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Roxette celebrate 20th anniversary with new single “One Wish”

Written by Jud on August 25, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette received the following press release this morning:

  Roxette celebrates 20th Anniversary with a new single, a greatest hits and the definitive box set.

  In the spring of 1986, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson decided to record the dance pop single “Neverending Love.” They called themselves Roxette, and it was the beginning of a fantastic career which now spans 20 years - and this has to be celebrated!

  Roxette has sold over 45 million albums and 25 million singles since the international debut in 1989.

  During extensive worldwide tours, Roxette has visited every corner of the world, performing to more than two million people.

  Roxette’s singles have topped every chart in the world including the Billboard Hot 100, where they’ve had four #1’s: “The Look”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride”. Furthermore, two of their songs reached #2 on the same chart: “Dangerous” and “Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)”.

  In 2005, Per Gessle was honored by the American music publishing organisation BMI with an award for four million airplays of “It Must Have Been Love” from the classic movie “Pretty Woman.” Four million spins, on US radio alone, equals 36 years of nonstop airplay. Statistics show that the song is still so popular that there are always at least two American radio stations playing “It Must Have Been Love” around the clock. It’s hard to find a better definition of the word evergreen.

  “Listen To Your Heart” is also moving into the finer parlors. This fall, Per will receive another prestigious BMI Award for more than 3 million airplays of “Listen To Your Heart.”

  In 2002 Roxette was struck by tragedy when Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with cancer. After extensive treatment and re-habilitation, Marie is now fully recovered and slowly getting back to recording and performing again.

  To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, “Roxette Hits!” will be released on October 18. The album features all their major hits and two brand new songs, which were recorded in Summer 2006, “One Wish” and “Reveal”. On October 4, “One Wish” is released as the first single from the album. The song starts its airplay on September 20.

  “It was great to work with Marie again! We had three fantastic days down in Skåne and we are very happy with the result. Everything was very easy, Clarence played keyboards, Marie prepared some coffee and Christoffer and I played hockey. I won,” comments Per.

  The successful collaboration between Jonas Åkerlund and Roxette goes on and in the next days Jonas will start the shooting of the video for “One Wish.”

  Roxette’s 20th Anniversary is also highlighted with the release of “The RoxBox ’86-’06,” a special treat for true fans who thought “they had everything [in their collections].”

  “The RoxBox ’86-’06” includes 4CDs featuring all the hit singles and best album tracks, two new songs, rare recordings, demos, and much more. Included in the box set is also a 3-hour plus DVD with all Roxette’s video hits and the previously unreleased complete Roxette MTV Unplugged TV show.

  The first promotion picture - which you can see to the right - has also been published. Taken by Jonas Linell at the video shoot for “One Wish.” Click on it to enlarge!


Wow, One Wish & Reveal! Very promising titles!
So there definitely will be a video for One Wish.
That’s great news too. I think that proves that Marie does feel a lot better now and that she is having fun.
Lovely photo, by the way!

Finally some new Roxette news the drought has ended and the celebration is starting.

One Wish and Reveal sound like very modern titles and I can’t wait to hear what they sound like.

Hopefully there will be some 30 second snippet or something so we can finally hear what One Wish will sound like!

Personally I am saving up to buy everything that Roxette are going to release in this period - every version of everything they are going to release..........I can’t wait.

Btw I also think that a worldwide promotion of Roxette to do with iPod like some people suggested on another post would be a great way for Roxette to gain success and possibly expose their music to a whole new generation of fans to coincide with the 20th anniversary.

From an excited Roxette fan in Australia.......Yes Roxette you still have fans in the land downunder.

Oh my god!!!

Are they actually standing at the tenpin bowling or did they add them in? Cause its weired to see so many tenpin pics going around lately

So what have we learned: “Reveal” and shooting video shortly. That Title “Reveal” also sounds fimiliar to me

oh and the titles of the other songs on the cd’s?

Normally the 30 sec snippet is revealed at 0:00 the day the airplay starts...very old fashioned I think... we want it now....still a WHOLE month

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, “One Wish” will be released on my birthday!!!!!!
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!!!! Now being 26 won’t be that horrible anymore :D

Great news and GREAT PICTURE but very (!!!) retouched - esp. Marie’s skin ;)

Well, finally a little bit more.

I like the picture, they both look great. And who doesn’t touch up stuff these days. But I thought the airplay would be before.

Not only Marie’s skin, haha.. ;-)

Great news, nice picture. Looking forward to the releases.

Now when so many details about the rox20 are out, maybe an update of Roxette’s website would be the next thing to do?


So good to see them together again!

October 4 is a Wednesday, so this seems to be the release date for Sweden - any idea about the rest of Europe (not even going to ask about other countries...)? I’m guessing October 6 for Germany and October 9 for most of the rest of Europe?

