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Let there be no misunderstanding; we’re still overjoyed... and expecting GREAT things!

Written by administrator on August 29, 2006 to .

NEW YORK - Lest the chorus of voices raised to voice disappointment with the tracks being offered in the long-awaited RoxBox serve to cloud the bigger picture, let’s not overlook some core issues.

  We suspect we’re not the only ones for whom Roxette has had an impact beyond the expected. In a myriad of different ways, Per and Marie… their music, their concerts, their personalities, and yes, even such details as their album covers, have affected our lives (many fans can’t help but think of Roxette whenever they see raspberries or a five-pointed star).

  Friendships have been made directly because of Roxette. Some have been of a romantic nature, and led to marriage. We’ve always been impressed by groups of fans that get together periodically to share their enthusiasm for this band, but even the solo “joyriders” (Roxers if you prefer) who share their passion here in our SmallTalk section, feel a sense of community, at least on occasion.

  One of those occasions came almost exactly four years ago. News quickly spread that our beloved Marie Fredriksson was in the hospital, and fans around the world came together to express their concern and offer “get well” wishes and prayers. TDR helped to collect and assemble these sentiments into not just one, but several books full of statement from fans… many of which spoke of how much Roxette’s music had meant to them up to this point in their lives, and gave specific examples.

  We’d like to think, without getting too philosophical or theological, that all of our wishes and prayers were answered. Is it a miracle that Marie recovered?!? We’re not prepared to answer that, but we ARE certain that it’s a continuing cause for joy and celebration for the readers of this newspaper.

   From our particular vantage point, we see sunny skies ahead. Marie is healthy again, and has returned to both the recording studio and – just this past week – the stage. Per continues to throw his heart and soul into creating new music, and the word is that both Per and Marie enjoyed their reunion as Roxette.

  It’s now entirely within the realm of possibility that the phenonemon that is Roxette can continue after the candles on the 20th Anniversary cake have been blown out, and the cake has been cut and eaten. Another full-length album? A tour of some sort? We’ve been reluctant to report this before, for fear of somehow “jinxing” things, but both seem to be possibilities again.

  We’ve all known Per long enough now to know that he’s the kind of guy that can take some good-natured constructive criticism. We hope that when he reads Neil’s commentary below, and all the other comments regarding the RoxBox, that he’ll keep in mind that “at the end of the day” (as he’s prone to say), that we’re all – like him – just a bunch of pop nerds. We haven’t lost our gratitude for the abundance of great music we’ve enjoyed in the past… and we look forward to what’s yet to come. – LEO


Pfffff... please !!! Do we need this kind of comments already ? Trying to blow out the fire of our sorrow ? Don´t think it´s going to work Mr “We all will be happy at the end of Rox20”. At least not for me.

I mean, the future is the future... no need to look at the future now when we should be looking for the present releases that supposed to be a gift for us.
What we want to talk now is about the anniversary and how we were forgotten in this party.

It´s an insult for us, loyal fans.

Per, a song for your iPod: “Money Changes Everything” !

*We hope that when he reads Neil’s commentary below, and all the other comments regarding the RoxBox, that he’ll keep in mind that “at the end of the day” (as he’s prone to say), that we’re all – like him – just a bunch of pop nerds. We haven’t lost our gratitude for the abundance of great music we’ve enjoyed in the past... and we look forward to what’s yet to come.*

“Exact, Per only takes the constructive critiques the rest... are meaningless words.

I’m happy for you and marie, rox are together again and I hope you think in Roxette to the future!!! “

All the best! from M.Vanesa N.

Ps Lonegunmen: don’t talk on behalf of the others fans, this is your opinion, the rox box is not an insult for me!, and I’m fan 15 years ago :)

Thanks Lars!!! :)

Ok ;P you have 99 % and I 1 % , I’m the only one neither in this forum nor in my country Argentina. The tracklist is the most awful, but the box bought it with or without your approval :) is my election and of other friend-fans.

Let me Live’

For as far as I am concernend, “Roxette” is a closed chapter. Sorry, but I lost optimism and hope altogether. Personally I’m disappointed and will not build my dreams on vague hopes or clues anymore. Let there come what will come. I somehow have lost the passion and interest.

Well said, Lars!

If the tracklist is the most awful I wonder why you still have plans to buy it. You must be a masochist or extremely wealthy.

And let me live... please, avoid the drama at least for today. This is not the 4 o’clock soap-opera!

Well said Lars-Erik, again, I’m just happy whenever Marie is able to do SOMETHING...a few years ago there was a big chance we’d never see her again.

Well said Lars!.

Marie’s illness has NOTHING to do with fact that the tracklisting to the Rox box SUCK BIG TIME!!!!


I already OWN (PAID FOR) AND I SAY IT AGAIN OWN. All of those songs except for the Unreased onces (which some of them I have by the way)

This is a disgrace............Now I have to Pay for all of these songs again to get like 3 songs I have never heard before in DEMO quality!!!!

Where is COY Remixes WHERE is all the other demos and remixes that will make it worth our money’s worth

I am saying this now: “If this tracklist does not change for the better I am DOWNLOADING it from a P2P server!” I refuse to pay for the same thing over and over and over and over

The only song I can see that the bothered to put on that was requisted by the FANS was MYTH...what about COY? Big L. Demo and the list goes on..................................................

Really disapointing

Good article guys, and well done for printing Neils!

