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Written by tevensso on June 15, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - In all quietness and secrecy a new single by Roxette has been released. This single is called “The Rox Medley” and consists of a medley, newly remixed by Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and Jimmy Monell (Shooting Star) at Christoffer’s studio the Aerosol Grey Machine.

  The songs included in the medley are “The Look,” “Joyride,” “Listen to Your Heart,” “Dangerous,” “It Must Have Been Love” and “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave).”

  This is, however, a radio release only, and according to the info sheet distributed with the promo CD, something to start the Rox20 celebration with. The record’s call number is CDPRO 4392.

  Update Jun. 16: This track will be publicly available as the B-side of the new single this fall.

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what - is this to drum up interest in the new greatest hits/ rox box? Also where is it being released to?????

I bet the UK don’t get get it!

;) see the joyride colours and the star :D

these are album versions only remestared by C&C&J? or completely new mixes?

Sad fans won’t hear or be able to buy it. But cool idea for sure :)


Have these fonts ever been used before in a rox release?
Maybe the ROXBOX will follow the style in the artwork of this promo.
This is the first release in wich the word ROX is used to refer to something related with roxette. Am I wrong?
How long will it take to have this available for download in mp3 format?

I’m so excited!!!

Only the old hits, hmm specially the US hits, but I think it will be cool anyway.

Am i the only one who’s going to say...

Oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!

This was totally unexpected!! Great way to start to celebrate.

And weldone for the complete secrecy :)

So Happy!

No, of course you aren’t the only one who’s happy dear ;)

where can we listen to this single? is it out already?

I like the idea, I hope to listen to the finished remix in some local radio... ;)

They are totally fresh remixes. They sound modern. I’ll see if I can manage a snippet.

The first of many surprise perhaps???

ljusdal radio?

Never before have I complained but, really, teasing fans with snippets isn’t typical moderator behaviour (and being an ABBA fan, I’ve come into contact with some pretty difficult people).

“Teasing people with snippets isn’t really moderator behavior”???

Please stay on topic... can we have a day without flaming. It’s a happy day why ruined it? Snippet it’s more than nothing right!? We’ve been given snippets of the new songs in internet since day one, so why this time a snippet is no good?

Is it too much to ask?

Urm why the HELL can’t i swear on this forum...?????????? This is BLOODY AWESOME....!!!

Yay Joyride sounds nice!! Modern but joyride!!

Nice job! And it’s very Shooting Starish too!

Now that i hear it again... AMAZING the way they mix The Look with Joyride!! :) Forgot totally about The Look the first time and listen only to Joyride!! Hats out!

“I’ll see if I can manage a snippet” was the phrase I disagreed with. Either you offer a snippet or don’t, instead of saying you’ll see if you can manage or bother to make one.

In any case, as a representative of TDR, I imagine you’re supplied with promos etc by EMI with the intention that it’ll be publicised on this website. I very much doubt you’re sent promos for you own enjoyment.

Anyway, I see you’ve added a snippet, so who am I to complain?

Sorry, guys, for putting a bit of a downer on the proceedings. It’s a great release and I hope it’ll help to bring Roxette back into the limelight for their 20th birthday party :)

EMI does NOT provide us with records on a general basis.

so how did you got /even knew about this one

I made it myself.

You’re right onlywhenidream - the UK wont get it ! What a cool and unexpected surprise !

Hey Thomas,
Do you know how long the medely is? Is it the full songs mixed together or bits and pieces?
I can’t wait to hear the clip! I’m at work right now and I can’t!

Thanks for uploading the snip Thomas, you rock.:)

That reminds me of Roxette medley by Unlimited Beat :)

I really really hope this single will be released commercially after all. Sooner or later.

The medley is 4.43 long and it’s not the full songs.

