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The sleeve of “One Wish” is out

Written by tevensso on August 29, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - What is assumed to be the sleeve of Roxette’s upcoming new single “One Wish” has appeared on the Internet. So far there is no confirmation that this indeed is the real sleeve, but The Daily Roxette believes it to be genuine. The picture used is taken in a bowling alley as previously stated.

  If in fact this is the real sleeve, it’s quite a coincidence that the designer has chosen to use the same font The Daily Roxette used for the word “Roxette” on our conceptual sleeves! The font is called “Magneto” by the way.

  “One Wish” is due out October 4 in Sweden. Radio airplay is set to begin September 20. The known B-side to the single is “The Rox Medley.”

Sascha contributed to this article.

UPDATE: TDR now has confirmation that this is the actual design for the cover of the sleeve.

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I don’t think it is the real one.

The font you guys used for the mocked up ones was great!

Hmm dont know what to say..the promo pics looks much cooler and better. Per wears cool cloths though:)

They look like they’re having fun - a very Joyridey sleeve, if you ask me. I’m sure this has got to be the real sleeve, where would the bowling alley come from? Or is there perhaps some really creative PhotoShopping going on? (-:

Anyway, who dresses like that to go bowling?!!

hope its not the real one! i agree the other pic looks much better, they look stuck on this one. I quite like the idea though.

Don’t like it, if this is the real one, than it’s one of their worst covers ever!

Picture looks like “photomontage” to me... *hmmm*

as I said on the forum, I don’t give much if it is professional or’s Per’s and Marie’s lovely looks that make my day!

jesus way for roxette to make it this way! as i said in the forum, that light is weird and unprofessional, marie looks great but unappropriate, per looks more sillier than ever, the graphics is pathetic, the concept looks fake (per’s pose is SO fake!), God, where is Corbijn to see all these???!!!
no way, no way, no way, no way!!

this doesn’t look like a real photo.
Hope it’s not the real cover.

Come on, it’s clearly a fake!

I’m not happy!! How does this tie in with the album cover...?

I like it a lot. Per looks quite young though. But they seem to have fun...

Of course they will use the same font for the album and single(s).At least they would write “Roxette” in the same way. Which they don’t do now.

It would surprise me very very much if this is real.

A super cover for Roxette’s last single! :)

Lets party like its 1995!

There is no cohesion between One Wish and the hits collection! Room Service and AVEMAM at least looked like they were from the same people...

Maybe the RoxBox will be the link in the middle between the 2? I don’t know...

My oh my...

The Picture is great, At first sight, I kinda love the light between Marie and Per but after a closer look, the light between Per and Marie is a photoshop job and you know why? Because he cutted out Marie’s leg and it looked awful so he thought: “Well, I will not redo it again, I just put some white stuff around it, so no one will see that I can not handle my tool” :) :(

When I heard the photo idea of an bowling alley, I though of colouful blinking light, lots of people in the back, ... more “Las Vegas style” ... This bowling alley seems boring to me :( They wouldn’t need a computer generated typography on the front: Why not having the title on some kind of display in the back?

The typography is cheap (those fonts are free fonts — where is the exclusivity??) and *surprise*surprise* it also looks cheap (how can one mix those two fonts??). The colourful stars in the back are free photoshop brushes and don’t support the picture.

I really hope it’s just a concept cover and not the final one. I feel sorry about them … having such good photos but assign such a lousy graphic designer with a lack of inspiration and creativity!

I would never ever do such a job but if I had to create the same cover I’d need about 12 minutes (including making two cups of coffee and eating an apple).

I am really dissapointed, because the artwork has a big influence on the sound. And if there is a “posh design” the sound gets more precious as well ...

If it’s done by Kjell Andersson, I think, he is ready for a retirement pension.

BTW: That was my design solution for the new Rox area some weeks ago, you know: — after knowing what the real design looks like, my black design is getting even better ;))


’A super cover for Roxette’s last single! :)’


@Joyrider- Ouch! Thats smarts! Particularly the Kjell one...

oh my gosh!! this looks like a fake picture for sure!!!
what happened to Per?? This is a real bad Photoshop-picture...Per’s body and head do not match at all. Must be the light....

Edit: anyway, Photoshop or not, it is a happy cover, time to party!! :-)

Thats not Photoshop, thats just an optical illusion because of the dark shirt

What happened to Per? He appears to have had a new left arm grafted on thats what, heheheh- oh come on it looks a little bit, um ’unnatural’? It looks posed, but I still think its great!

what happens with you guys? this pic is great! look at marie, and per is having fun. i love this cover. i hope it is true!

