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Per and Marie attended the Polar Prize gala

Written by tevensso on May 23, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Yesterday the “Nobel Prize” of music was presented for the 15th time, namely the Polar Prize. The winners this year were British rock group Led Zeppelin and Russian conductor Valery Gergiev. Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson with their s.o. attended the cermony.

  Others who have received this prize include Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.


almost the same sunglasses ;) (at least the shape of the glasses, not so much the colours)
did anyone see the interview with per? what did he say, anything interesting?

Haha, you’re right about the sunglasses!
It’s great to see Marie in public again but I don’t like her hairstyle very much.. but hej, who cares?


per & asa looks so funny! :D

this time i like marie‘s hairstyle ... lol

you can see a short interview with Marie at the homepage of the Swedish channel TV4.

Hehe, I think Mr Gessle looks a bit drunken on this picture... :-D

marie looks good to me, her hair is to flat at sides, but i still think she looks great, i do love her style.

I think that best haircut has Mikael. As always. I have almost the same.

Marie all in white, Per all in black. Per is dressing strange to me sometimes, but this time he look so good.

It was graet fun to see them toghether at the ceremony!
Marie seemed to like the classical music - (smiling with her eyes closed..)
Great preformance by Nina Persson by the way.

Can anybode translate what Marie tells at TV4 website?

Where can i see the ceremony???

Is there a link for download? I can’t watch the video on tv4. It’s imposible for me to hear or see anything - don’t know why.

hats off to you Mr SSSSmart! And to your lovely Woody!

Marie is radiant as well, great stuff!

Here’s the small photo of Marie with TV4 host :-)

And here you have the link to this short film from after-gala-party (noisy background ehhh...) :

You’ll find Marie in ca 1:50 :-) She said that she loved Led Zeppelin and she had every album of this group :-) Quite nice she looked, I must say :)

Cool pix!

I’m so glad Marie is back!


Radiant...yes gyllene_tjej...that’s exactly the right word...sigh..Lovely pix!!

Thank you Tomek;) Marie is a splendid woman! (I suppose that in this meeting they spoke on Roxette) ?¿...

She’s so cute! I just love listening to her voice.

And here’s the direct link to TV4’s video stream (which you can download using for ex. FlashGet):



Per looks really good in that black suit!

I wonder if P&M consulted with each other about their attire for the event? (-: It sure is great to see them both back on the red carpet where they belong...

GREAT! Nice to see you Per & Marie!

But Marie´s outfit is horrible. She looks like a old woman. Oh I miss my old Marie!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?

when at the show did Per talk?

Here’s the link to the show and the short interview with Per:

You can see the interview at 22:10.

just seen the gala. marie is simply wonderful, but a bit too thin to my taste. per looks very handsome as well, his being thin is a great thing, but he seemed so distracted if not plainly sad. did you look at his face during the performances? marie, micke, asa were all smiles, while he was simply staying there, looking somewhere around the stage. and during the interview he was also very ’absent’. i think i’ve spotted a few really sad faces of per.

is possible that you’re right...

Nice to see.....what happen next....

Marie looks a little uncomfortable to me. Look at the way she is squeezing Micke’s hands! I think she looks really good! It’s so good to see her looking better and better.....

Nothing works. I can’t see it.

the separate photos lead me to colcude ia m right per and maries husband dont get along

the photos make me laugh
Per gets a choir, marie gets a man on a cell phone

coyboy: They DO like each other. ;-)

@sweepi: how to download that with flashget?


I get a “invalid input” while coping it to download jobs...

Marie squeeze Mickes hand.. hanging on to her family. Åsa is pulling Per’s arm as usual, wanting to drag him away from the people he want’s to say hi to. I’m sorry to say that I think that’s a quite “telling” picture of Roxette in 2006.

Flame me if you want... but it’s my interpretation of these picutres.

@sweepi: how can I lower the interview to Per of tv4, do you have any link please?

( (“)(“)
bunny girl

@ gyllene_tjej: Hmm, odd, the link worked and works fine for me... Just done it as with any other download job (copied the link and pasted it into the URL field of the “New Download” window)... Maybe when you tried the link was down and hopefully you can download when you try again?... But if not, and if you still experience problems, then I can upload the video for you elsewhere, it’s only ca. 33 MB so it shouldn’t be trouble at all, just let me know then. :)

@ Rox-Van: Here’s the direct link to the Polar Prize show video stream which Mr_Floppy mentioned before and which includes the interview with Per:



(It’s a ca. 696 MB download though as it’s the whole show! :|)

i will download both files and then make one small file with per and Marie interviews only. Just be patient.

Meanwhile you can enjoy Jo-Anna Says video:

Thanks Bunio. :) Then again, I know this will make it a little bit off-topic, but, might I ask you please, what program do you use, for cutting the video files and for pasting the parts together in one file?... (And does the program you use re-encode the video or just cuts and pastes without re-encoding?...) Much appreciated! :)

..some here have great talent to write Fan-fictions...:) ;))

is that the telling “picture” of the Rox-fans 2006?

@sweepi: thank you very much ;)

( (“)(“)
bunny girl

Thanks bunio!

( (“)(“)
bunny girl

@CRIZ lol

It looks just normal to me. Like many times before. But at the gala Per really seemed to be a little bit absentminded. Maybe he would have liked to perform a Led Zeppelin song and nobody asked him to do so. Ooooww...:D

I edited movie with whole show and made shorter version (15 minutes) with the most interesting moments for us. I must say that Per&Marie (seating in the 2nd row) can be seen very often so if you are really interested in seeing this download the whole version of the gala. In my shorter version you can find few performances, interview with Per and Marie (at the end). Just check yourself, 23mb is not much.


i must say that shiny head of Micke can be seen from really long distance :D

What a pity I can’t spend a lot time online :( So I still haven’t seen the gala...

LOL Baby C, you got all of that from a photo? Marie always walks like she’s glued to Micke at these events, if she could get surgically attached to him I think she would. But actually, in real life she always walks way in front of him with him dragging along behind her!

That white suit is not the most flattering outfit Marie has ever worn, that’s for sure.

@sparvogamarie: Yea, interpreting pictures is a hobby of mine. :) No actually, I just came to think about it when I saw these pictures, and remembered that both of them are quite “normal”. I mean the fact that Marie always is glued to Micke on events like this. And Åsa.. well, I think Per must have one arm longer than the other by now *lol*. Perhaps it’s a female thing.. to want to be glued to your husband (or girlfriend or whatever) as soon as there is a camera close?

Anyway.. I think it’s qute, ’cos all 4 of them seem happy.

Why not in the real life?? Thanks Bunio

Good work Bunio, as always. Thanks.

Look at this, Marie is Great!.

( (“)(“)
bunny girl

YEAAAHH..thanx a lot Rox-Van

Great Picture!!! Thank you

Baby-C: actually if I imagine myself at something like that, I would probably cling to my man also. It’s probably a bit freaky to have 3000 cameras in your face! But yes it does look like Åsa is always pulling Per away haha. I never met her but I saw her around a lot on the RS tour, she always gave me dirty looks...OMG as IF I’m interested in her husband, YOU CAN KEEP HIM ÅSA hahaha! Marie on the other hand should watch out, I think Micke is damn fine teehee! ;)

Bunio: You mean why don’t Marie and Micke hold hands in real life? No idea, it was just something I noticed on tours, Marie was always in front and Micke a few metres behind when they were together.

All of them look fab, Marie just seems a little bit thinner then usually..........looks like he decided to keep the tan!

Looks gorgeous and relaxed!


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