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Roxette to perform at BRAVO’s 50th anniversary show

Written by Sascha on August 31, 2006 to .

Roxette will be one of the three headline acts of BRAVO magazine’s 50-year gala this fall. Together with other acts like Nena (99 Luftballons) and Die fantastischen Vier, Roxette will perform live in Germany for the first time in five years!

  The show will be a time machine through five decades of pop culture. The “50 Jahre BRAVO” gala will take place at Color Line Arena in Hamburg on October 21st at 19:00 CET and… it’s possible to buy tickets.

  The show will be broadcast during prime time on channel “Pro Sieben” at 21:15 the same day.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The PR machine may have taken awhile to get its gears cranking, but the story that Roxette is back together again – and will be performing live on this show – has gone international. The Brazilian newspaper O Globo carries a story today, at least in their online edition (see link below). Roxette remains a well-known name in Brazil, due in large part to Roxette songs having been used for the soundtracks of television novellas (soap operas). – LEO


Great news, but only seating places far away from the stage available.

And there is a note, that the main area in the middle (in front of stage) is not open for normal sale!

wonder what songs they will be doing ?

Great promo pic, wished they could have used that on the single. ;)
Pro sieben, is that something many germans have?
Any news about an american release/promo campaign?

Since it’s a “time machine” maybe they play one wish and Joyride or another old song? That would be cool

Great News anyway that they are doing some PR!

Swedens Television (SVT) also celebrate 50 years this year, I hope Roxette comes to their party to.

yAHHOOOOOOoooo I’really happy for this!!!

So you are saying that it’s not really worth buying tickets and visit the show?
I am not sure if I should go. Anyone else?

I´´m tempted to go but hows the tix???????

Great news. Timer is already programed to record the show. :-) Hopefully they don’t cut out too much of Roxette.

And yes many Germans can receive Pro 7.

For buying tickets you can call a ticketline. The number can be founhd on the BRAVO site.

Here’s the direct link to the tickets:$330789 (use the whole URL)

Many German fans are going to join this, see the topic at! Pro Sieben is one of the Top 5 TV channels in Germany, available for everyone. October 21 is a Saturday btw. :-)

Edit: Klick on “Saalplan” to see and buy available seats. It’s an indoor arena with 12,000 seats for this event. The inner area seems to be reserved for VIP guests. The closest to the stage is block U5 where most fans now are buying tickets. I can’t tell more bout this, never been there. Good luck!

so its very far from the stage then?

Wonder if they will perform live...

How weird is seeing the headling “Roxette to perform.....” WOW!!!!! It’s so amazing!!

I know, but craporama I can’t go!

AAAh..yeah! Thanx !! Hihi..Hamburg..yay..Hamburg...olé olé...Let us show you the Reeperbahn afterwards! ;)))

For a moment i did actually think about flying over to see Roxette for the first time on stage together in years, but to get tickets where i wouldnt get a very good view and they will only be singing 1 or 2 songs probably (also possibly miming) it doesnt really seem worth it.

so did i Neil, but unless I knew they whould perform live for sure maybe.. but not playback.

This appeared on the news, in Rock and Pop radio here in Argentina. One of the places where Roxette is certainly not popular.


This is expected to be a live performance... it’s quite a different situation from a television show like Bingolotto where there’s only a small studio.

Roxette not popular in Argentina?!? Don’t understand that comment... as Argentina is one of the countries most often mentioned as a stronghold for Roxette.

He must have meant that they aren’t popular on that radio station or something, cos as you say, it’s not many countries in the world where Roxette have had such a succes, not only in the early 90’s, but also later.

10 years ago Roxette have been at the 40th anniversary show of BRAVO. They played “The Look”. Not sure if it was live or playback.

*walks off to check it*

Yeaaaahhh Brazil loves Roxette!!! :D

Didn´t know about O Globo, thanks Leo!

Actually there were only 3 Roxette songs featured in brazilian soap operas; but their sucess here is huge, mainly because of their ballads. Roxette still have a big audience here!

And, WOW... it´s fantastic to know Roxette will perform live again at this event!!! Amazing news!! Thanks TDR!

Yeh, sorry... i meant the radio station.
Most of their listeners aren’t known for liking roxette.

I think, the seats are not far away from stage. I think, the middle area IS the stage. Because they have also talk-guests and they need room for the cameras an so on.....

Remember: it’s not a concert, it’s a TV-show. So I really think this is the reason why it’s not possible to buy tickets for the middle area.

Aahh, order is everything. Found it. Unfortunately it was playback.

I am really tempted....but ive already spent loads of money on concert tickets recently, and it just seems really extravagent to spend money on a flight, hotel and ticket, when they will prob only be on the stage for 10 mins

This is so cool!
Any plans for some BANNERS?
Anything like: Welcome Back ROXETTE!!!!

Would be very kind!