I’ll still buy the box, regardless of the content... but I do still think there is time to change the CD sleeve of the single and the GH!

hmm.... I’m not as positive as LEO.... but ok... nothing really wrong with the articel, so thanx anyway !

I can respect this opinion. It’s true - Marie is healthy again which is the most important thing on the grand scale of things. But this RoxBox is so disappointing !!! And I can’t even understand why. Per gave us all about 20 demos for FREE away on his site - why is he so tight with this release then????? What is this strange logic?? It makes my head hurt.

Well, I really do enjoy the fact that Marie is healthy again and is even recording and performing on stage ...

Nevertheless the new releases are crap ...

I still too pissed and dissapointed for such talk!
But I’m happy for you that you feel this way!

Good article, again! Hope Roxette and EMI get a balanced picture about our reactions and can differentiate between our ongoing love for Roxette and the disappointment about RoxBox and cover.

What I don’t understand is why we need a “everything is fine”-article after a “we don’t like what you’re doing”-one. It is not necessary. Neil’s article is just a well-written critic addressed to those who should feel addressed. THere is no need to put sth. into perspective. TDR is an independent page and doesn’t need to do this. But: the article is of course as well a good one.

But NO - I am not expecting GREAT things. Where should they come from? If they’re releasing this stuff as it seems to be at the moment Roxette definitely is dead. It’s the farewell present for us and it’s a bad one. Thanks for nothing! I am still a fan but this Rox Box thing is just ridiculous and outrageous.

If this is what Roxette means - releasing one GH after the other and releasing a Rox Box for the loyal fans with the same stuff again - then I say: no, thanks. Please stop it, before you’re making yourself completely untrustworthy. In this case I prefer Marie’s and Per’s solo work!
And YES I am happy that Marie is back and decided to record songs again - but now we’re sitting here and complaining about it.

>>DEFAULT_GREEN 8/30/2006 08:04 wrote :
Marie’s illness has NOTHING to do with fact that the tracklisting to the Rox box SUCK BIG TIME!!!!

Everyone is blaming Per here about the tracklisting. What about Marie?? Or EMI?? Per is only one third of the “track list choosers” (as I’ll call them)

Maybe Per wanted more unreleased tracks on there, but EMI being EMI wanted more well known (or not unreleased) tracks in the hope of selling more.

I’m not saying that this is what happened, I’m just saying it may not be Per’s fault.

I know everyone is annoying/dissapointed/angry but there are other people to point the blame to.

pwbbounce: I answered this before. I think it’s because Per’s the one who is reading here. Therefore he gets blamed. Of course he is not the only one responsible for this “misunderstanding”. But at the moment he’s the only one who can change something or at least react somehow.

was this article really necessary? people are angry and I don’t think that an article will change that. only talking for myself, but I don’t see many overjoyed people around...

To blame Per just because he reads here is stupid. Maybe it’s too late to change things now. Who knows? I was just saying that there’s others that you could blame too.

I don’t think this is the end of Roxette (contrary to my shocked comment yesterday afternoon), there will be more things in the future, albeit on a smaller scale.

But yes, I agree the set is a waste of time really, but if you don’t want it, don’t get it. It’s as simple as that. I’ll probably be buying it because I want to and that’s my choice. Like numerous others have said here, its just good that there are two brand new songs coming up.

And I still think EMI had a lot of say into what went on the box, more than people think. That’s my guess anyway

Yes of course it’s also EMI’s fault. I can only speak for myself but I never blamed only Per for this. And I really don’t have a problem with the new GH - it’s ok to release that for an anniversary.

But the Rox Box is a BIG joke - just because it’s going to be expensive (maybe more than 50 or 60 Euro) and I pay so much money for only a few songs that I never heard and a (hopefully) colorful booklet. That’s a big rip-off in my opinion. If you want to buy it, do it - that’ exactly what they were hoping for: that there still are some fans who buy it and don’t care about content or price. No offense to you though.

Paul, Although i can’t say this for sure, I very much doubt that Marie had much to do with the actual tracklist. I think this is very much Per’s baby. I’m sure that she has looked over the tracklist and per has asked her to use some of her own demos like ’All I’ve ever wanted’, etc, but Per has always really been the ’businessman’ in Roxette. I may be wrong of course.
I really do hope that there are bigger and better things to come. My article was not meant to cause offence to Per and Marie at all, but i do think that an article like it was needed for the front page because of the hundreds of comments that were made after the tracklist was announced. I doubt it will make much difference, as I am sure it is pretty much too late to change any of the tracklistings, but at least I hope that Per can read the article and the many responses and take some of the criticism on board.
Although if it was announced tomorrow that Rox are recording a new album next yr and going on tour then all would be forgiven...ha ha

marie doesnt normally choose track listings etc and stuff like that , looking at the past. Fans all know what marie has gone through and how hard to work it is for her at mo etc so we expect per to be doing alot of the work aswell. neil your artical was spot on, per and marie dont know everything and need to listern to fans more sometimes. Shame cos i loved TPH and TBH and design for them so oringinal. thought this was gonna be perfect aswell.

I think thats why we are all disapponited cos we still expect great things and we havent got it at all :-( regarding the artical.

yeah...easy to say. I don’t think this article will ease the pain :((((

By the sounds of things, I don’t think Per had much say at the end of it; sure if he had his way he’d clear his drawers for us!!

