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“I Like It Like That” to be released May 17

Written by tevensso on May 5, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - A new Son of a Plumber single, “I Like It Like That,” will be released in Sweden on May 17. The B-side is, as previously reported, the second installment of the series “Plumber in Progress.”

  On a side note, May 17 also happens to be celebrated as the independence day of Sweden’s neighbor Norway.

Plumber in Progress #2:

1/ Are you an old hippie, sir?

2/ Late, later on

3/ Making love or expecting rain

4/ Brilliant career

5/ Brilliant career, alternate refrain

6/ Speed boat to Cuba

7/ Something happened today

8/ Ronnie Lane

9/ Carousel

10/ Come back tomorrow

  Update May 5: The single has been delayed until May 24.


Great! Is that picture going to be on the cover?

cool blue shirt love it.

If that’s the cover it’s misprinted, cause the songs title is “Like it like that”, not “I like it like that”.

The song is called “I Like it Like That” nothing else.

Coool can’t wait! :D

Isn’t this the same date as Marie’s new single... it’s the same week i supose there’s only one release day for singles an albums, right? And if it is, is this the first time both Per and Marie release the on the same date?

“As early as May 15 she will release the first single, the John Holm song “Sommaräng” (“Summer Meadow”).”

Yes i’m aware of that but wouldn’t be the first time EMI makes a mess out of dates... And the most common thing is that there’s only one date per week for releases...

LOVE the cover but urm can we get some more remixes instead...!!! *crossing fingers*


...urm never mind my bollocks...

i hate this picture... the worst SOAP-cover in my opinion.

Per please, let down the cocaine

The cover is pretty baisc, huh?
A Per and Marie single in the same week? Interesting. Looking forward to PIP #2

I also don’t like that pic. And the shirt is white!!!!

I like the cover!
Per & Marie singles release in the same week!Simply great!!
My bet is for Marie!!Surely her single enter to the chart quickly.

What a brilliant way to celebrate out national day :D

actually, I’m not sure if singles are released the SAME day..

I’ve been thinking that singles/albums in Sweden are released always on Wednesdays, and May 15 is a Monday.. so if this rule applies to ALL artists, Marie’s single should also be released on May 17.. The album is indeed out on a Wednesday..

I agree with the posters above: I don’t like that photo either. Per looks old on it, maybe older than in fact he is. One of the worst pics from that session...


Will be this the last single off the album, accoding to the sticker on the double-CD? I don’t remember (and I don’t have it to check it by myself).

Awful cover, in my opinion!
Don’t like it at all, don’t like even the single choise! ILILT isn’t Son Of A Plumber, it’s just a traditional PG-song.

I wonder if Substitute is still going to see the light...might work for the summer better.
Besides, I recall Per saying that ballads never really worked in the summertime...*shrugs*

Agree with Animalkingdom. Substitute would be a perfect summer song. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) had it´s radio realease around the same time in 2003. And it was a major hit the whole summer. Also How do you do! But a ballad? After another ballad? Well. I dont think so. But i hope im wrong.

hehehe... he looked uhhh... quite cool on the cover...

in case it is, is it the first time it happens that both of them release a singel on the same date?

And this time releasing a ballad after a ballad it’s a good choice I Like It Like That is among the best on the album and it’s the more radio friendly. I can see it doing quite alright on radio it’s a great song for a world full of Blunts and Powters and it is a great song :)

Well my sticker also lists “Substitute (for the real deal)” amongst the hit singles, hehe.

This song is not my cup of tea. But come on, the SOAP album only includes 4 songs more or less commercial. The only songs suitable for the radio are:

- Jo-anna Says
- Hey Mr. DJ
- I Like It Like That
- Substitute

So, the singles are totally accurate. The rest of the songs are too old-fashioned, the singles are wise!

I guess this song could be pretty successful IN AUSTRIA because it reminds me (and probably lots of other Austrians) a lot of a popular 80s melancholic dialect song by Austrian celebrated musicians called “STS” –

I like the cover, but Per’s face indeed looks a bit tired - maybe he was tired of the photosession??

