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Gessle to write book about his life

Written by dubacik on August 15, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle is going to write book about his life. Now the truth behind the rows with Gyllene Tider, his love to Åsa and success with Marie Fredriksson may become public.

  Co-writer Sven Lindström, who is a copywriter and music journalist (at Sydsvenskan) who has interviewed Per several times over the years, says that the book should probably arrive next year. Sven has also written several sleeve notes for Roxette.

  Anna Tillman, PR and information manager at publisher Albert Bonniers, says “For now we’re aiming for the Swedish market, but of course this is the kind of book we’re bringing to the book fairs in Frankfurt and London.” She continues “It’s an authorized biography. Everyone’s involved. Per Gessle has given us full access to his archives so we have a lot of material. It’s fun with artists that have documented so much over the years.”

  Anna also mentions that the book is scheduled for the spring of 2007.


In english or swedish?

Well it had to happen sooner or later and I am glad to see that it is happening later (now). It confuses me when young stars that are still in their 20’s write an authobiography.. Per seems to be much wiser in regards to this..
Looking forward to this book!!

Well, it has always seemed strange to me. I mean writting books, autobiographies by such a young people. Especially people who are still active, and will probably record many songs yet. Eh, I know britney has already written a book about her life, but is that a good pattern :P. Sorry about that comparision but really Per will be present in music market for a long time, I believe, so is it really necessary? I mean now, maybe in few years, especially that it is now that he seems to get more attention, and is being rearded by critics as an artist more than a pop star only.

Swedish, I’m sure.

hopefully in german too!!!!

And hopefully writes too Marie a book.

My God... I was not expecting something like this. Is it necessary? I don’t think so. All I know is I am not in rush to get such a book...

Soo great! Wow!

joyrider1981, who would buy a book about some person who isn’t active and isn’t some James Dean or Marilyn Monroe? And Per isn’t so young anymore :) About afe 50 is just perfect age to write a book.

Oh that would most definetely be an interesting read - but I would like to stress the importance of it having an English mirror! Damn, now this is something I won’t mind helping with!

@Room Service, your ignorance SHOWS!

Great news! Can’t wait to read it :D

Wow, that’s very good news.

But I hope for all Rox-fans in the world that it will be in English !

nice, I like biographies :)

Pascal, it would be nice if there’s both English and Swedish books :) I like more Swedish than English books.

Same here, Judith! I do feel a tad bit of frustration by the fact that this will only be available in Swedish (or atleast planned for a Swedish-only release). Mr Gee prooved he’s spot in Pop history and as long as there’s a persistance to focus on a Swedish market only, he won’t get the recognition he’s due.

This was the best news in a long long time.
Hopefully we get to know about some scandals. Like the drugs during the GT era and such things.

I love it! It shouldbe worth a nose...

(Sorry for cross posting!)

He could add a GH album to the book...

@ Krischan: LOL !!!

Oh that‘s really great news! I‘m almost sure, it will be released in german or english too. As we can read in the article the book shall be shipped to Frankfurt and London too. It would make no sense to sell swedish books in England or Germany. Or?

I‘m really looking forward for the book of Per himself!!!

ow lord , does per need anymore money lol, think ill pass im to busy to live my own before i reading someone else’s . cheap way for abit of cash iv always said from famous people doing this kind of stuff.

But then how can they try and flog a Swedish book “in Frankfurt and London” ???? Interesting to say in the least.

Age shouldn’t necessarily determine whether someone is old enough to write about their life - it is the experiences a person has come through which obviously determine such things. SOme proove to be interesting and insightful reading - but some are to milk the cow for all she is worth !!

that’s the greatest piece of news in years! Hope to find many interesting details as well as hq pix! Thanks Gessle!!

according to Sydsvenskan: Att ge ut en översatt version ligger nära till hands.

so, it is probable that the book is going to be translated into English too.
I want it in Swedish though, not to lose its personal touch.

haha, can’t wait ! :)

hope it will be in english :)

Oi Rox-kuryliw, I can’t disagree more! Firstly, writing a book takes a little more effort than stringing a couple of sentenses together for the sake of quick bucks (if only!). Secondly, Per’s growth as an artist, songwriter and Pop Icon deserves to be documented... it’s about time!


Is Per already that old?! :-D

Ok, I hope for an English translation ;)

Oi who’s work was that image? All you see is the pearlies!!

good news, but couldn’t you choose a picture that was more terrible than that??