I’m not giving up - there IS still time to change it for the better!!

If the Roxette Team can select the songs for a New Album and EMI has nothing to do with it why does most people say that EMI chose alot of these songs? doesn’t the rule of a “new” cd count here?

I don’t think Neils article was meant numb the pain, he was just explaining what people have been saying, in a very well written article.

I didn’t think Marie had much say in the tracklisiting, either. My comment was badly written (as normal), just that she must’ve had a little say in the final one. Per has, and always will be, the business man out of the group. But EMI has had a lot of say in this i think.

This was the most silly peace of news EVER on TDR. Sorry to use such an expression, but, will you allways kiss Per’s ass?

And Marie’s illness?! What has that to do with the tracklist?!

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars/euros/whatever on Per’s music, including concert tickets, travels, books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. And this is the way of saying “thank you”to the fans? Thank you Per! You “give” us something that we already have! In many cases more than twice! So, what we get is something we already have. And to be honest, that’s exactly what Per gets as well. What does he have that he’ll get more off? Exactly, money!

I think there’s no need to this article. Per & Marie need to know the fans voice...

Marie’s illness???? We’re not asking for a tour or something like that. All this ROXBOX is a great lie.... No more kisses to Per’s ass

You know, Elvis is dead, John Lennon is DEAD, Both Beatles and Elvis can realese albums with good tracklists anyway.

Marie is alive...

Ok so Im ROXY-RINNE (from r2r) I cant remember my password and TDR isnt sending it to me and stuff so im posting my opinion under shannyns account.

as i said on r2r This attitude is disgraceful and really disrespectful...

i’ll post later. im not in the mood to talk to yous atm.

im not sure how much EMI has in roxette’s tracklisting choice. I mean whats roxette recordings all about then ? EMI may have choice them but im not sure how?

No. It isn’t disgraceful at all. I expected the Roxette hits to be present, along with some BSides and some favourite album tracks - this is afterall a kind of Roxette career celebratory release. But 3.4 / 4 of this release is already available right now !! 50 or so / 78 songs being album tracks is too many.

I’m just hoping that there are some variations to the songs in some way. I know I sound desperate saying that !!

Oh, that’s very very hard.

I mean, we celebrate Roxette’s 20. anniversary. And what we get is really stuff we already have!! That’s not THAT material I expect for the “big” ROX-BOX. Well, I’m sure Roxette, EMI etc. knows that 2 other dvd’s with the same stuff exist. So, why again??

I’m really looking forward to the (2) new songs. But, that’s all...

The main problem here is that Gessle raised high expectations with the “for the fans who think they had everything”. I’ll get the Box anyway, because there are many things that I don’t have. But obviously, I was expecting something more special, a present for the fans who have been supporting Roxette over the years. And sorry, but this is not a present. I don’t agree with some extreme comments, but I’m not happy either. I have the feeling that we all have been fooled, and I don’t like it.
BTW, I don’t know what Marie’s health has to do with this. Leave this alone and think about the Box in a neutral way. Everybody is happy of having her among us, of course. But this doesn’t ease the feeling of disappointment that most people have here.
I think both Per and Marie (and EMI, of course) are responsible of this. Marie’s part of Roxette, right? So she might have chosen some of the songs, and if she didn’t, it’s her responsability too. That’s why I find all those “you won’t get another Ferrari” comments a bit stupid. Maybe if we calm down a bit and make constructive criticism, both Per and Marie think about it and begin to care about the faithful fan-base as they should.
This article sounds a bit acquiescent to me, by the way.
And it seems that we won’t ever get the Unplugged complete. At least, not this time. This makes me even more upset...

As someone said, this should’ve been the Rox Box:

Some suggestions:

1) Could put all the demos on one CD? Some people do not like to listen to demos, so you could have it on a separate CD, right?

2) Could we make two, double sided DVD? That way you could put some live clips on the video. One double sided DVD of MTV live, one double sided DVD for music videos & live clips. Please?

3) Could we add more demos? Especially the demos for the two new songs?

4) Could we add the songs from Don’t Bore Us...? (I mean the “new songs” from those CDs? – June Afternoon, She doesn’t live here anymore, You don’t understand me).

5) Excellent concept from above!
5 CDs

—— THE ROX SET (new updated greatest hits)
—— THE UNPLUGGED HITS (mtv unplugged and abbey road session)
—— THE LIVE HITS (different live recordings)
—— IN THE MIX 2006 (new remixes by up to date DJs)
—— THE DEMO HITS (incl. rare stuff)

3 DVDs

—— THE VIDEO HITS (all Rox music videos ever made)
—— MTV UNPLUGGED (the full version)
—— ON THE ROX–ROAD (new and old live & backstage material)

The thing that really drives me mad is that they (Per, Marie, EMI or whoever) make us - in order to get the rare or new stuff - pay many tracks we already paid for. That’s the issue about the new GH and moreover, the issue about the RoxBox.