This is great news! Besides all the complaining I’ve read in the other comments/articles, this is a huge step for Roxette. My “One Wish” is that Roxette would perform on American T.V. once again (like the special they did for Fleetwood Mac). I’m not sure if this is okay (and I’d rather not “plug” another website) but if you’re looking for some great Roxette performances check out . They have a great performance of “Stars” and “WICF”. This is a great year for music. Artic Monkeys, the return of Oasis and now the best POP-ROCK band in the world, ROXETTE!!! In regards to everyone’s “one-wish-playlist” for the up-coming ROXBOX, I think we might be surprised. They, as a group or record company, don’t always tell you what’s on an entire album- sort of like a “hidden track”. We might just get what were wishing for. My biggest “wish” would be a remix of COY. I never understood why it was never released as a single, but then I realized some bands don’t always release all the “goods” off an album because it basically, for us! The fans that have been following them since “The Look”. I’ve been following music for years and have gotten many friends (who perfer Hard-Rock or Metal) to fall in love with Roxette’s sweeping ballads and uptempo gritty guitar singles. They are so damn catchy! Peace

Roxette on Letterman or Leno would be super fantastic great. :)

Roxette still has a lot of fans here in Argentina!
Mostly of the people know who they are at least.
My work mates like Roxette,they are asking me for news every day.I’ve shown them the video pic today,and they said: Roxette is getting old,but they even look GREAT!

I’m SO tempted to go to Hamburg :O

ok maybe now i will stop moaning about another hits package seeing as they can both promote it and emi seems to be somewhat on the ball this time...eher’e to hoping for top 20 for one wish :)

I hope so too!


Did you notice because i just did...


I’m soooooooooo happy to see them back. They will perform alive again. Owwwwwwwwww myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it’s wonderful!!!
I love them!!!
Fernanda - São Paulo - Brasil

After the negativity surrounding the Rox Box it was nice to come on and read this news. Not so much for the fact that they are performing again but more that Marie is well enough to be on stage and willing to travel as part of Roxette surely this is a good sign for the future?

An article about Roxette’s comeback has been published today in Clarín, the most selling newspaper from Argentina. As a consequence, the article was read in many radio stations.

Fantastic news,ROXETTE LIVE AGAIN!

Go to

here is all BRavo cover,very great:)

Hope I can still get tickets.
At the 40 years anniversary show Per and Marie performed The Look, but it was playback.
By the way, Marie was pregnant at that time.

I want that pic of them to be bigger!
I want them to do 24 songs, not 1 or 2!
I want them to perform ’Dancing on the nightwire’ and ’Turn to me’ in my backyard tomorrow night!

That’s the end of being a rox-fan for me!!

Tix are already ordered!!!!!!!! YEEEEES!!!!!!!

I did have a look at flights etc, but it’s gonna cost me around £500 and I can’t really justify that much money. God damn it!!! They better do a proper concert somewhere!! lol

Hope you all are realistic that Roxette will probably only perform 1 or 2 songs, maybe playback. They won’t perform 1/3 of the 3 hours. Though it’s great that so many fans plan to go there and give them a hot welcome! :-D

oh my...I remember these Bravo covers. Many of them I bought myself - for obvious reasons, lol ;)

3 of the most important newspapers in spain have report about this! (ABC, El Pais, La Vanguardia), also 2 of the biggest spanish radio stations los 40 principales, and europa fm have been reporting about this since yesterday. Its great! roxette is everywhere again!!!


This is all great news, but im still dissapointed and hope for a new Box

Is this a sign for a tour? I mean, they obviously need to reherse (?) a hole band for this. I’ve never seen Roxette perform live with a band without a tour coming up or a tour just finished!

I’m pretty sure it will be playback as it is usually done in this kind of shows...

Here’s the report from Poland :D

The biggest Polish newspaper put the information on Rox-comeback:,48362,3588258.html

The free “Metro” paper:,50560,3584726.html

Two, the most popular Polish portals wrote very similar articles about Roxette’s comeback: -,1378169,newsy.html -,0,id,24785,w,wi,niusy.html

Media wortal,,1597563,One_Wish_na_20-lecie_Roxette....

Nice signs of 20th anniversary :-)

...and now we’re tryin’ to plan our trip to Hamburg :-) Hope to see you there :)


Polish Roxette fans are ready to move lol hahahah :):):)

Vote for IMHBL to be on the BRAVO-50-years-anniversary-compilation!

You can vote for 3 songs (and as often as you want ;-)), then clic “weiter” to finish.

Additionally I voted for Proud Mary and Hey Jude.
Normally Beatles songs can’t be found on compilations... We’ll see. :-)

I’m anxious...

Thanks veneziano.

these news are fantastic!!!!i can’t wait 2 see them !!!!

weeeeeeeee hamburg here i come!

i HOPE no embryonic poppers (T.... H....) will perform at that show O_o

done :)
voted for rox, metallica (I love that song!) and Beatles :)

@zaccharine: Nice to read you (-;

Of course, TOKIO HOTEL will also perform there....*lol*

and some Dutch will join the party as well!!! Yep, we’ll be driving for 5-6 hours (one way that is) to see Roxette perform 1 or 2 songs...but it’ll be a blast!!!

Will photocameras be allowed?

Edit: NCurran > come on over and join the party :-) Scots are cool ;-) Where in Scotland do you live?

Photocameras, yeah I guess so, but not video ones...

I am so tempted....

Will watch it on TV - don’t have the money to go to Hamburg. It’s great anyway!

My Mama allowed me to go with her and a Friend of mine to ,,50 Jahre Bravo!”
So that means I’m very excited to see Roxette!

I’m so tempted to go there as well. Just to watch Per & Marie perform 2 songs.

£97 for a flight from Manchester....

Veryyyyyyy Nicce!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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