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“Jo-Anna Says” heads up to #3 on leading German station’s chart

Written by cskendras on May 21, 2006 to .

STUTTGART - Per Gessle’s promo efforts outside of Sweden are paying off. His solo-project Son Of A Plumber is attracting more and more interest. On the SWR3-charts, a show of the biggest radio-station in Baden-Württemberg, the single “Jo-Anna Says” has climbed to #3!


WOW!What a success!!

That´s it! you do it again,very good Per!

sorry for spoiling your fun but it’s like a voting chart. People vote for their favourite songs ;)

Anyway it’s great to hear the song on the radio :-D

I think the fans did a great job.

Umm... yeah, what a great success, indeed! :/
The album isn’t on the latest albums top 50 chart I wonder if it even has reached top 100 in Germany.

@animalkingdom: Of course it’s not in the top100 official german sales charts ;-)
Fans are voting on radio-charts for him, but no one else is interessted in the album - the same happened with Maries ’The Change’ (2nd Chance was #1 on Jump radio charts).
But it’s fun to have their soloprojects on same radiocharts, perhaps 1 or 2 non-fans like it and will buy the album ;-)

2 room-service: very optimistic ;)

per rules the charts in germany once more. i was so happy to see the SOAP album in saturn and media markt stores. but what a shame no single is listet in their release lists.

Congratulations Mr.G :)

“per rules the charts in germany”


Oh please. Give it up already, SOAP has been critically acclaimed but it sure is NOT a success sales-wise.

Having CDs listed at record stores don’t make it a hit. Someone should buy them too, you know.


I must say: Per’s lifestyle has been most of the above BUT: his last album has at least got some DARING songs on it where I have the idea of that he’s been looking to widen his horizon!

Not just lalala, nanana, 3-chord try-to-make-another-hit-again-shit, no, I’m impressed by some of the songs. Even though it’s not a hit album, I think he must have learned something from Marie. “When life would end tomorrow, at least I’ve tried to be creative.” (With or without succes, money and awards from the outside world.)

Per: make more of these albums: SHOW YOURSELF! I”M IMPRESSED!

What does you expect???
2 radiointerviews and 1 bad TV presentation is not enough to get Soap in the Top 20. We are in Germany and not in Sweden. There Per only have to say that there is a new CD and everyone buys it without hearing it before.

I hope the Roxette Single in autuum rules. That must be a single which is on number 1 in 123 counries or something like that. No Top 20 Shit. It MUST be an MEGA SMASH HIT.

... you mean like it was »It’s My Life« for Bon Jovi? Yeah, would be cool if they rocked number one but to be true I don’t care about charts. But I guess, a chart success would be somehow a big motivation for Per and Marie do do another album – TOGETHER.

I love this thread :D

Snavelkopje I do agree with you - I hope that there’ll be more SOAP releases in the future... Yeah ofcourse Roxette will have some spotlight in the next coming months HOWEVER Marie likes to take things a little slower which would grant Per to spend more time on “Plumber” projects... The way i see it he can OFCOURSE have two international bands (Roxette AND SOAP)... the SOAP CD was simply the start but has MASSIVE room for growing; There’s an energy between Per & Helena that is so incredably fresh... just look at his Mazarin performances! AMAZING STUFF!! I’m saying don’t END anything (Not Roxette OR SOAP) but instead see it as a new chapter...!

SOAP as a future international band for Per? No, I love the album and the project, but I don´t think we will have another SOAP album.

I like the idea of Per worrying about his solo-career abroad...he is young enough to write and make enjoy with more songs...BUT DON´T YOU PREFER A CAREER with a sound more TWATG-alike? Yes, it is true “The world..” sound too much Roxettish...but that´s the Gessle brand at all (although I hope Per concentrates more on lyrics...while “Crash Boom Bang” sounds mature, “Real Sugar”, “Make my head go pop” and so sound childish).

And I´m in favour of a new Per Gessle band with a different name IS THAT IS HIS DESIRE. Why Marie can do whatever she decides and not Per? If Per want to make a new band YES, WITH A NEW WOMAN, well, I will support him, and I´m sure he will get new international spotlight.

By the way, I´m looking forward for the Helena international album. I´m sure the first single will be a Per Gessle song.

i am loving this song, the chorus is very catchy!

Well, it’s also a good sign that people are voting for Per or Son Of A Plumber. Of course, I would prefer those people buying the album, but what I can do here?..

PS Can people outside of Germany vote?

yes, you can! it’s enough to fill in your name.

Don’t forget to vote! Let’s make it number 1!

Number 2 this week!

Here you can vote to get number 1 next sunday:


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