How can anyone be so greedy? I don’t get it. This is what really offends me. I hate being made a fool of. And this is exactly what’s happening!

ok i was feeling crappy last night i woke up this morning logged in and saw both editorails then the single sleeve. I wasn’t going to comment till I saw the tracklisting of the boxed set.
Firstly as a fan, and I am sure I reflect the opinion of alot of fans, I AM thrilled they are back, marie is strong and their music will be torturing my boyfriend for weeks LOL. But, as a FAN, the sleeve for one wish leaves me confused, in the 20th anniversary photo marie looks healthey her face not bloated from medication as it was during the change, then the one wish single, which was supposedly photographed a few weeks ago shows her in the same state.
In terms of the boxed set, as a FAN, if they were going to bloat the boxed set with album tracks, I’d have rather had the albums remastered and re-released with their singles b-sides, and the rare tracks on the boxed set released as another rarities cd. As a FAN, yes I know i don’t have to buy any of it, BUT as a FAN who has dedicated god knows how much money and passion the boxed set leaves me upset, knowing that out there are tons of live tracks demos etc that we’re obviouslky never gonna hear..and the question is.....why stay a fan if this is what we’re gonna get every 4 years, a hits set with 2 new tracks>?

there will be more in Aftonbladet, it seems. did anyone see that?...more about the new video. yet another tie for pg!

really nice! They surely mean the paper edition, as nothing happens when you click on the advert. Or do they mean it will come later? I’d better go and see...

I do like the tie, some new pix to soothe me when the Rox Box shock wears off... ;)

I am absolutely, totally, globally and thouroghly DISAPPOINTED by the Rox Box. If I open my Winamp now with the Roxette folder in it, I get 95% of the Rox Box, almost 2 months before its release. The cover is cheap, even the Billy EP’s cover is better designed than this one.
I think Roxette will lose a REAL FAN soon and Bon Jovi will get a new one...

Yes, roxette is back and I´m happy for this.
But, Roxbox don´t change yet and the sadness still the same.
I´m a fan, but I have opinion and I don’t go to accept such lack of respect with us.

What I don’t understand is why we need a “everything is fine”-article after a “we don’t like what you’re doing”-one. It is not necessary. Neil’s article is just a well-written critic addressed to those who should feel addressed. THere is no need to put sth. into perspective. TDR is an independent page and doesn’t need to do this. But: the article is of course as well a good one.

But NO - I am not expecting GREAT things. Where should they come from? If they’re releasing this stuff as it seems to be at the moment Roxette definitely is dead. It’s the farewell present for us and it’s a bad one. Thanks for nothing! I am still a fan but this Rox Box thing is just ridiculous and outrageous.

If this is what Roxette means - releasing one GH after the other and releasing a Rox Box for the loyal fans with the same stuff again - then I say: no, thanks. Please stop it, before you’re making yourself completely untrustworthy. In this case I prefer Marie’s and Per’s solo work!
And YES I am happy that Marie is back and decided to record songs again - but now we’re sitting here and complaining about it.

I totally agree to this comment by Kiwein1!!! There‘s nothing more to add.
I can‘t understand why it was necessary to put this following article here. Do you have fear that Per & Co say we don‘t talk to you anymore? You‘re not the official site of Rox. So we can say and write what we want!
And I find it very sad “to play” with Marie‘s illness. It doesn‘t has anything to do with the releases and so on.

To the Mods in here:
On which side are you really ?????????

gee, you really seem to have a problem.

TDR is depending on the information and/or material provided by Per or Marie. So, the loyalties of the staff are clear.

It’s like with any other newspaper. Please, forget about the freedom of press, information, speech, thought in general - those words only exist to sedate people.

But even as a newspaper you are allowed to write critics. And there is no need to put them in perspective. Either you publish a critic as has been done here - with the note that this is the author’s opinion - or you don’t. And since Neil’s article IS clearly marked as a personal perspective there is no need for TDR to be afraid of possible sanctions.

What’s the use of “freedom of speech” if you don’t use it? TDR always wanted to be independent. Now it’s the time to show that they are. Just my opinion..

Furthermore LEO’s article isn’t marked as a personal opinion. His words are “we” in the article and I guess he is speaking for the TDR staff? Because I am NOT expecting anything GREAT and I am clearly not overjoyed.

edit 1: Typo

edit 2: And sorry if I sound harsh but I am working for a newspaper and still live in the dream that you really are free to write what you want.. ;-)

You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

All of those great rights you are said to have are nothing but “opium for the people” to keep you calm and prevent revolutions.

Yeah, that’s sad - isn’t it? This is called opportunism.

I also wonder who “we” are? That still are “overjoyed”?

It didn’t seem like Tev and Judith were so overjoyed yesterday. But after a call from EMI they mabe changed their minds, or..?

Eh? Did I miss something?!

Allright, I just scrolled down, but I never expected such an uproar...

Of course the positive thing about Rox20 is that we get 2 new songs!
But this has nothing to do with the disappointment due to the Rox-Box tracklisting.

However, those pics from the video-shooting look really cool!!

So, the future is bright for Roxette? Sorry, but I honestly doubt it... I’m also quite disappointed but I have to let it sink in first... :-S

Hi there,

I don’t post here very often and that has most definitely something to do with the childish and sometimes even agressiv mood in this forum.
So on topic I might say that I have never befor seen such a dim-witted discussion with so many mindless posts.
I read the article and I have to say that I perfectly agree with the author. It has nothing to do brown-nosing Per or anyone else. It’s a Greatest Hits what, do you expect 20 new songs? Both Per and Marie have been bussy with their own projects. And when it comes to Maries illness, then I can only say that we can be damn happy that she is still alive and able to record a few new songs. When they feel up to the challange to record more, than that’s fine with me. If they decide to concentrated on single projects or their private life and health, that’s fine with me aswell.
Do you honestly think that the fans owe them? Do you believe that these discussions here will change something? Do you believe that Per will come here and say “Oh I am so sorry that we recorded this”?

