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“One Wish” promoted on front page of newspaper in Spain

Written by Jud on October 4, 2006 to .

MADRID - Promotion for Roxette’s new single “One Wish” has already started in Spain and, in fact, is in high gear at the moment.

  Commuters travelling to work this morning were greeted with a big, full-color Roxette picture on the cover of one of Spain’s most-read newspapers, the free 20 Minutos (which is distributed for free in a similar fashion to Metro in many countries or Heute in Austria).

  An article inside reports about Roxette’s new release and comeback, and invites readers to visit the newspaper’s website today and tomorrow to view the video version of Roxette’s new single “One Wish.”

  The newspaper is read by an average of two million people daily and can be picked up at subway stations and universities.

  The single also started to be heard on the main radio stations last week and, as some TDR readers have reported, was sold out in some stores.


Great!! I saw the article,it’s great!

I was shocked when i saw it this morning. It’s great to see roxette in the front page of a newspaper.
they are back! :)))


It really made my day this morning when picking the newspaper at the train station...

That moment, when I saw dozens of newspapers showing P&M at the front cover, is what I would describe as real h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s!!

aww nice. about some real promotion . the video link is great , first time i saw it today on that sit, marie is stunning in it. just how i remember.

It’s working already - “One Wish” has been available for download at iTunes since Sept. 20th but just today shot into the Top 100 downloads at #30!

See EMI? A little promotion goes a long way...

I agree, if we are this way “just” because they have appear in a newspaper with an article about a video almost all of us had seen... what would we do if we listen to them more often on the radio or watching their video on tv or something!
i love the front page of this newspaper, the photo is big size! in the web there are almost 100 messages of support to Roxette: awesome!

roxtexanet i agree, promotion ? ? mad how they dont do it for roxette much anymore. if they did same in uk .

Plus they used my fave roxette picture ever for it.

Great news!!!

So the single was out on the 4th of October in Spain as well?

I’ve missed it. I can’t believe this, but there is still hope... Did you see the comments below the article (in the web version)? So much and so positive... People still remember and love Roxette, like all of us, naturally. It’s fan-tastic:)))

Can you translate these words of praise? Thanks. Great to read something possitive.

20 Minutos is probably part of the Swedish Metro group, so maybe we will see this kind of promotion in other countries too.

@abysmo: this is the translation of just a fewof the messages people have left in the web (
“It was time to see an excelent swedish band come back, we have missed them”
“Roxette always the best”
“Ayyy, my idols since childhood are back!! I love this band, I´m happy Marie is fine. You have make my day happier”
“Roxette are showing once again that great talent that has made them be in the top. Great song, great video, GREAT BAND!!! Rox on!”
“I love this band, happy they are back!”
“I thankful cos Marie is fine, I´m thankful for the incredible talent of this swedish duo,I´m thankful for Per´s music... I¨m thankful for having met a band as fantastic as ROXETTE!!!!!!!!”
“I´ve grown up listening to them and hope i will keep listening them for a looooong time.They are the best! Great song, amazing video,Roxette are back!”

i am wondering when the promotion in germany is going to start. i have never heard it on the radio or seen anything about it in the media. :-(

Just saw on the Teletext that VIVA in Germany will show ONE WISH tomorrow (06.10.) evening at “NEU” 22:00

The single has been shipped to music stores all over Spain (it’s out of stock in EMI’s warehouse ;)) - so you’ll be able to find it everywhere.

Expect to see Per and Marie’s face all over Carrefour when the album is out too :D

The video will start tv-play on Saturday on Los 40 tv, later on on other music channels..


@Judith: not everywhere, at least not in Copenhagen :(

I wrote “in Spain” :)

More good news: the single appears in webs of shops as important as: El corte Ingles or Fnac. Sure there will be more promotion with the whole GH and Rox Box!!


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