OMG ;) I hope PG’s biography won’t be anythnig like Agnetha Faltskog’s book “Som jag är” (As I am) in which she did not write antyhing new that we (i mean: fans) hadn’t known before ;-)

It would be nice to see in-depth interview with Gessle on many aspects of life.

Swedish / English - whatever, I’ll read it ;-) I wanna have it right now ;D And to be honest, I don’t belive that English edition will ever appear

WOW! What a fantastic news! I was waiting for this for long time... :D
I hope it will be in english too... =)

Haha, what a picture!! Mr. G. has improved with age a loooooooooooooot. :D
To be honest, I don’t really mind if it’s in Swedish or English, I’m not gonna get it. I’ve never been very interested in that kind of biographies. I remember when I lived in England, every book shop was full with Robbie Williams and Victoria Beckham’s biographies. I thought at the time that this kind of books were totally uninteresting, and I’m not gonna change my mind because of this.
Sorry, just my opinion, feel free to flame me if you want :)

Well, this is curious...
I imagine Per got so excited reading ’Conversations with Tom Petty’ that he thought it would be a groovy idea to something similar, except that this appears to be a traditional biography, and not a series of extended interviews.

Oj, that is something I never expected! Per giving us a closer look into his private life?
I hope he won’t retire already!!!

I love Roxette and their music but I wonder if it’s necessary to have something like this. Of course I will take a look at it and maybe buy it. Maybe it is not bad after all.

Title suggestions anyone?

TDR could run a competition!

“My World, My Love, My life”

miss-misery i could not agree more with what u said.

Ghost writers up and down Sweden must be rejoicing...

BUT, before I get horses heads and stuff through my email for saying it, I am taking the Michael I hasten to add.

I hope that we can get a limited english version of the biography.

Great, nice news “Gessle Biography” is interesting ;)

Hope he could write this in english :)

@ ncurran: I assume it would be rather sthg like:

Min värld, min kärlek, mitt liv :D:D:D

hope it comes out in english

Hahaha, I think he must wait to write a book about his life, anyway I’m looking forward to expecting this book =)

We already have the “Roxette-the book” and the Gyllene Tider book... I do hope this new one will contain information that isn’t availiable in any of those books already.

To you who say it’s to eayrly to give out a biography... “The Book” came in 1992.. When Roxette was at their top! So why shouldn’t this one come now? When Per as a soloartist is at his top?


thats all i have to say.... :D

I agree with you Christel and besides these 2 books
there are 1 join the joyride book in german aswell and some spanish,argentinian books no idea if they are official, are they???
I´m hoping that per will tell us some nice unofficial info...

Mh, when do Anders and Micke release their biographies to show their point of view concerning GT? ;-D

*sarkasm off*

@xarrrr you forgot to add ’wa-heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiah!’ (okay, I just made that up)

I’ll buy it.

But that picture is scaring me.

I just found it funny *giggles*

English Title,

Per Gessle, The Liner Notes.. :)


Hopefully in Portuguese too!!!

Brazil loves ROXETTE!!!

Fernanda Bertuleza

Fingers crossed-I won’t be able to write if this carries on!

ok what has he been trough in his life to write a book with marie i can understand if she would write a book about her life
but per is not intresting to read about he hassen’t got such an interesting life he has a life like every popstar has not interesting to me

boring per soooo boring

OK, this is going to be standard biography fare, but what do you expect? Some juicy shock revelations? No way! Like he would be stupid enough to! Biographies/Autobiographies are usually self serving anyway, an ego trip that you get paid for - who would say no?

I read them, but don’t buy them- thank heavens for libraries! Except ’Stripped’, cos thats class...

I’ll prefer Per mantains his activity like the excelent musician that he is... but a writer? I have a shadow of a doubt...

We’ll have to see- he IS co-writing it, so it might not be too terrible

I do expect some interesting and funny reading. I love Per’s style. I think, that’s the best what’s about this book. However, I’m not very happy about this Per’s project. I mean, what the point with this book is. He won’t tell us the whole truth anyway and why he has to? And as a few others, I prefer Per to write songs to books.

PS And after all, be it both in Swedish and English!!!

Hmmm.... I don’t know, admittedly I would also be more excited if it was Marie writing her biography.

I don’t think we’ll ever see a book from Marie. She’s way to private about her life, which is cool. Per has always seemed a little bit more like an open book (no pun intended), and I think his life has been by far interesting enough to write a book about it.

If it’s in Swedish I’ll probably not get it, but in English I defo would!!

@neil (ncurran) - good title by the way!!!

Now this is a must buy item! Who cares if it won’t come in English!


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