And beside that, don’t you all have a life to live aswell?

Let’s start thinking for a second... Per digs up these demo’s for ’bad hair day’ and hands out for free... and now a money-hungry Gessle nastily withholds rare demo’s to piss of his fans, and get less money than he would’ve if he had included them?

It doesn’t make sense... surely EMI’s somehow accountable for the ’rox box’ track-list.

Inga: Wrong. The Rox Box is NOT a Greatest Hits collection.

There’s no reason to write this.

I think that The Daily Roxette will lose very much with this kind of articles.
Sure, they’ll still be friends with Per. But I also think that many of the readers won’t take this site seriously if they don’t dare to critisize anything.

Remember, the moderators have not written one single word on the front page which has been “negative”. They let a reader do that.

But I hope we will se something new soon. In Tev we trust! Right?

@ Inga
You don’t seem to understand what’s going on.
Of course we all knew that there would be a Greatest Hits compilation in the Roxbox.
What we’re all disappionted about is this:
Per told us there would be 14 unreleased songs and he also told us that the Roxbox was a present for any die hard fan who thought they had it all!
You see, now, apart from a few songs, there’s nothing interesting about the whole box and that’s what we’re upset about! We have been fooled!

Once again, Marie’s health has got nothing to do with all this. Why keep people putting that up?
If Per told us the box was going to be like this, it wouldn’t have been a problem for me. But he told us the box would be THE ULTIMATE item to get for true fans featuring MANY RARITIES so I really expected something special like most of us did.
That’s why we’re upset and sad.

jesus don’t be paranoid, what do you want them to say??

they’re probably busy getting the video shoot article ready. so, relax. I don’t think it is the right time to throw accusations at anyone here. We’re disappointed, alright, but that still does not give us the right to throw mud at each other.

Let there be no misunderstanding; we’re still overjoyed... and expecting GREAT things! ??????????????????

i do not anymore expecting GREAT things from Rox!!! This time is one time too much. For me Rox is history! Per and Marie shall go to retirement. What a sad end.

@kroeby1: why not take all your toys and leave the place then?

I do expect some nice things, Rox Box is a disaster, but the new video is on its way and we’ll see them on TV a couple of times too!

I must admit that I also find it hard to stay positive, sorry..

well, not that I’m that positive already....but there seem to be a light in the tunnel if you know what i mean

It’s high time somebody from EMI or Per or Marie released an official statement commenting our messages. I check sonofaplumber web site every day and there is nothing new. Per should get down to writing and explain why the long awaited Rox Box is just a waste-of-money product. It’s irrational to buy it only for the mere truly unreleased songs.
I’m happy that Roxette is back in a way after such a long time of silence but I’m not overjoyed. I had been expecting more...

I understand why roxette doesent record more than 2 new somgs...Maries illnes. But I dont understand why they dont release more real rarities...stuff that has been recorded years ago! In my dreams the box included “The Centre Of The Heart” hand version and Wish I Could Fly live...

let don’t be patethic!!

What do you want–Per sitting in his room now and making new “demos-1987-2001” just to make you feel good??
Yes YOU have this demos –but did you pay for them??

I’m sure that whatever he put in the Roxbox–you already have it.. and with this urge in some fans to upload everything in the net–i’m sure that everyone have it..

so calm down
Write what you want in Roxbox–and i’m sure you’ll have it in the next one :-)))

Emil, yes I have payed for some of those “unrealesed” songs.

And as you say, might have it in next one. That is what we are tired of. We don’t want to buy multiple records to get the same songs all over again, with one or two new songs.

And yes, I hope Per puts together a box with songs from the last 20 years to please the fans. Not his bosses at EMI.

I believe that Per has loads of truly unreleased tracks at home that could have been added to The ROXBOX. Look what he’s done with his demos from Mazarin and SOAP. We should pray for another Bad Hair Day!!!

“We” = who?
Me = not overjoyed at all ...

Well, just to add my two cents here:

Last night I looked at the tracklisting for the Rox Box, and I came to this conclusion:



4 songs from “Pearls of Passion”
6 songs from “Look Sharp!”
1 song from “Pretty Woman Soundtrack”
9 songs from “Joyride”
7 songs from “Tourism”
1 song from “Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack”
6 songs from “Crash! Boom! Bang!”
4 songs from “Don’t Bore Us - Get to the Chorus!”
8 songs from “Have A Nice Day”
5 songs from “Room Service”
2 songs from “The Ballad Hits”
2 songs from “The Pop Hits”


“Previously unreleased songs”: 14
B-sides and outtakes: 9

55 album tracks, songs that the fans already have on the old albums? NINE songs from “Joyride”? EIGHT songs from “Have A Nice Day”? What?

have you actually bothered to read the article until the end? (And made the efford to understand it?) ;)

This article is an introduction to Neil’s article below, to explain why we are here, why we are disappointed, why they are important to us and why their releases/ decisions affect us (more or less).

And in the end it’s politely inviting Per to take Neil’s article seriously.

