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Per’s automobile collection draws attention once again

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on August 23, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The King of Sweden and Per Gessle have a common passion: collecting automobiles.

  Jonnie Wistrand of Dagens Industri put together a list of the cars owned by Swedish celebrities, some of whom drive rather ordinary cars, while others – like Per and the King – own several high-priced sports cars.

  Per’s automobiles include a Mercedes S500 (1999); Ferrari 599 GTB (2006); Ferrari 550 Barchetta (2001); Ferrari F430 F1 (2005); and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (2004).

  King Carl XVI Gustaf’s collection includes a Pontiac Tempest GTO Convertible (1966); De Tomaso Pantera (1971); Ferrari 456 MGT (1999); AC Cobra (1966); Porsche 911 Carrera Coupé (1987); Porsche 911 T Targa (1973); Volvo PV 60 (1946); Ford Mustang Shelby (1966); and a BMW M3 CSL (2003).

Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this article.


great car!!! ; )

For some reason I am not interested in stuff like this...

I find it to be quite interesting where all our money went! ;-)


Where is the RoxBox and One Wish News!!!!!!!!

I think the more you ask, the latest we’ll get the info - remember Per reads TDR :D

Room_service, yeah but many others are. Like me. Really nice cars!

What a car!!! I’m just curious if this list of Per’s cars is the complete list?

As soon as I saw the article I knew that some people would be moaning - and guess what - I was right!!!!!

I love cars btw, and this Ferrari as absolutly amazing, very sexy!!

I think it’s interesting to see other aspects of stars personal lives, but without being too personal, if you know what i mean?

Mr G does have great taste! Two thumbs up!

I wonder what car Per had in mind when he wrote “Sleeping in my Car”.

Have you ever tried having sex in a 2-seater sports car? It’s rather uncomfortable...

What is with Marie?

She had 3 cars-but shi is not in the list. Why?

@ AURYTE: I don’t think this is the full list. IIRC Per also owns a Ferrari 456 and a Mercedes SL55. At least that’s what he drove in the memorable summer of 2004...

@ Room Service - I just have agree with you. If this information had appeared 2 months earlier, it would have been interesting to read, but not now! Jeee, Per c’mon... I’m waiting for much more important news ;)

@ So I cannot moan and say anything against this information? I’m happy to see it, but I expect sthg different. Don’t say you don’t :/

Noooooooo ! LOL I thought we finally had an update on Rox20. lol fairly interesting though.

of the Site standing follow cars:

Ferrari 456 /Mercedes 420T/ Mercedes600sl/ Volvo Combi/ 2 Range Rovers and 3 Motocycles

De Tomaso Pantera!!!!!....


Hmmmmmmmmm, I like this car. It would be nice driving it for a little while ;)
I hope that after this piece of gossip, real news may come :D

I do not have problems with news like that. I like cars, although I am not heavily interested into... least not into those I cannot afford. *sigh*

wow so now people think its great that peope collect cars while children die every days of starvation cars are stupid and collecting them ....especially when they aren’t vintage.....i mean cummon 2004-2006 its so stupid

@sille-rox..some of these cars in the list are already over 10 years old...but yes..what about the hot SL55 AMG? ...but I guess he sold the blue Ferrari... too much trouble ..but thanx for the updated list >:)

This is the kind of news I like! :D .. Like I’ve written somewhere else, I saw his 599 a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful car! Anyone know if he still got those motorcycles, or if they’re sold?

Mr. Gessle is a lucky guy..... :P

Well, whatdoyouknow. The king’s got more cars than Mr Gessle...and where did he get the money from you wonder..?
Very nice car, by the way!

Again: stop moaning please.
And the list of Per-owned cars at is very outdated. He’s sold most of those. I’m pretty sure the Mercedes S500 is sold too.

So many cars, what would good old Siegmund Freud say about it? :-)

But instead of a list with cars I would like to read the tracklist of the Roxbox :-)


Haha... I thought the same!!!

On the other hand, I find all the thing about cars pretty boring.

Cars don’t mean anything to me. They are machines that drive you somewhere else, that’s all. If I had a car, it would be the most basic model. I am not interested in such a luxury thing. So, all those models and brands that were listed mean nothing to me. I am not able to recognize one model from another. 599 GTB and F430... that’s all non-sense to my ears.