In Italy singles and albums are usually released and available in shops since Friday, but sometimes there are exceptions to this, I wouldn’t know why...

The sticker on the album here mentions “C’mon” as a hit single too - but I actually hate that song, wouldn’t want it to be released as a single!

@Secretkeeper81 - C’mon was the first single (along with jo-anna says) :) so the worst is behind you :)

Mmm Plumber in progress II could actually be interesting ... got some of my favs included there! But still an alternative Maxi with mixes would be super kewl!!!

Im tired of SOAP...

Well, I am tired too, I can’t deny it. We have been dealing with this album since November. So it makes half a year for now. I think that’s too much.

Regarding Plumber in progress #2... I was not able to “digest” the #1 yet, so I will pass. Boring stuff.

Well you can’t really love music if you gets bored after 6 months. How many artists can release more than one album a year?

Dear, let me say I listen to other artists AS WELL. I am not stuck in Gessle/Fredriksson. And yes, I get bored. What did you expect? Should us listen to the same album till he decides to release anything else? No way, move on...

if you are tired just forget about it. no-one is forcing you to read all the news about SOAP.

Thats great. Lookin 4ward to it.

I can read about whatever I want. And I am free to show my opinion too.

People on the internet are so obsessed with their opinion. Its true - if you are bored than do not listen to SOAP anymore. I am not bored with SOAP and am looking forawrd to this release and maybe Substitute too. If you are bored with SOAP then look to Marie’s new work. If THAT ’already’ is boring for you though then I do not know what to suggest.

I havent heard Plumber in progress #1, anyone has it? please, [email protected]

3 singles so far joanna says,mr dj and now this..........
us poor souls in the uk havent even had the album yet never mind one single its just like room service all over again even though they did release milk and toast 7 months after the album......

very good,inteed.....

It looks like EMI postponed release till May 24th.

And according to CDON Marie’s single is released on May 17 not 15.

Yes, that is the correct date. One can only guess why EMI said 15 in the press statement. It may be the radio date.

Looks likely. The tv promo might be the premiere.

Last couple of singles they’ve released were with a little gap between the airplay and sale date. It seems to work i mean first singles done ok so far.

A delay? Why are we not surprised? :P hehe

“Room Service” I always like your posts, don´t give up. It´s a free world.
I´m tired of SOAP even I havent heard it :)


It may be a free world, but the Internet ain’t it.

it was pretty obvious Marie’s single release date would be May 17 - I think I explained it somewhere else that releases in Sweden are always on Wednesday.. so 15 as Thomas says must be the date the song starts airplay, since the day before Marie seems to have the premiere on TV-huset :)

Room Serive; that is one of the daftest things you’ve said sofar - so you’ve got an opinion (woohoo!) but lord knows Per’s diary doesn’t revolve around your entertainment! The fact is that Per & the record company is busy promoting the album (No promotion for SOAP - my arse!!) and they have EVERY RIGHT to do so. If you cannot see that or comprehend that I can’t see how you could actually be a fan... in which case, what are you doing here?!

My point was that you should rather keep quiet in the future - such comments spoil it for those who ARE interested!

If it’s postponed why’s the news headline still entitled “ILILT to be released May 17”?

Because it is.


I believe you are one of those obsessed puppets on a string that believe that everything Marie/Per does is awesome. You should understand not all the people thinks the same, and you should respect the other’s opinions. If I am tired of SOAP, that’s my prerogative, and I can said that if I feel that way. If you don’t like my opinions, just DON’T READ them. As you already pointed, that’s easy to do.

Anyway, all this discussion was already buried. You were too late, dude.

If you’re so tired of SOAP, then shut up about it, as some of us aren’t. You just look dumb.

if you are so tired about SOAP, why do you care so much about its release in Argentina? Why do you email EMI Argentina asking about it and ask the other readers to do the same? And why react so annoyed when you received their reply?

Does not make sense to me.

Same date as Marie.... lol

Thanks God, Per change the date {:#


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