Btw, I did complain and I did complain on front page (and the many topics on Small Talk), both about the cover and the tracklist. So did Thomas. Read before commenting. If we would like to please anybody, we wouldn’t have published Neil’s article in first place. We are happy about Rox20 and Marie’s comeback, but we did expect more of the Box. You asked us to do something, to ask Per to take the comments into account. This is what we do. On the other hand, we/LEO also have the right to express our opinion, don’t we? ;)

Yeah, the article is well-written. LEO did a good job. But what is missing is the fact that he also represents only a bunch of people. And when I read this WE I somehow feel like I am meant too. And this feels strange.

1: I (everybody i think) am very greatfull for Marie being recoverd. I’m so happy for her that she can enjoy life again, being healthy, that’s the most important thing.

2: I think (mis)using this to cover up the messy tracklist is “not very nice”, and “that”’s a big understatement.

3: I was very glad with “The Change” and “Son Of A Plumber”.

4: I respect Marie’s choice to take it easy, everyone should. But even without recording a lot, or touring, this ROXBOX could have looked different.

5: If “One Wish” turns out to be a shitty dance song, I’m changing my homepage.

“5: If “One Wish” turns out to be a shitty dance song, I’m changing my homepage.”

Its not a dance song. Thomas has already confirmed that.

Lars, my old friend... it is truly a bold man who can stand amongst the angry crowd of true believers and try to make peace by asking for the acceptance of heracy! :)

I understand your underlying message, and can sympathize– my wife and I met on the Roxette Mailing list in 1995; we played Vulnerable as our wedding dance, we recently celebrated our ten year anniversary, and we have two wonderful children, all as a consequence of Per and Marie (and friends) and their wonderful work. It is absolutely important to remember their contributions over the past 20 years. I personally have a Roxette tattoo that I am proud of. I have bought every CD that Per and Marie have offered for sale and that I can acquire easily in the US... most by import, of course. Many times have I broken a smile just singing along with the music, or felt somber when a ballad like Cooper comes up in the playlist.

But the issue at hand is a fairly straightforward one. Most of us who are the biggest evangelists, the biggest fans, the most “connected’ to Roxette’s message and music... we feel as though we were promised pearls, and instead received a sack of expensive rocks. It’s my personal belief, based on Marie’s interviews, that there will be very limited material released by Roxette in the future, and this will likely be the ultimate collection of their work. My 4 gigabyes of Roxette MP3s is nice, but it’s not a fancy box set with an 80-page booklet. And the proposed RoxBox does not add a measurable amount of material to what I already have.

Why should we stay silent when these things that mean so much to us are not being handled in the best possible way? I said before, I understand that Per and Marie have to face EMI management and work out tracklists, layouts, marketing, costs, etc... but really, why are there not more demos? Why not include some great live performances? (I feel the 2001 Spain concert is the best live set Roxette has performed since 1991.) Why can’t the whole MTV Unplugged concert be there, fully mastered, on its own DVD?

Take care, everyone... be thankful for what you have, but never settle for less than is required!


@ Per Gessle: just one thought of a very disappointed fan:
let’s imagine, that Per has nothing to do with the track list, that his hands were chained on this RoxBox-tracklisting, and he has to fullfill an EMI contract, and EMI wants these songs to be re-released again –> Per! let them release this crappy BoxSet, and release all the rarities just for us fans, like on “Bad Hair Day”. You showed us with this project, taht you really want to give out lying around demos for free to the fans, without making money of it. Maybe you could do a self compiled and self distributed alternative BoxSet.

As I mentioned before on another post with the Alphaville Box Set for their 20th anniversary. Alphaville didn’t agree with the points given by their record company, so they quit the contract and released their up-coming CD’s via internet. They released the very special songs, they wanted to hand out to their hard-core-fans as a real present!

I don’t want to say, that you should quit your record deal. But you own all the rights to your songs! So whats the problem to do an ALTERNATIVE BOX SET beside the EMI release???
Maye distributed only via internet.

just a thought!

a possible tracklist for this alternative thing could be:

CD 1: Unreleased Songs

01. Ghost in the house
02. Being with you
03. Hold on my heart
04. Holiday
05. Loud clothes
06. Only when I dream
07. Myth
08. Only you
09. Rainclouds
10. Rocket from her heart
11. Run to me
12. Turn of the tide
13. Alone
14. Monster hangover
15. Depuis la nuit des temps
16. Liberame amor
17. God is a girl
18. Sweet thing
19. I love how you love me
20. How can I take a chance on you?
21. Don’t you …

CD 2: Rarities

01. Fingertips ‘93
02. 2 Cinnamon street
03. I want you
04. You don’t understand me (Spanish Version)
05. I was so lucky (The Golden Blow)
06. Staring at the ground (Demo)
07. Crush on you (Almighty Remix)
08. Chances (Dancehall Remix)
09. The Look (Visible Mix)
10. The big L. (Demo)
11. The centre of the heart (HAND Version)
12. She doesn’t live here anymore (CBB Version)
13. Stars (Original Rock Version)
14. Svarta glas (Demo – Neverending Love)
15. It must have been love (Demo)
16. Help! (Acoustic Abbey Road Version)
17. Entering your heart (Extended Version)
18. Stay (at home, at work, at play) (Demo)
19. I do believe (Demo)

