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“It really sounds fantastic!” comments Per about new Roxette songs

Written by Jud on June 17, 2006 to .

Per Gessle has left a new message on official Son Of A Plumber website where he comments about the recording of the new Roxette songs, which will included in the greatest hits Roxette will release this fall as part of the band’s 20th Anniversary celebration.

“Marie and I (together with Christoffer, Clarence and Jens) spent a couple of days (and nights) in the Aerosol Grey Machine-studio recently recording two new tracks for the upcoming Rox hits-collection. It really sounds fantastic! Marie is in good shape, Christoffer is laughing all the time and Clarence has grown a beard!

I’ll let you know the song titles shortly. I know you’re curious, my neighbour is….

Also, we did a great photoshoot with our old pal Jonas Linell the other day in a bowling alley. Strike!

  You’ll find the full message on the official website following the link below.


Doesn’t sound too bad ;) ... BTW who is Jens?

Jens is the drummer in the last Per’s projects, but not Roxette’s drummer.
Is he going to play with Roxette?

Jens is the drummer. I hope they’re both up-tempo songs. The always do one fast song and one ballad. They’ve done too many ballads. But I guess things just slow down as you get older.

Sounds like the photo shoot was cool!

Jens IS HOT!!! And so is Clarence!!! LOL!

Agree...Jens is hot! =)

Why no “Rox20” logo here?

You’re just too fast. :)

BUt what about hie neighbour? Strange crypitic hints ;) can’t wait to hear these new songs - wish he would give us a hint on the styles. Only 3/4 months to go lol

There it is ! And not a moment too soon ! :)

why was the message on SOAP website, soap isnt a roxette website.

Sounds like a bowling ally theme coming for the greatest hits album, which would be so cool , very joyride period.

Thanx ;)

I guess it was on the SOAP website as it’s the only one amongs those linked in there which has a news section. Moreover, it’s a kind of blog that Per has in there, he writes his own messages to the fans, so I think it’s OK to put it there.

there is only one news section for now, the one for Roxette will be implemented in the future :) so since there is nothing else in place, better he writes there than nowhere ;)

Did we already get the titles?

__ The uptempo song: My Neighbour Is....
__ The ballad: I Know You’re Curious


@Joyrider: ...and the album title: “STRIKE! 20 Years of Roxette Hits” –– that’s the web portfolio of Jonas Linell ... a great photographer... hopefully he made P&M look awesome ...

ain’t that gr8? At least we now know for sure there are TWO songs! Can’t wait...hope to see cute photos too!

2 roxtexanet: Yeah, great. You never know... But we all know, Per’s messages are kinda weird from time to time and so are his lyrics ;)

I think it is very possible that, HFDP HappyFamilyDogProduction (the guy which designed HaveANiceDay) will design the cover artwork of the RoxBox because Linell and Karl-Magnus Olsen often work together...

AND: He recently designed the CD/Book-Box of Lars Winnerbäck.

Great to know it will really be 2 songs!! :)

ow lord now more covers like HAND , NO way, i think bring jonas in or stick with k (cant remember his name)

kjell andersson?

So we’ll get two new songs for sure. That’s great ;)

kjell andersson get him to do the cover i say.

I’m very happy!!
I hope listen it soon!!

Its a really good news!!! :D and very funny ... ;)

If I remember well, Jonas Linell was the author of the photo featured on the sleeve of “Anyone” (the other pics were taken by R. Nettarp)

songS! so great, at least two in this case! this just made my day ;)

Jens=drummer Brainpool. Still find it weird he and Chris somehow got hi-Jaxcket to give Per’s writing/arr. style a boost. Makes you wonder eventually why Brainpool got Jummy jummie funnie’s first rec.cont.

Can’t wait to see ant listen to it :D !!!!

Very good.

I hope they will release both songs as singles. Without a single release I doubt that this 55555th Greatest Hits CD will have a chart entry.

A bowling alley does sound like Karl-Magnus BOSKE is involved, yes...

@Per Gessle: Duh! Of course it sounds fantastic - it’s Roxette, isn’t it? :-D

Roxers all over the World...
Sweden is doing great on Germany but Brazil will win the World Cup.
“On Our Way to Sixth” - Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Roberto Carlos,Robinho,Kaká, soccer players on Earth.Go Brazil!!!

O Hexa é Nosso!!!

Fernanda Bertuleza

Getting excited to hear them now...


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