When was Marie’s gap fixed?

So the release date will be two weeks later and the airplay will start just two weeks before this date? More then three weeks to hear it in full length (hopefully we’ll get a snippet earlier)
We’re well prepared in waiting ;-)
The pic is great, even if it doesn’t look like a picture of an official photoshoot.
They still have to shot the video, so it won’t be on the single or the bonus DVD...

gap fixed since crashboombang, I thought.

Nice foto.

bring them on! :D

@brentnewtown : the gap was fixed sometime in the pause between 1996 and 1999 - in the WICF Video I noticed it for the first time


I love it!!!!!!!!

Good work TDR!! ;)

The more I look at the pic, the more I think they look like wax models from Madame Tussaud’s ;)

Great to get some more info, can’t wait to hear the new material! I like the title of the second song!

Nice reveal ;)

They look really good in the photo :)
But Per and shirts, a story of it’s own :P hehe ;)

Gorgeous Photo!!! Wanna see more!! Can we quit September?? Wanna have Oktober already!!
Bring the champaign..skål!! AAAAH! (sorry...) ;) Please make it possible that we get the new video on the DVD already too! Or put it on the single or whatever...

Is that really happening? Oh my, I’m so happy that I’m almost crying with joy. The picture is just amazing.

By the way, maybe the time has come to make Per and Marie’s wax statues :P

Really a great picture.
It’s somehow “uplifting” to see them together (on a picture) again.
Go Roxette go! ;-)
(Me tries to behave like someone really excited... *grin*)

Lovely pic, I can’t wait to hear the single and see the video!

“real goodie for all fans who thought “they had everything [in their collections].”

Wowowow!!!! I think I have everything in my colloection’s going to be new material!!!!!!

“in the next days Jonas will start the shooting of the video for One Wish.”

Bad news, it seems the new video is not goin to be in the BOX-DVD.

20 Sept –> Bufff......what a longer month waits for me!!!

Ohh, my moaning helped ;););) Marie and Per, I luv ya :D Photo looks nice and the title... ’reveal’... Sounds promising ;)

P.S. I won’t moan for another two weeks because of this information lol hahahahah :D:D:D:D:D And then (if nothing new comes) I’ll start again :D:D:D:D:D

Thanx TDR :D

Hallelujah!!!! Yeah!!!!
I can not stop smiling! It’s good to see them together on one pic as Roxette, not as Per and Marie... if you know what I mean...

Well I’m very happy, now I can start coutning the days...

for those who like higher quality/resolution (5436 x 4080, 1.7 MB):

this is just great! i love that picture, they both look really good. revel sounds promising. what else can i say? i can´t wait for october to come!

Fantasctic news!!!!! I’m really happy! Dream came true...
And where are now those who said that Roxette is over????????

Great to see them together again! Looking forward to hearing the new songs :)

@joyrider: LOL so true! They do look like wax models ;)

Was there really someone who said that Roxette were over? ;D Now it seems like a far away dream ;-) 4 years of waiting, omg, i cannot belive it happens once again. It was my one wish and... still in shock ;)

yes, it’s indeed a great feeling :)

After looking at the high resolution picture I have to correct myself in saying there was a lot of retouching work done ... It’s more make up than digital retuching in their faces, I guess.

Is there anyone who can make nice banner out of this photo? Lately I was using this great montage (made by someone from here) but now I’d like to have this banner with updated info and picture ;)

I would be very grateful if anyone helps me :D

Ahhhh, another tidbit to keep us salivating (TimBit for the Canucks (-: ). Given that the official press release is out only now, I think we’re lucky to have known the single’s title so far in advance! In any case... 26 days to go!!!!

Wowwwww!!!!! beautiful pic, I am the happiest woman of the world!!!! I believe that I am going to cry... shout ... oh my gosh......... Rox I love You Marie & Per!!!!!!

some wallpapers, maybe someone will like them :P

WOW Excellent news!!!! %)))))))))))

maybe this photo should be the substitute for the “Real sugar-¨promo” photo in the sleeve of The Daily Roxette... what do you think about it?

ths sunshine is a lady who rox you like a baby.

Fantastic news!

I´m loving everything. The picture is great, the song titles are great, the Rox Box sounds great.

Can´t wait to hear the whole song.

I think this is just the start of exciting Roxette news:)

Here we go. I’m getting more and more curious and excited about the RoxBox. That’s just great. Let’s party!!!

And the pic is just fantastic. Even with (or maybe because of) so much make up ;D



I leave TDR alone for the day, and something good happens, typical!

Thanx to TDR (this time Judith) for the info. It’s nice to see this couple together again, though Marie looks happier than Per in this shot ;P

ROXETTE ARE BACK! Uff, I wanted to say this louder, a pity you can’t hear me

Damn, brain not working- great news guys!