CD 3: Live

01. Intro (Live 2001)
02. Crush on you (Live 2001)
03. Waiting for the rain (Live 2001)
04. Real sugar (Live 2001)
05. The centre of the heart (Live 2001)
06. Stars (Live 2001)
07. You don’t understand me (Live 2001)
08. Wish I could fly (Live 2001)
09. Milk and toast and honey (Live 2001)
10. Little girl (Live 2001)
11. Crash! Boom! Bang! / Anyone (Live 2001)
12. Queen of rain (Room Service Live 2001)
13. Sleeping in my car (Live 1994/95)
14. Fireworks (Live 1994/95)
15. Harley & Indians (Live 1994/95)
16. Lies (Live 1994/95)
17. The rain (Live 1994/95)
18. Spending my time (Live 1994/95)
19. Cry (Live 1994/95)

CD 4: only released on bootleg before

01. Love spins (Demo)
02. Reaching high (Demo)
03. You turn me on (Demo)
04. Drowning in you (Demo)
05. From head to toe (Demo)
06. I’m under your magic spell (Demo)
07. Dancing on the nightwire (Demo)
08. Bad moon (Demo)
09. Remember (Demo)
10. New world (Demo)
11. Do you wanna go with me? (Demo)
12. Always the last to know (Demo)
13. All I ever wanted (Demo)
14. Don’t believe in accidents (Instrumental Demo)
15. The Look (Demo)
16. Cry (Demo)
17. Listen to your heart (Demo)
18. Joyride (Demo)
19. Never is a long time (Demo – Fast Version)
20. What’s she like? (Demo)

DVD 1: MTV Unplugged 1993

all (!) 20 (or tracks played in the unplugged session

+ rare videos like:
The Look ‘95
The Look (Visible Mix)
Listen to your heart (First Version)
How do you do! (Version 2)
One Wish
Do you wanna be my baby?
Kix (Lovely Pair Mix)
I want you to know

DVD 2:
full length Crash! Boom! Bang! Concert (1995 Johannesburg)
full length Room Service Concert (2001 Stockholm)

DVD 3:
full length Look Sharp! Live Concert (1989 Borgholm)
full length Joyride Concert (1991 Sydney)

To me, GT85, bbrox and Kiwein1 said everything that Per and Mr LEO needs to hear:

“This was the most silly peace of news EVER on TDR. Sorry to use such an expression, but, will you allways kiss Per’s ass?” > ALWAYS... it´s amazing, isn´t it?

“And Marie’s illness?! What has that to do with the tracklist?!” > YEAH... ANSWER THAT PLEASE !!

“I can‘t understand why it was necessary to put this following article here. Do you have fear that Per & Co say we don‘t talk to you anymore?” > SURE !

“And I find it very sad “to play” with Marie‘s illness. It doesn‘t has anything to do with the releases and so on.”

“To the Mods in here:
On which side are you really ?????????”

Nothing to add.
Perfect posts.
LoneGunman (also a fan with a brokenheart here, afterall)

PS: Just to be clear... “WE” who ??? This headline is a big LIE !!!
PS2: And you call yourself independent... yeah, right.

I really feel sorry for this bad comments. I don’t agree but.....
I have no problems to buy this box and I’ll buy it.
I’m happy to see them back and it’s what really matter to me.
Love you Per!!!!!
Fernanda - São Paulo - Brasil

Perhaps I buy.
When have some “price-off”...

And only to remember.
The Per´s BOX have one CD only with DEMO!!!
Why not Roxette???

This whole release, one Wish the GH and the rox box, has the stench of EMI’s sloppiness and carelesness all over this.

hHy Oh Why did they not Dump EMI.

If Per & Marie approve of this tracklisting they should be ashamed.


“And Marie’s illness?! What has that to do with the tracklist?!” > YEAH... ANSWER THAT PLEASE !!”

I’ll answer that: her illness has nothing to do with the tracklist. It has everything to do with certain fans carrying on like the world has ended just because the Rox Box has a bad tracklist. Four years ago there was a good chance Marie would die and Roxette would be gone forever. Now they’re back - and ok, with a pretty piss poor release. I felt the same when The Change was released...I wasn’t crazy about it, but at the same time I was just glad for whatever Marie could give us.

What I believe LEO is trying to say here is - the Box is disappointing, but let’s be glad for what we’ve got. I’m sure glad that Marie is alive and well, and we’ll get to see her again during the promo. That’s enough for me after years of worrying about her and feeling “ignored” when she chose to hide away. I won’t be buying the Box, I think it’s sucky and overpriced. I’ll enjoy the 2 new songs and hanging out to see some of the promo appearances. I just want Marie back and we got her, crappy box or not.

The we in the title is the royal we, as in I...

@ Sparvogamarie - that´s not a answer for me. Marie´s illness... RoxBox... ????
Sounds like all mistakes that Roxette will do now will be followed by the same crap line “Marie had a brain tumor bla bla bla bla”. Forget it... Marie is ALIVE and kicking... this cancer thing belong to the past (thanks God), it´s something sad, not a excuse for every mistake now.

And one more thing... seriously... LEO has the right to have his opinion, it´s true... but don´t put words in our mouths by saying “WE are overjoyed”... WE who?

Worst day ever... lost my respect for Roxette and TDR!
But, i´ll survive... gonna follow other band.
See ya.

We who?!? We... the editors of The Daily Roxette.

Like most other newspapers, we use “we” when referring to ourselves. An example from today’s New York Times: “Mr. Rumsfeld, we suspect, may have been trying... ” [I’m surprised one particular reader with a journalism background who has commented here did not realize this, as I’m sure it’s the same in Europe.]