Anyway, I don’t think this kind of info is much useful for us. What’s next? Marie’s panties collection?

It is pretty clear to all that there is some irritation among everyone on this site due to the lack of news on the RoxBox. This type of article would have been well recieved maybe 5 months ago but this is not what people want to hear about NOW.

I can’t understand why they can’t just give some news and get it over and done with... causing this amount of tention on a site and forum among the fans is so unnecessary and stupid.

I have been through this with a local artist aswell telling them how stupid it is to have to wait for news and how they want to be on international standards but they can’t even update there news section with the proper news articles and now I am going through this again but this time with an INTERNATIONAL group... this is very very very bad cause now I have to compare Roxette with a Local Afrikaans artist in South Africa cause they are running there “business” the same way.

Wake up and smell the coffee burning....

I’m no car buff, but man is that a nice looking car!

I share the same feelings as room service re cars. Re this as news. Although not remotely interesting, it is news so better than nothing ... just.

Very nice car i must admit,i wonder if per would be interested in a clapped out old nissan serena :0)

They’ll be telling us Roxettes inside leg measurements next...

I’m joking guys! Any info is good info!

Again, if you are not interested, don’t read the article, it is clearly stated in the headline what the article is about. Per’s cars. Some collect stamps, others cars, some find this interesting, others don’t, why make such a big thing out of it? Is your life so boring?

Don’t blame us for the lack of information, we cannot write about what we don’t know. I don’t see either why is it so urgent and so crucial to get the information inmediately, what will it change? The release date won’t be earlier just by knowing how the cover looks like one week earlier *. I think with all this moaning, worrying and obsession you are simply making the Rox20 experience negative for yourself. I personally enjoy the waiting, it makes the whole thing more exciting and makes me want it more and more. I’d relax and enjoy things as they come, be happy about what goes on. If not, well, bad luck for you ;)

* or is it so people can start to complain about the tracklist, the cover, the single, the promo, the box asap? ;)

There are times indeed when I most certainly do not envy the guys who run TDR their job. @Judith, I know my sympathy doesn’t help much, but I felt like I needed to say this.

I appreciate that Judith-hence I said I was only joking, ’A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men’ and all that.

You can only go with what you know-you’re going to tell us if anything newsworthy happens, so I’m not complaining with the excellent job you do/service you provide.

I’ll do my ’serious’ comment now-he does have damn fine taste in cars...

@Remco: Yea he had a Mercedes SL55, but he doesn’t own that one anymore.


Are you sure about the SL55 AMG??? This car wasn’t that old and by the way one of the hottest in his collection. I can’t believe he sold it... no way!

judith no need to get defensive it’s just I like alot of other roxette fans have always been interested in roxette for the music , not how many cars they own or the kinda bling they wear, thats not roxette. Yeah I am sure you want to keep the cover page active but this is just really not them, yeah per collects cars but he doesn’t grandstand about it so why push it off as important news......if anything a retrospective series of their career in the months leading to the single r the rox box would be excellent cover new instead

it’s not pushed off as important news, it simply gets the same attention as any other piece of news, and it’s not the first time we report about his cars. The site is not taylored to the needs and liking of a few, some people like to read about cars, and some like to read about Per’s cars, and for those is this article. It could have been worse, we could have reported about Per’s shirt collection :D

he should make a Rox vid with those cars. It´s gonna draw attention for sure.

*lol* :D
And then continued with the socks collection! ^^

“Socks”, that reminds me of a teacher of mine, who once wore bright orange socks together with blue jeans... that was the HIGHlight of the lesson! ;-)

Per sold the 55 to MP.

Aaawwww, he should have sold the SL55 to me, hahaha. Anyway, good for Mats. This one’s far better than a Volvo.

Thanks ever so much for this article, TDR!!! I‘m so much into cars and I even like this kind of informations that just don‘t have to do a thing with the main subject (their music) but that make you feel like knowing them a little better!

all you moaners: don‘t read, don‘t moan!

@Tevensso: Yea I knew that aswell... but I wasn’t sure if it was okey to write that.. suppose it was since you did it. Oh well.

@Mr.Floppy: I suppose this answers your question.

In addition, another one of Per’s cars, or if it was Åsa’s.. I don’t remember which, is now owned by Göran Fritzon... or atleast it was when I checked it out for like... a year ago.

are you tracking down the owners of the cars/plate registry? ;D

Nice cars!


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