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“One Wish” enters at #2 on German radio listener chart

Written by crashroxer on October 5, 2006 to .

BADEN-BADEN - Roxette’s brand new single “One Wish” entered the German radio station SWR3 TOP 33 charts at #2 last Sunday, and as such the highest entry last week.

  SWR3 is one of the most important stations in the south of Germany and the Top 33 chart is built weekly with the votes the radio station receives from listeners via the Internet.


Bravo!!! Number 2 already!!!
Is there any link to the official chart in Germany?

“One Wish” is not yet listed on the official German Top 100 and I guess it won’t be until the German release date of the single which is October 20th (?). I’m not sure about the actual date but as long as you are not able to buy the single or download it officially at e.g. iTunes the song won’t appear on any charts based on the numbers of copies sold.

If the release date should really be October 20th, I think it might almost be too late since the song is now at the peak of the listeners charts and probably receives a lot of airplay but people who’d like to by the single NOW could be disappointed to not be able to do so........

BTW, you can find an overview of the official charts of several European countries at

You can vote for “One Wish”:

Hola Nox1983:

for the single TOP100 check out


if you‘re interested in the album TOP100.
Though it‘s a download platform these are the official german charts.

perhaps not too much of a surpriuse the germans love roxette :)

great! at least there is happening something around the single!


@Steven: Yes, the British clearly have superior taste in pop music over the Germans. Bob the Builder, anyone?

For anyone trying to make sense of the above: this guy (from the UK) trashed the credibility of German music charts since crap like David Hasselhoff sells well there. Even funnier is that a week after his comments came and were deleted by the mods, “The Hoff” debuted at NUMBER THREE in the UK with his new single!!

Oh, that’s simply fantastic! And don’t forget to vote!

ahhh, s**t, “one wish” fell down at nr. 5 on the swr3 charts.
did you all do your homework guys? ;-)


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