´t have the TDR guys get some first hand info and stop the confusion and pointless questions going round here?

@LEO: That’s very unlikely, actually - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line like that (or rather a German version of it) on any show! It seems they usually simply keep quiet about stuff like that...

ETA: But well, it wouldn’t make sense in this case, anyway, since the show starts at 7 PM in the venue and at 8.15 PM on TV which means the whole show is not live. *g*

So basically this means that Marie is still not 100% fit to perform live on stage, at least not in the context of a “roxette” performance which involves a lot of energy and live vocals.

I think it’s commendable though that she’s doing this much at least. We should all be pretty impressed.

I guess Marie is concerned whether or not she’ll be able to deliver on the day, so she’s opted for the safe option.

Fair enough.


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