I feel like reconfirming my first opinion on it: Per didn’t manage to have this fake, silly, nerdish look ever since the Joyride promo pix. He looks like a broken puppet.
What happened to his cool, natural image he gain during the last years???!! He would have looked better (read: more like a normal human being) even if he would have been pictured getting up from bed!!!!
Marie looks indeed very good, but her clothes are NOT fitting the situation!
And fake smiles on both their faces!!
I think I’m gonna cry right now!!! (I am kidding. I’m just furious)

I really like the pic! It’s good and funny! It’s not a-typical, which is good. About the font and stuff, I could partly agree there that it could have looked a bit more pro. But why on earth does it need to be so exclusive fonts?? Per makes music that is enjoyed by the huge crowds, he never cared to make anything completely different from what people like, just to stand out. So it’s just in the same alley I think with fonts.. :P

But the pic itself I like. Per’s pose is great! And the “yellow” faces is more tan I think, and some reflection from the colour of the floor.. Sometimes I get a slight feeling that some others are born critics.. :-X

2 tavo: The pic is nice indeed, but look at the typography and the stars in the back ...

It’s like you build a great house with every luxury you can imagine but the painter paints it black or hot pink or sth. ... this design destroyes the whole atmosphere of the picture.

@Tavo-I’ve said I like it, they look happy in it, it could be far worse.

This must be a joke...
The picture is ok, but the position and the writing of “ONE WISH” is awful, the same with the stars...
Come on, we have no time for that kind of bad jokes ;-)

I have ONE WISH, that nobody finds a 30 sec. snipped MP3 of the song today because I am not in the mood after all those news …

If that’s the real single cover I am quitting me a fan now......

I think perhaps it’s a TDR April fool joke either late for this year or way too early for next year!

I’d get kicked out of my Graphic Design University if I created a work like this ;)

alright, alright, i´m not a graphic designer. but i like marie´s face and per´s position. it´s just... different. that´s what i needed.

Yeah I’d get kicked out (of my ad agency) as well, but I don’t even like the raw picture. Just look at Per’s face! ;-P

Right, f.e. his eye brows look like ones of a clown ·

Marie looks really nice, Per is OK.. well it’s not so bad, but I was hoping for something better.. I liked the promotion picture much better!

I have one question: Against who do they bowl? Per had a strike and Marie looks glad and happy as well... strange situation in my opinion.

Terrible! The font is nice though.

hmmm, are people here getting paid to talk like critics? :P

yeah, joyrider and sascha are perfectly right. I am not a designer, but I work in a PR agency, I have at least 6 colleagues that are designers and would laugh loud if they’d see those pix (btw, are the two other ones part of the promo as well??? for sure???)...they’re not that bad as the “one wish” cover, but per still looks odd and marie still looks unappropriate in those ones too.

The cover is HORRID, iv seen fan work better than this, its no way the real thing, The picture may be as thats sweet. But the cutting and paste thing is horrid. The one wish font makes no sence. Its pers other bands font. Its a fake. well its got to be cos im embarassed to buy that in shop lol. Im a photographer and if i took a picture with lightling and colour as that i woulndt get work lol.

Although i love the roxette and crown on a lighter note lol/.

But on the other hand: it could be a little bit worse (well, yes, that is possible ;) ... Just imagine a 3D-effect on the ONE WISH letters *ROFL* ;-P

As I said in the topic: The ON cover was worse.

It’s confirmed as official.....

**secretly runs to laugh and thinks what the hell**

Can’t you say it’s real... their heads are bigger that the bodies and it looks like two... ehmm.... sick ones... sorry, this is ridiculous :))

Oh its the end of Roxette I feel. The fans are pissed off about the tracklistings (understandably), and now this is the official cover.

PS - How was the ON cover worse than this????? This is more terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d work for free the next couple of days on a new cover design just to safe their image. Just mail me, Per ;) [email protected]

This is a typical “Schlager”-cover (I guess only German speaking people know what I mean by that) … IMO the new Roxette-look should have more style and class. No one should be ashamed of buying this album/single in a record store.

I’m going to wear dark sunglasses and a fake moustache when I go and buy the new stuff (… at iTunes ;-)


it doesn’t look real to me! i must agree with the other rox! fans

So this is the real cover huh? lol ....Are we ready for another flop! ...This is disgusting!
The person who created this should be fired. Does he even slighty like Roxette?? It’s embaressing!... Sooo cheap...

I have to repeat the last sentence of this article: TDR now has the confirmation that this is the ACTUAL design for the cover of the sleeve.

That means to me that this cover is one possible but not the FINAL cover!!!

Good!, really I like this pic (it don’t look like the final version) maybe is an image of the booklet or g.h... who knows?!

So this is really it... what were they thinking? Did they think at all? This cover is ridiculous!

Most of you would look equally when just having achieved a STRIKE.

I like the picture.

So can we make sure the release date of One Wish is the time for the collective suicide of the Rox fan community? Or will some of you not be able to make it till then?

Damn, how come everybody is so spoiled?