We – The Daily Roxette – are indeed overjoyed that Roxette are back together again. And WE SUSPECT that the bulk of Roxette’s fans are as well. Per and Marie back on stage together again?!? That’s like a wish come true for (almost) all of us.

It is this joy that we feel overshadows the disappointment we had with the tracklisting... and it is this joy that we referred to in the headline for the editorial. We refuse to be so myopic as to not see the big picture.

I personally published both TDR’s editorial and Neil’s commentary at the same time. It amazes me how few people seemed to understand that they were meant to be read together. Judith tried to explain this in the comments section, but by then, many of our readers were too riled up to listen it seems.

If you re-read the editorial (and I suggest you do), you’ll see a reference to TDR’s “vantage point.” We went as far as we could go in hinting about what our sources tell us may lie ahead. Some of this has, since the editorial was published, become public knowledge. Take a look at what Marie said to Aftonbladet... take a look at the Bravo story... take your blinders off... read between the lines a just a little bit more... and BE A JOYRIDER! It’s a safe bet now to say there IS more to come! We don’t see ourselves as cheerleaders... but it’s soon time to support the team... rally the troops. OK, I’m mixing metaphors... but you get the idea. Bands need the support of their fan base in any successful marketing effort.

Dear Lars-Erik,

I do appreciate what was written, and I share some of those feelings. Sure, I’m glad Roxette are back playing together, and have recorded some new material. I’m happy that Marie is looking better than ever.

I remain rather disappointed with the Rox Box tracklisting. There is not much to offer many long-time fans, and 50-60 euros is mighty pricey for the less than 10 songs I do not already have in my collection.

Thank you honestly, LEO, for your reply.

As for me I can say that I’m fed up with clues and promises what could be. I could as well wait to be struck by lightning ot hit by a meteorite. One disappointment too much. You see the importance of a alive fanbase, but do they (Rox & EMI)? As far as I am concerned, they lost one member of their fanbase, and I strongly doubt they care. It’s kinda sad, cause Roxette were accompanying and influencing me through the biggest part of my life, but this money chasing - selling the same material over and over again - went too far for me. Plus they make fools of themselves in public, which is embarrassing for a fan. There are certain principles in my life I have to follow else I’d betray myself. And I am sad to admit I somehow lost the drive and interest. Like in a long-term but worn out relationship I’ll still like their music, but things are just not the same anymore and it’s not enough left to continue.

Wish you all well.

Ok Lonegunman, that answer wasn’t good enough for ya, here’s another one. Because of Marie’s illness and subsequent reclusiveness, she wasn’t willing to work on Roxette before now. She approached Per and offered to work on a couple of tracks a few months ago, and that was pretty decent of her considering she’s been out of the public eye. Without Marie’s illness, I imagine the Rox Box would have contained a full album instead of 2 songs and we would have been more excited. Marie is NOT fully recovered and she’s still slowly getting back to things.

And the point LEO was trying to make is let’s be damn grateful for whatever little we get, since we almost lost half the band. I think 2 new songs and some promo appearances are GREAT, considering the alternative. A lot of us thought Roxette was dead and gone, and now we got ’em back which is fantastic in my opinion.

Yeah, we got them back, but how? I’d rather would have waited two more years or forever than to “celebrate” such an anniversary with crappy releases. Just my opinion.

As Krischan said: They are making fools of themselves in public and are also fooling their really active fanbase.

And believe me: I am more than happy that Marie is healthy again and that she was willing to record two songs.

Look, we all (well, most of us rational people) still LOVE Roxette, love what Per and Marie have done for us, and glad they are healthy now and back to the old business of making music!

I’m not discounting that, and neither are most of the other people unhappy with the RoxBox tracklist.

** What we’re saying is that the RoxBox tracklist is not up to the level of other artists’ box sets, and not what our expectations were for Roxette’s 20th anniversary box set. **

I think that’s a perfectly reasonable opinion to have, and apparently so do a few hundred other registered forum members here. I think that’s a good representative sample of the “fan base,” considering the forum is on the world’s premiere Roxette News/Fan site.

I’m perfectly happy with the 2 new tracks, and i am happy that marie is working with roxette again. what i am not happy about is the roxbox tracklist. And they could have made it better. The material is there. Some live tracks/remixes that we dont already have. I would have loved a live DVD rather than a DVD with the videos again. A band for which touring has been such a huge part of their career, it is quite sad that we have never had a live DVD.

each day that passes by I’m happier and happier about the comeback. The Box will join the list of material I don’t have in my collection and that’s it. I’ll enjoy the new songs and whatever will come. I realised the happiess I feel with seeing Marie’s back is way bigger than the disappointment with the box tracklist :)


If you wanna continue the discussion with someone from Europe with a journalistic background, feel free to get in touch... ;-)

Just a thought, didn’t Roxette have humble beginnings? Remember the video for Soul Deep? How simple it was? I think the new Album Cover for “One Wish” reflects Per and Marie’s return to the simpler times. (Like Pearls of Passion) It’s the start of new beginings. Everything goes full circle, enjoy the Joyride...there’s more to come :)


I agree with Judith, I’m also happier and happier about Roxette’s comeback. I just want to hear One Wish on the radio!

I refuse to pay for the same thing over and over.It´s a insult for us! Really disapointing.
Where´s the VIBE?

Fernanda Bertuleza
(from Brazil)


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