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Per gets own MySpace page

Written by tevensso on June 1, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per, the Plumber’s son, Gessle opened his own MySpace page today. It will be a complement to the other sites, like

  MySpace apparently has over 80 million members and is a must for today’s musicians that want to be seen, according to TDR’s sources.


it looks nice, but no thanx, too chaotic for me. is per aware of his myspace space anyway? haha..i’ve recently read an interview with tom petty and when he was asked “is that really you taking care and answering on the petty-myspace?” (or smth like that, don’t remember the words) and he answered: “what’s myspace anyway?” I’m sure per knows what it is, but hell, those crowded colorful spaces are always confusing me...Do they really work?
ps: i do realize that every artist has one, from Cardigans to Paul McCartney...but there’s so little “heart” in them; way too public and unspecific. but well, let’s hope that at least two roxette fans will get to know each other and get married thanks to this new gessle myspace...

“Son Of A Plumber / Per Gessle has 26 bilion friends” - someone hacked that site?:)

Maybe someone should have updated that biography first...
“Under his new artist name “Son of a Plumber”, Per Gessle _will reveal his next move in November 2005_”?!

”... is a must for today’s musicians” is funny, per is more and more accessible ;) :P

Well, Opera says “26 billion friends” but IE says “26 friends” - seems to be different from browser to browser..

That’s great! :) :)

You can actully set it to say whatever number you want thru HTML....

and im on his TOP8!


also “billions” with firefox. It counts 1 friend = 1 billion ;)

Space,what?What next?

Is it actually Per behind the keyboard though, or somebody on behalf?

P.S. The “billion friends” thing: It’s possible that it means billion friends in his MySpace network. People that are connected to his profile through whoever is on his friends list, but not to him directly. Just a thought.

So far it has been set up by David (webmaster of and other official websites)

I don’t get what’s so useful or important about an myspace page...?

Me either, Sascha, me either...I understand that the fans will get to know each other better...that’s all I can get...It’s a sort of chain...maybe more people will hear his songs that are available there, but then again, when you look at the myspace’s of important bands and singers, they look just crowded and chaotic, too many people there, too unfamiliar ...Gee, it’s like a cirkus!...but well, as I sais above, maybe some of us will get married this way lol

heh i must say that was my 1 visit on myspace but heard somewhere that this is the most important site for promotion.

Max... TDR already did that for me; as far as seeing the point of this... well yeah BLeh Bleh! If there’s no input of PG I don’t see the point, sorry!!

Yeh purps is right.. what exactly is the point?

So it’s nothing else but a digital business card? Okay. No need for discussions anymore. :-)

Well, I just had a look at it & ended up with a virus!!! Clear now but wouldn’t recommend it!!!!!

thenicekai - well that makes a little more sense (that should have been stated in the article actually!) but unfortunately i’m not one to shut up when told so...! ;)

how do you ask him to add you as a friend - i cant remember

who cares it’ll get updated maybe once and then just sit there like every other myspace page what a waste

@PM: Didn’t mean to tell you to shut up. :-) It was more like “Much adoo about nothing”.

LOL TNK! No probs ;)

Never heard from MYSPACE!

Tell me more please!

you guys can see my myspace at

I don’t have a clue about what myspace is either... so I would like to get it explained to me aswell.

Maybe this will provide some enlightenment, eh? :D. I just added Per as a “friend”. Cool!

Christ after reading all that I think i’ll stay away from MySpace - thank you very much! Sure there’ll be no exclusive news there anyways as that’s the purpose of the official sites+TDR... as far as connecting with fellow Rox-fans I think TDR/SOAP/R2R do a very good job in keeping me interested! It’s HOPELESSLY over rated... American over-hyped shit if you ask me (No offence to the Americans tho!)- clearly someone’s getting big bucks for all this free info users submit; SUCH power IS indeed dangerous and I want no part of it!!!!

Am I the only one that gets cold chills when reading this...?

How about this... is official?

people c’mon is the most popular network site and many artists HAVE official news and contests there. Apparently it’s serious stuff, so I added it.


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