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“Listen to Your Heart” 3 x “million-air”

Written by roxeteer on October 6, 2006 to .

LONDON (UPDATED) - BMI is once again giving awards to Per Gessle and Mats “MP” Persson as their song “Listen to Your Heart” has now reached its 3 millionth broadcast on American radio. It took nine years to reach two million – and eight years more to reach three million (total playing time non-stop: 27 years.) Recently, the pace was increased as D.H.T. released a succesful dance cover of the song. Per Gessle comments to Aftonbladet “This award means a lot to me as it clearly shows what an impact this song has had!”

  Per also mentions that the Americans were “duly impressed” by the video as they thought Roxette had built Borgholm’s Castle ruin just for the video.

Update Oct. 6: “Listen to Your Heart,” written by Per Gessle and Mats “MP” Persson, and published by Jimmy Fun Music (all STIM), was named Song of the Year and received one of the organization’s [BMI] highest accolades; the Robert S. Musel Award. “I’ve never heard of this Robert dude. The sculpture was very big and very ugly!” comments Per. He also tells TDR that he thinks this is an amazing award, “…the last and the best of the night!”

  Recorded by Belgium-based duo D.H.T., the song was originally a #1 hit for Roxette in 1989 and received the BMI Dance Award at last year’s ceremony.

Dan Kroll contributed to this article.


I wonder how many time has The Look or Joyride been played in US radios...
Cool news;)

is this new news, wasn this done at an awards ceromory with marie there aswell already ? im confused.

rox-kuryliw, yep new news :) Marie was with Per on London, when they get award of It Must Have Been Love.

Listen to your heart also got an award that time. For best dance track of the year or something. (DHT)

Blimey, congrats I think are in order...

nice. the celebration seems to be today. in london. you guys should wait mp and gessle at the airport tomorrow with flowers. lol

Great song, oh yes it is...

“Nox1983” - yeah I wonder too, specially The Look since it actually was the big breakthrough (does it spells like that??) in the US.
You can hear both of them aired on the swedish radio from time to time.

Gosh, my english is not very good today..

Pop on & ha det gött!/ speedo

Yeah, spellings right...

That’s fantastic!!!

Roxette Rules

erm..some of these numbers don’t seem to be correct...particulary the 11 years and 4 months. That article was dated 12/98 which would put LTYH starting 8/87? Am I wrong?

speedo85_90: same here, the radios still play many rox songs, but i guess in places like the US or UK, Roxette is well known for their ballads... that´s not good...

Keep on playing Roxette songs :)

Yeah, I think the figures are wrong. 11 years 4 months + 8 years = almost 20 years. Listen To Your Heart was not released in late 1986.

But congratulations anyway! 3 million spins = a lot of moolah!!

Confusing, I know. Click on the link and it might make more sense. ;-) There was an article 8 years ago about LTYH

So this was what Per was coming to the UK for? No promo for the GH then I take it

Ha ha, check out Per’s belt buckle!

By the way, the “11 years and 4 months” (see the linked article), that’s from Expressen and they are wrong. LTYH hadn’t been out 11 years and 4 months in the US in 1998.

Who’s the other guy with the medal? There are five names but six faces? Was he awarded for something written for EEC?

Have Roxette not last year the same Award for the same Song become?

MP looks funny beside eagle eye cherry :-D

by the way: why do per and mp do not write songs together anymore?

@Superbullie: Last one was She Doesn´t Live Here Anymore. Not only Roxette, whole Finn 5 fel has been written only by Per. It´s sad, because this songwriters duo made pearls like Listen To Your Heart, Spending My Time or Queen Of Rain.

Where is Marie??? What’s up? :-(

Marie is not an author, PHG and MMPP are.

@abysmo: i now. i also think that their co-productions are among the best roxsongs

In this story I miss a fact that Listen is the Song of the year and got Robert Musel Award too. It should be mentioned I think.

It’s quite amazing how Save Tonight with Eagle Eye Cherry also have been playes 3 million times. Since 1998.

Haha, check out Per’s belt buckle...

I noticed too. Love it!!! He looks great. Better than ever. I’ve always loved his sweet boyish smile.....Ahhhhhhh

Yes, the belt is “thumbs up” :)

Do you think One Wish will reach that mark?... Seriously.. Do you?

power ballads.... to bad per doesnt seem to write those anymore...

ye i loved the massive power ballads, all his songs are to in the middle of the road sometimes.

Yes, yes, yes. Listen To Your Heart, Queen Of Rain, Crash! Boom! Bang!, You Don´t Understand Me, Wish I Could Fly... I miss this kind of songs so much. Great, orchestral, dramatic, sad. These songs goes right through your heart and stays forever. Milk And Toast And Honey, Reveal, Anyone, Salvation, Bringing Me Down... are nice slow songs, but where is the atmosphere, exigency, feeling?
Good power pop songs are great singles but everybody remember dark dramatic ballads. These are the timeless songs. Evergreens. Nobody out of fanbase remember Anyone or Salvation.

I’ve just heard it being played to a huge gathering in front of our Parliament Building while I was watching a political assembly on TV. The song used to be the official song of one of the biggest Hungarian parties in the 1990s, and they are using it again. With the permission of Roxette, of course, at least I read that somewhere on the Net.

I don’t care about politics much, it’s just that it was so nice to hear it! It made my day! There were tens of thousands of people there, all listenig to this song and enjoying it! It’s the song that got me hooked on Roxette 6 years ago, and it’s still a very special song for me.

/Greetings to all of you, by the way! I’m new here. :-)/

This is great! Listen To Your Heart is my favourite Roxette’s song!

Can I have that belt buckle?

Listen To Your Heart is a great song, one of my favorites. I am from The Netherlands and let me tell you someting. Everybody I know here loves Roxette and their songs, but the problem is, Roxette is not promoting theirselves here in this country, and that is a pitty. I hope they will, because of their new single. I know for sure, if they promote ’One Wish’ this could be a huge top-10 hit, because it is a very great song. It stays in your head, you keep playing it and keep singing it. The music video is great as well. Roxette, keep on doing the great work, and please, please do not forget our country and do some good promoting stuff, also on television!! Play that promotion video from your official website!!

Oh, I just adore Per’s sense of humour: “The sculpture was very big and very ugly!”

Excellent article update... the picture is fantastic! Well done Per :)

There is another photo here...


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