I guess you don’t know the meaning of the word spoilt. I’m not talking about the cover, as I don’t care and like it anyway....butc fter almost 20 years of being a fan we surely deserve something more rare than what wegot long time ago (but what the box nevertheless offers us). So please, do not call me spoilt, ok?

Jonas Linell... Am I right that he did HAND cover? This one is the worst cover they ever had. So no surprise. Good idea with bowling but so fucked-up. Looks really unprofessional. So much fonts, so close to Marie´s head, and the light...
Opposite look with Per and Marie in front and lane and skittle in the back would by better.

As I said, not so bad but so shoddy.

Hey Clerk, you artwork is 10 times more professional.

Dunno what to say. I could cry about the tracklistings and I could laugh about the sleeve. More news like this and you can send me to a mental home...


Has one person said its a good cover. no way im buying this in shop LOL, im to embarrased !

Funny cover reminds me on Dressed for succes for some reasons....
I hate Bowling but I think the cover is funny
...but I’m a bit afraid of getting nightmares of Pers t-shirt..haha are taking things too serious here sometimes. Relax! It’s just a cover! I’m more curious about what’s inside!

mmm cant get any worse than the offical one i guess lol.

This cover is horrible.
Look as Per’s face! And what about his legs!?
Those look half as long as normal. I am sorry, but on this pic Per & Marie look kind of ridiculous.
I am very disappionted about this. Let’s hope we’ll all get blown away by the single itself.....


rox-kuryliw 8/29/2006 18:12
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mmm cant get any worse than the offical one i guess lol.

That one is much better..... lol

This final one looks like the bodies are real but that the look on there face was not right so they changed there heads..... and I hate the two different fonts.... what’s with that gold crown thing about Roxette....

No it’s just tacky!

they must have a HUGE lack of inspiration .. taking the font from Thomas’ cover and the idea from Jorge’s..

We should all email dimberg tell her we don’t like it!

LAck of inspiration or call it as you want, the cover is a big shit. It doesn’t have the level it should have.
Does this really have to represent roxette’s comeback??
I’m sad about it, i guess i was specting something better. I hope the song is really really good, couse the sleeve won’t help them to sell more.

I am probably the only one who likes the photo...
But in total (with the stars, the font, and the strange crown, ugly colors) it looks cheaaaaaap.

no japeke, there is nothing wrong with the actual photo....just the fact that it looks like a 5 yr old has cut out pictures of per and marie and stuck them onto a pic of a bowling alley....

The only positive thing i cand find in all this is the fact that they have recorded 2 new songs and that we will be able to listen to them singing together again.

I’ll definetly download One Wish.
Don’t wanna see that sleeve in a store.

GT_85: “Don’t wanna see that sleeve in a store.”

If you are in sweden you will....anywhere else and you are probably safe

I don’t like the pic! Looks like a self-made pic by a fan! *lol*

Marie is wearing a outfit for a old woman! C’mon MARIE!! You have such a great body!

Are you really sure it´s the official single cover?

quote ncurran: “no japeke, there is nothing wrong with the actual photo....just the fact that it looks like a 5 yr old has cut out pictures of per and marie and stuck them onto a pic of a bowling alley....”

That’s one point of making it look so unreal (in a bad way) :-(

yep i agree ally , every get emailing dimberg that no one likes it and FAST !

You know ally the one i did on the page before i did it less than 5 mins without trying thats how bad it is. I thought to myself can i do better in less than 5 mins , i think i can, its THAT bad lol lol.

OH MY GOD!!NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN!!I’M SPEACHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the photo, but I don’t like the rest (this effect turns out to be cheap) ... but I love too Marie & Per.

ups, I hope the song is better than the picture

If you wanna see “my version” ;) >>

I like it very much, its something very different, new, fresh...

This is not only a new Roxette single. I mean this is Roxette 20 years. And the cover for ” 20 years Roxette ” looks really cheap.

I would like to see anything like for the Room Service album.

This cover design MUST be a joke.

Substitute, you can’t be talking seriously...

“TDR now has confirmation that this is the actual design for the cover of the sleeve”

After such a classy releases like Room Service, TBH and TPH this looks the weakest link in the string. It’s just a cheap montage, some copy and paste and that’s all. In fact, Per and Marie look like they are superimposed to the background, that’s pretty evident.

How awful. Even Marie, with a piece of glass and some paint made a better sleeve for “Min bästa vän”. This picture is scary!

I realised Per’s face looks like “Chucky”, the evil puppet. That smile is so forced, not very natural.

I have showed some of the lastest CD’s (The Change, SOAP) to a co-worker who used to like Roxette when she was younger. She stopped listening to them in the CBB era. But I won’t show this single to her, I don’t wanna feel embarrased!

RS covers where just all so classy in a roxette way but had something different about them, this new cover is shit ! there i said it lol.