This is altogether outstanding!

Good news and one hell of a picture. God, how gorgeous they look!

This is a moment I didn’t dare to hope for since the tumor issue. I thought I’d never see them together again!

To make it short: WOW! Thanks to all involved.

PS: Gonna get me an extra beer this evening...

puh so finally I can celebrate.. I only had time to put this up this morning in between two meetings at work..

Funny thing is this morning I woke up with a urgent need to listen to Rox and I took one of the CDs with me to listen to on my way to work, nice to see my Rox-radar is still working :P

This one’s for the moderators. Even if it’s offtopic I’m so happy I have to say it here:

Thanks for your outstanding work and engagement. You’re doing an absolutly great job!!!

*Thumbs up*

I guess I’ll order everything on , again. They always did good job providing orders to Lithuania, even with special arrangements. Hope they’ll be able to send items on the release date

oh my God, I am so happy about the news !!! Both are looking so brilliant !!!

Thanks Marie and Per !!! I LOVE YOU !!!

Oh!!! Yes!! Roxette still on the run!!;)

Amazing picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m really really happy about this news!!!!! excellent photo!!! guau!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh..these 1,8MB just killed me!THANX for the pic again! (Where did you suddenly got this high quality edition from???)

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No words to explain,I LOVE THEM!!!

20 years and 20 kilos of foundation on them.

Congratulations to the make-up department for making them look like terracota figures.

If “One Wish” is an uptempo track, should I assume “Reveal” is a ballad???


this just made my day I am so nervous showing my house to potential buyers this week and this just totally mellowed me out. Reveal, awesome title, I have a hinkering it may be written by marie given the title......indeed the rox box sound more awesome except for all the hits and i hope it isn’t 2 discs of stuff I already own and one disc of new stuff, oh who the hell am I kidding, I just turned a co-worker onto roxette, she heard salvation and has been humming it all week :)

Usually on official pictures you don‘t look like being just pulled out of bed, so please stop moaning obout terracotta-retouch-makeup-wax-whatsoever-details (c‘mon, they‘re not 20 anymore) and enjoy the pic!

I think it‘s time to add a “news”-section to :-D

Yay!!! Great news and great picture!!!


@Joyrider: Is it so important if the picture is retouched or not?

Marie and Per looks great!

Better than Botox like Madonna. She looks like Mrs. Jackson!

@ veneziano & zelda

Nobody is moaning about the makeup, just kidding I guess. Don’t be oh so serious! Of course it’s a great pic.

Is the picture from the bowling session?I think it looks like a bowling.But who knows...

Looks a bit like a bowling alley, the pins end cos the roof dips

Both looks great. It´s great to see Marie smileing again. She looks same as she looks before her illness, if not better. If I remember pics from The Change times, I must say that this is stupendous change. She looks healthy and happy. Per looks also good. This posture, Per behind Marie with hand on her shoulder, reminds me pics from around 1991. No deal with retouching. They are almost 50. Little help can´t harm.
As I said, Rox looks great but if this is one of these “great pictures from Alley”??? It has no conception, no art. Sorry. TDR bowling single sleeve looks cooler.

sure looking forward to “One Wish” and “Reveal”, and yes, agreed: it’s gret to see Marie smiling again! In fact they both are looking GREAT!

BTW: Why is Rox news on SOAP site? There´s no news on

Gyllene Tider had a great promo site, Gessle (soap) as well. Most likely Roxette also will get one soon, or?
But, it’s strange to have Rox news on SOAP site.

Reveal, will that be the classic christmas ballad? ;)

Reveal... I hope it will be a ballad, great dramatic and orchestral. And dark again after years. I´ll be happy if new songs will sound like...

One Wish:
Little Miss Sorrow, Something In The System

Wish I Could Fly, Queen Of Rain

And hope that Reveal will be released as a single. Somewhere around christmas or in the Jan 07.

Wow - finally some more info and a pic!!! It’s great to see Marie with huge smile and both of them together.

Love the pic, hopefully there’s more to come, and not in the “classic” Per behind Marie with a hand on her shoulder pose.

Oh and i can’t wait to hear Reveal, such an interesting title.

It’s very nice to see them together. I just love that picture. Marie looks soooo happy!

I also like the bowling thing, and the clothes... if this is going to be the “concept” for the hole 20th anniversary stuff, then I really like it.

I’m also happy to read again the words “mtv” and “complete” together :)

Beautiful Pïcture!!!!

Iaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! It’s sooooo fantastic. The news are fantastic, the picture is fantastic, the songs are fantastic.....It’s a fantastic day!!!
The best day in 2006 :D

it´s a dream comes true to see them together again!!! They are soooo beautiful!

Fantastic news! Amazing pic!! Roxette is back!! :D

/me happy

That picture is frickin gorgeous. I tell ya what, ol’ Per ain’t lookin too bad. Look out Åsa, reeeooow!!