It would have to be very very very chipmunk to fit them into that amount of time ;)

Anyone knows if this promo is only for Sweden???

mmmmmm real good, I wish I had the entire version

Well, I would like to thank everyone at TDR who made this possible! Thanks for providing us all roxnews, and even give us something for our ears! Great!

it´s for all Radio-stations in Europe and worldwide or only for Sweden?

Ohhh....give us the full version...I wanna drive with it on full volume thru my stupid little home town and be louder than all these strange football fans here.......;))))) CCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL..

If it’ s only for radios, why don’ t get the full song for downloading, why not another Bad Hair Day?
The snippet sounds really fresh, Jimmy is great Rox Remixer.
Perfect start to celebrate. Now will come hits album, box, new single and next year... New album?

The Bad Hair Day -idea sounds really cool! ;)

Hello..Per...if you’re not melted already..(oh..shit..yes of course you have air condition in the studio)....please..give us some Bad Hair day...

ok ok this is a real suprise, But why is this roxette medley really old songs of all the well known songs that were big in US ? ? ? would of been better to mix it with more modern stuff like , the look/ tcoth/ joyride/WICF/ IMHBL . Just my opinion.
I think jimmy monell has done the best remixs of roxette’s career in general.

I love it, I really do and I so want a copy of this.... if anyone knows where I might find a copy then I could be very keen, 20th anniversary things increase in value! :)

Would love to hear it all though properly because you just know it is not coming to the UK!

Nice. Thanks Thomas, or whoever found out about the existence of this single. I wonder why Per didn’t inform tdr about it really.

Well, probably it’s just a matter of time before it pops up on Ebay. Mark my words..

Wow! I love megamixes and medleys, and this is definetely one of the best Roxette megamixes I’ve heard.

I would also love to have the full version of this! :)

Will there be a video for this mix, by the way?

THANK YOU!!! I would sooo love to get the full version soon... . This is the best advertising for Roxette and the new best of. If we could get the full version, it would spread very soon all over the internet and people would be reminded of THE VERY BEST BAND IN THE WORLD, ROXETTE.

Great sound & great cover design!!!

Oh, that’s a great surprise ;) I hope, all European radios will get it...

PS Congratulations Sverige!!!

To “Roxryder-V2002”


There, now you’re not the only one! :-D

I love this. I’ve been reliving the glory days of Joyride. I’m friends with DJs at the club I frequent and they like our Roxy-Babys so they play the Dancing Djs version of FLAF and the Whitelabel remix of Joyride. Everyone dancing always says “Oh I remember this song - I love it!” I just grin and dance my heart out while lipsyncing away! :-D

Does anyone know when a new album will be released?

See i know loads of Dj’s playing the whitelabel joyride mix, Why on earth dont roxette get this released with the new song aswell to promote the GH20 album in the UK, clubs already play it, i think it would go down a storm.

where’s per’s number now, ill give him a ring and just tell him whats what and why lol.

To “rox-kuryliw”

I agree!

There are even remixes of other roxette songs I’ve heard in the clubs like the “mobius” - Sleeping in my car and the “DHT” Listen to your heart. why not do a ROX-REMIX album! :-D

Seems like the americans got lucky!

The medley is track number 1 from the latest broadcast of Nordic Rox (that Nordic music show on Sirius Radio in the USA). Has anybody heard that show? Is it possible to get a recording of the shows? It’d be interesting ...

Oh my goodness! :) I totally dig the Joyride version. I wish we could download the whole medley soon!

I always wanted Roxette do this!!
Its a great idea to start Roxette celebration!

Great surprise, let´s hope this medley will spread around the world (and not only Sweden)...

Thanks TDR!

Well I just don’t see it here in the UK!

+ cool idea
+ nice sound

– bad cover design ( I hope the new RoxBox doesn’t look that cheap and home-made!!)


Perhaps the new compilation will include NEWER versions of the classic hits, with this sound.

Wouldn´t it be just cool?

What a nice surprise, i wasn’t expecting anything for a while still. Sounds really good too.

@joyrider: what would your design be for the Rox20 releases? I like the stuff that you’ve shown, would be interesting to see what you come up with.