I loved this cover. They look so happy :D
Ow my, I can’t wait to listen to this song!!!

Finally one person who likes (or even loves) this crap!

Well I for one think it looks awesome and is a great concept yay!!!! :)

I like this cover...

>>>I realised Per’s face looks like “Chucky”, the evil puppet. That smile is so forced, not very natural.>I have showed some of the lastest CD’s (The Change, SOAP) to a co-worker who used to like Roxette when she was younger. She stopped listening to them in the CBB era. But I won’t show this single to her, I don’t wanna feel embarrased!

*shrugs* I don’t mind the cover... yes, it’s a little crap, but still kinda cute and fun.

It’s you “fans” that are much more pathetic.
Who gives a monkey’s fat arse what the sleeve looks like, it’s the song on it that matters!

I don’t know what to say... I will always thank God because they’re back, but this cover... come on, is it a joke?

@joyrider I have to say I LOVE your Design concept....very much something Madonna would do. Cool Love it

To make the one they come up with look better, they just need to remove the false light, get rid of those coloured stars... (wtf?) and perhaps remove that really tacky gold crown above roxette.... then we’ll have some improvement!

I’ve been waiting a while (and everyone else) to see this, and this is what they come up with!

I’m sure they could have done something better. Especially that its their 20th i would’ve thought something more classier would work better and fit in with the rest of the releases.

*If* i end up buying this single, i think i’ll be making my own cover or replacing it with joyrider’s design (if you don’t mind :-)

Also it would have been fun if they did run a competition of some sort thru TDR to get a fan to design the covers, some of the designs so far have been amazing.

Do you think they could/would change it seeing that there is such a negative response from their fans??

Ive been away 1 day from TDR and cant beleive it all. This and the RoxBox.
I dont mind the photo. Its the stars, huge ONE WISH in an awful font which is hitting Maries head, tacky Roxette logo. Makes it all look cheap and nasty like lots of others have said.
I dont care about fake smiles or fake expressions on their faces. It is a photoshoot after all ;-)

Maybe it’s meant to be a joke? *crossesfingers*

I wish they’d for once in a lifetime create a cd-cover where they actually look like they were in the same room when the picture was shot.

The cover is horrible! Especially Marie’s pose...sorry!

I don’t really like the cover, I don’t hate it either, but the spotlight between P&M is real, it’s definitely not Photoshop.

It’s a combination of real light and photoshop. Some of it just doesn’t make sense.

So that’s the cover. I think, I like it, but you know, when you are waiting sooo much, you are glad to have anything.

The thing that is annoying me the most, is the poses of both Per and Marie. Marie could smile more and be more energetic. And Per, well, could he smile in a slightly different way?..

The cover is horrid ! ? how can u like it :-S
although mine isnt that much better, looks more real than theres though.

lol it reminds me of the dressed for success cover lol

I think there’s a bit of a problem with the lighting in there.

For a start, Marie’s right arm is not lit on the inside?? it’s way out there, it should be. The same goes for Per’s right (it’s up there, there’s enough angle and you can’t see it lit from below) and left (looks like outlined with photoshop).
The pic is weird enough...

But the stars and the typography is just sooo amateur!! :S

Maybe I just have different sensibilities than the majority of folk on this board - maybe I’m not “sophisticated” enough, etc. But I love this cover.

It’s fun! When I saw it, I immediately smiled and laughed. And not in a negative, mocking way like it seemed some of you guys did - in happiness.

Seriously, this photo is fun, and it’s funny. I didn’t see any glaring flaws with it when I viewed the blown up version, and I don’t see how it would get anyone kicked out of design school or whatever... Especially since the job of a graphic designer is not only to try to appeal to the consumer (they’ve very much appealed to me) but to please the customer (and Roxette must have given their approval to this picture, if not selected it themselves).

Imagine you don’t know Roxette, or are only casually familiar with them. You see two albums from them side by side - one with this cover, and one with a bunch of raspberries floating in milk. I will guess that 9 times out of 10 this will be the one that is picked up and given a second glance. Why? Because no one knows what fruit in milk is supposed to mean, but it’s very clear what this photo is supposed to mean - fun, and good times.

Anyway, congratulations to Roxette for a great photo!

They’re not wearning the right bowling shoes and Per needs to work on form..hahahha!

Meh! Definately Meh!


Well, it’s marginally better than the pictures they did for HAND... :-)

If you had one wish, what would it be? If you had one wish, would it be about me? Just one wish, could it be about me?

tevensso: wtf, lyrics? :P

so, which, the hell, is now the official cover? i hope not that one with per sitting! O_o no NO NOT THAT ONE!

LOL Thomas!!! :P

This IS the real cover...

Haha, lousy!


But, ok. After all, it’s just a cover.

And by the way: The sun was shining today in Malmö.


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