In fact, there is a news section in Just go to the bottom of the text and there it is.

Very bad located.

And very poor english....

About the picture... yes, it´s too much “natural” for my taste. A bit of glamour (like used to be) would be welcomed.

Marie... no this jacket again, plase!!!....
is it the same jacket of “always”?¿?...

of course iam happy about the new! but if u expect me to say something like:”great new, great pic..” you have like 80 replies above “me” (or my comment)...
so, is it the same jacket?¿? cuz this picture loks like real sugar, or room service era....
eMule, you can do it baby, let me listen to “one wish” before september 20th!!!!!! please! ;P

Very cool picture. Hope we get Reveal as 2nd single...

Just incredible great!!!!!!!

wow - great pic - Per is looking sooo good - they both do - the news is all exciting!!

@britnito, Yes, I think I’ve seen Marie wearing that jacket (or a very similar one) before.

Obviously they spent most of their budget on make-up, so there was no money left for clothing.

I love the watch Per is wearing.

I wonder if they had to wear bowling shoes...

I wanna hear the song :-D I’m getting slightly impatient! ;-)

Nice shirt, Per! ;-) and Marie looks so good!

A day and night have passed since we got the news and I still can’t pick up myself from the floor after seeing the pic! *drool*. They both look relazed, fresh and amazing!

reveal sounds promising as a title.
And then this:

a special treat for true fans who thought “they had everything [in their collections].”

I TRULY hope so! Don’t care where from Per dug out these songs, were they written 10 or 20 years ago, makes no difference, as long as I haven’t heard them before! Can’t wait

Wake me up when September ends, lol :D

@britnito: How do you mean?? I love her in this hugo boss jacket. She looks really cool in it!! Well, she wore it during her promo for “Min bäste vän” ;) I like it.

btw: I’m sure she’s wearing some black trousers!!! (-;

Hello Everybody!




>> That picture is frickin gorgeous. I tell ya what, ol’ Per ain’t lookin too bad. Look out Åsa, reeeooow!!

lol, sparvöga, you bet he does look good, mmm, they both do! And this pic in “king size” makes you cannot take your eyes off it. *dreaming* and waiting for more!


“The Daily Roxette received the following press release this morning”

That’s weird...Since the news item has changed quite a bit in 12 hours...

GREAT PICTURE!! I´m very tense of more!!!!

I LOVE THE PIC!!!I know,no glamour but it looks so natural!!
I’ve got it on my movil phone,i can’t stop to watchin’!!
I’ve shown the pic to my workmates and they thought that the pic was old,when Per & Marie were younger!THEY LOOK AMAZING!

October 18th is already highlighted in my agenda!

It´s feel so great to see Marie & Per together, both look´s so nice and young!!

Marie looks so great - it’s nice to see them together after all this time.


I’m wondering what that means “...the complete MTV unplugged show ...” - if “Spending my time”, “Perfect day” etc. are also included? *pray*

Can we take it from this that the CD has been renamed from A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs!, to just Roxette hits?

Hopefully, as the original title was awful

2 ncurran: Do you remeber “Love Peas - The Ballad Hits”? I thing that these simply titles are better.

@wonderful: yeah, that’s what I’m hoping too - that unplugged will include the outtakes... but on the other hand it doesn’t sound too likely - if the DVD TOGETHER with all the videos is going to be 3 hours long. Hopefully I’m wrong!

ick i just realized the video for one wish is being shot in a bowling alley?

According to what Per just said on Nordic Rox there’s a slighty chance that they play One Wish a couple of days earlier than September 20.

:) This is a great way to premiere a song!! Worldwide!!!!!!

After the coment they played Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her.

Edit: He was named as “Turboman” after a The Sounds’ song.

Hey Hey Hey, it´s Saturday!

Wow! I wish I had Sirius so I could listen to the world premiere of “One Wish” on NordicRox - great idea, Per!

How about a 30sec clip on the site right about now? Give your fans something and don’t treat them like the rest of the crowd, I mean we at least make an effort to visit the site...why should we hear it at the same time as the rest of the ’normal’ public?

I say make us feel special and give us a clip at least!


MY CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIE !!!...THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING!!! A BIG HUGH!!! ( i don´t realy expect you see this but, i would like to pretend or even to think my good vibrations are trasmited)





@substitute: where are you? ... hello, me too put the pic in me cellular, it is wonderful!...

I think this is Great News and also a Great Picture!

Made my day! amazing picture!

I still can’t believe that it’s really happening now!

Pinch me! Pinch me!


I like the picture.... touched up though!

Now that I’ve seen the tracklist, “a special treat for true fans who thought “they had everything [in their collections]” sounds like a bad joke! Hello, wake up, Per! This is anything but a special treat!


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