Thanks! It’s always hard to design something emotional without photographs but anyway... I will design a different (more classy and stylsih) cover for this remix... I’ll let you know where to download it ;) Cheers.

It would be really nice if someone upload whole song :) It’s a radio version only so I suppose it’s legal, isn’t it ?! :):):) If not, well... hmmm... c’mon join the joyride :)


I cannot wait to hear it ! I wonder if P+M have recorded it now if they are thinking Bsides ! I cannot wait ! Heh heh Never thought I would wish the Summer away but ... roll on Autumn !

B-side? OK. It looks fair to me.
Why do I feel there will only be 1 new song for the fall?...

Sounds good!
Hopefully the cover design isn’t the final one, it’s really bad! Ugly font!

So if it´s not released for us to buy it the question should be allowed where I could maybe download it?

Maybe to soon for this question...

Galning: Read the last line of the article.

@ Max-Tob

Breathe wasn’t exactly on the “A Thing About You” Single, was it? ;)

@GT_85: Thanks, didn´t see it. I was reading very fast.... I think I can wait for it. It´s just the old songs we already know... the bad thing about that is that it takes away another possible b-side-song...

how is it none of their officla mixes have ever sounded this great...usually i HATE remixes but this is propulsive.....we really need them to remaster the whole rox catalogue

Great news about this new material from Roxette.

I thought, though that this medley had already been released as part of the “Church of My Heart” CD-single. Perhaps it is a different medley.

It is not the same as the 1992 medley.

can´t believe my eyes as i read this news! what a great idea, i want to listen to the full version!

@ joyrider: it would be nice to see your rox20 design! I always enjoy your work :D - this way we can only switch the CD cover if we don’t like the one on the booklet :D

I like it
takes getting used to though
the beginning sounds like a 33rpm being played at 45

cool that they’ ll include on their next single.

I like it.

That’s almost a reason to buy the single then ;)


But then, 25 bucks - are they nuts?

Yet another record people will pay ridiculous amounts for now that the rest of us can buy cheap in a month or two! ;)

LOL Per, just what I thought ;)

the medley is however nothing special, sounds like somebody playing around with a new mixing table.. and the cover goes along with it, somebody getting his hands on Photoshop for the first time :D ;)

Check out

The discography section has been updated to include this new promo cd.

The Rox Medley (CDM)
Released: 2006-06-14 // Capitol Records / CDPRO 4392

01. The Rox Medley

Mer info:
The Look, Joyride, Listen to Your Heart, Dangerous, It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like a Flower
0946 3681922 8
Radio promo only.

hi everyone,

Just a medley to start ... euh ? no comment !

It’s great somehow to get endly news about Roxette after the Room Service Album, which is to me the last “sth new”d (as albums are concerned, i dont speak about the singles) about the band, and for the reasons we know.

Looking forward to seeing this best of and what’s on it definitively !!!

I have the The Roxette Medley Promotion Cd-Single. It´s made in Eu/Holland. At the same time I bought it I bought a Roxette 4-Sided Gatefold Swedish Promo Folder for the 20 year anniversy. The 1:st one as you know and the 2:nd one are very rare.

I bought:

I En Tid Som Vår Swedish Displaybox (Size:50*50 Centimeters high and 6 centimeters thick)

The Change Swedish Promostand Display (Size:30*32 Centimeters)

Min Bäste Vän 4-Sided Gatefold Swedish Promo Folder

GT25 Samtliga Hits Swedish Promostand Display (Size:30*24 Centimeters)

GT25 Live! Swedish Promostand Display (Size:34*30 Centimeters)

Tourism Spanish Gatefold 2-LP with Soft Innersleeves

Don´t Bore Us - Get To The Chorus! (1995 Release) Displaybox (Size:50*50 Centimeters high and 6 centimeters thick) (I don´t know in which country it´s made in because it´s not written on it but I´m sure in Sweden)

Pearls Of Passion - The First Album Promosign Display (Size:35*50 Centimeters) (I don´t know in which country it´s made in because it´s not written on it but I´m sure in Sweden)

The Ballad Hits 4-Sided Gatefold Swedish Promo Folder

and The Roxette Medley Promotion Cd-Single and the Roxette 4-Sided Gatefold Swedish Promo Folder for the 20 year anniversy for all the items 1150 SEK

Hi Earth, can you share with us a pic of this:

Roxette 4-Sided Gatefold Swedish Promo Folder for the 20 year anniversy for all the items 1150 SEK


ok so if u are a non internet person like me (i.e. can do emails and find out info but dont have a clue about downloading etc) how do u get this medley? or how do you even hear it? if u subscribe to the new radio thing (sirus?) then can u choose to listen to it? otherwise i guess i will have to wait until its release.
i havent even managed the bad hair day thing yet lol- but i got my new Marie cd yesterday i like 50% of it so far.

Do I have to have a website just to show the pictures on the Roxette folder for the 20 year anniversy????

@ Claire: For downloading the medley-snippet provided by Thomas you can just right-click on the download-link (where it says “The Rox Medley” in dark-red, right below the article text) and just choose “Save target as...”. Then just choose where you wish to save the file to, click the “Save” button, and there you go, the file shall start downloading to your hard-disk. :)

Same thing for downloading those Bad Hair Day demos from, you can just use this same method for downloading those (and for mostly any other download indeed). Just go to and enter the Bad Hair Day section (or if you wish you may enter there directly via the following link -> Once there, just right-click on each of the download-links corresponding to each of the demos (where it says “mp3” in orange, in front of each song title) and again just choose “Save target as...”. That easy. :)

its ok nothing to be suprised over- heard the entire medly now Agree with you Jud

It’s still pretty cool tho - I especially like FLAF !

Edit: The last one sold for $100 !!! A tad too much even for me ! But it appears again ! A second chance ! How much will this one go for?

Earth, you can upload your pictures on

Cheers, am just so useless with internet things and have no patience.

Yet again it is prooved that people who are more eager to get stuff than they are smart are paying too much! ;-))

But then the only reason the SOAP releases became cheap was because they were distributed to Europe and in larger quantities - compare the promo of STARS to the US Promo of Church Of Your Heart (New Ac Mix) Promo - somewhat different !

I wonder if anyone could share the whole track ?

Yes please!

I want to here the medley, anybody kind enough to send it to me?


Thank you very much in advance :)

@chrisjankunas: Yeah, but how rare is the normal US promo of Church?! ;-))
And where will this promo be distributed. At least in Europe is my guess...

It’s okay I guess, heard it a few times.... ideal if you like that kind of music genre!

This is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Now I gotta do some pounding for thoughts....

Here are 4 pictures on the Roxette 4-Sided Gatefold Promo Folder For The 20 Year Anniversy.

The 1:st picture

The 2:nd picture

The 3:rd picture

The 4:th picture

A medley is coming that´s called Stars-On-45
I´m sure that it´s a medley of Stars

On my computer the pictures countened as number 1 on the 1:st picture, number 2 on the 2:nd picture, number 3 on the 3:rd picture, number 4 on the 4:th picture but on photobucket the 1:st picture had the letter P instead of number 1 and number 1 was first on the 2:nd picture so the 3:rd picture has number 2 and the 4:th picture has number 3.

Wow - Surely that is the name and tracklisting “Roxette Hits”

Thanx alot Earth for this info - I hope you don’t mind but I copied your rpost and started a topic on it in Roxette Discussions

Judith wrote: “the medley is however nothing special, sounds like somebody playing around with a new mixing table.. and the cover goes along with it, somebody getting his hands on Photoshop for the first time”

I totally agree with you!... I like the colours, but I don’t know if I like that style to be on the final compilation CD, too.. hope they make a cover with Per & Marie on it!


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