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Per to visit Holland and Germany this week

Written by Jud on May 4, 2006 to .

(UPDATED) AMSTERDAM - Per Gessle will visit Holland and Germany this week as part of his “Son Of A Plumber” promotion tour through Europe.

  Today Per is in Holland, where he’ll attend Radio2 DJ Hans Schiffers program, which is broadcast between 14:00 and 17:00 CET. You can listen to the show via their website clicking on “Luister live naar radio2.” The program will also be available on Real Audio format after the show (see link below.)

  Tomorrow Per will be on German Radio SAW. You can also listen to this radio station online via their website by clicking on “Jetzt live hören.”

  Remco contributed to this article.

  EDITOR’S NOTE: Per had some trouble with traffic jams in Amsterdam today that threw his schedule off, but The Daily Roxette managed to spend some time with him nevertheless. Look for another TDR exclusive interview with the Son of a Plumber within the next few days! — LEO

  Update May 4: Per will join SWR3, one of the biggest radio stations in Germany, tomorrow evening. He will be guest on “SWR3 Clubs” which runs between 19:00 and 22:00 CET. The program can be followed online via SWR3 website (click on “SWR3 live einschalten”)

  Hiphappy contributed to this article


Oh finally the rumours came true! Thanx! Any information about the time tomorrow? When do I have to turn on the radio? And will this really be the only radio station? I think you forgot radio ffn on Wednesday ;)

On the site of RADIO 2 it says that the interview with Per will be broadcasted around 16.45!

Furthermore not much info on what’s Per is doing today. EMI refuses to give any info, so the Dutch fans will have to keep their eyes and ears open to find out what has happened today...

Per’s group is currently arriving into the ( ) studio, was just announced by the host...

EDIT: A little optimistic: the people joining Per were there already, but Per himself did not make it in time...

So this means that Per is live at that studio!?
Shit, if I had known that I could have gone there since I am having this week off...!

Just about 10 minutes to go before the interview starts..

seems to be an Oldie-radio programme?? :D
I wonder why EMI always makes such a big secret out of the promotion plans. Do they think we are still 12 years old or what? Good morning EMI

Yeah, that’t great. Per’ll come to Germany again. Yupiie. If I want to be there I have to make a tour through the hole country. It’s a pitty I can’t be there.

It’s indeed a station that plays loads of old and unkown stuff. Not really my cup of tea....

Hey mr dj is on now!

well..if it’s true what I heard with radio FFN on Wednesday than he is just an hour away from me (by car) but...I have to always..shit....OH FINALLY SOME MUSIC AT SCHIFFERS..nice

He is stuck in a traffic jam! That’s why the interview is postponed!

He’s stuck in traffic.... We’ll hear the interview later this week. At least, that’s what the dj said

Believe it or not: Per is stuck in traffic and will not make it to the studio in time!!!

The interview will be broadcasted later this week...


very sad...doesn’t have this car a telephone? ;) just kidding

Ha ha, 3 posts with the same message posted simultaneously!

Should not have been sleeping so long and gone to the studio earlier!

@ Sandyam: be happy you did not go to the studio! Imagine in what kind of a rush Mr. Gessle must be... stressed out EMI Staff...

I’ve also thought of going to the studio but there was so little info that I decided to stay home. Not a bad choice I think.

Funny indeed that we all wrote the same in one minute... sad reason though!

he had interviews in the hotel I guess that’s the reason of delay ...

I also emailed SAW about a more approx time but they haven’t replied yet..

@ Judith: I assume he arrived into Amsterdam somewhere this morning, went to a hotel for interviews and then on to Hilversum?

Yes, though he left Amsterdam extra early for Hilversum, he didn’t get there on time - Schiffers promised the listeners that they would get the conversationw ith Per later this week. Check back tomorrow for a more detailed report...

Looking forward to the TDR exclusive!!!

Holland, Germany, Spain, Finland, anywhere else in Europe, but never the UK :-(
EMI UK = Loads of poo

did not read all of your comments...

do you know when pers appearance at radio saw will be broadcasted?

Per Gessle kwam gisteren op weg van Schiphol naar Hilversum in de file terecht. Daarom was hij niet op tijd in de Radio 2-studio voor een live-gesprek. Na 5 uur heeft Hans Schiffers een interview met hem opgenomen.

Translations please.

translation (of above):

Per Gessle ended up in a traffic jam on his way to Hilversum from Schiphol (airport). Thats why he didn’t arrive on time at the Radio 2 studio for a live-interview. Hans Schiffers has recorded an interview with him after 5 o’clock

This radio station is the one which had the most listeners in January, according to a quote on its site! It’s not my favourite radiostation either, but Roxette’s music blends in perfectly and so does Sun of a Plumber’s.They also paid quite a bit of attention to the release of the Ballad Hits. I guess we have to be glad with every promo we can get. But I agree, EMI sucks. But then again, what’s new!

the guy on the radio says they are broadcasting the rest of the interview later in today’s show... they just played a flash of the interview in which Per told us about the new songs and Marie’s health, so listen up!

oh, here’s the link
then go to web radio and choose radio 2

Oh nooooo, I missed the first part... Hopefully it will be available completely later on the site or perhaps someone managed to record it?

well, you didn’t really miss anything. They broadcast a part in a news flash belonging to the preceeding programme , saying they’d broadcast the entire interview later. The programme in which Per was to star has only just started, so you haven’t missed a bit! No worries then :)

The interview on radio SAW will be on air during the next two hours as well. So now I’m listening to both radiostations at the same time. I go nuts...

here’s the link: (just click on the button ’radio SAW jetzt anhören!’

well, Per will probably end up telling the same story anyway.... All those djs always ask similar questions so

If I’m right, the dutch station has Per sceduled at 16.45hrs. Another hour to relax..

@MrFloppy: you are sure???? in the next 2 hours??

Yes I am. The moderator said it at the beginning of the show. Maybe Per stuck in traffic again;D

@MrFloppy: Thank you!!!

they’re broadcasting yesterdays’ interview after the monkeys!

jeeze they’re playing it must have been love.... suckers

What has that got to do with his solo record?

oh well, it’s here now like FINALLY after listening to this crappy radio station for hours

“hey mr dj” playing at the moment...

jeese, have we been waiting for just THIS? HRMPF, poor Per, cruising Europe just for a 5 minute interview..... hopefully it will help promote his record.

That was pretty useless. What did he say, maybe 5 sentences or something?

I cannot believe that was it... Let’s just hope a least 7 more sentences from the TDR exclusive :)

Per should make an interview CD and send it to the radiostations. That would save him a lot of time and EMI a lot of money... and it would have the same effect.

what’s with the TDR article? What’s keeping it?

on radio SAW they said, they will broadcast the whole interview on sunday CEST 8:00 p.m.

if someone is interested, here’s the snippet from the interview which was on air today:

Sounds really interesting, thanks.
Didn’t know that it was actually Marie who wanted to continue with Roxette. Per had planned to tour with Son of a plumber, but she wanted to record a couple of songs for the compilation. That’s great, isn’t it? She seems to still have the energy and the will to continue with Roxette!

just get per to visit the uk and i will be a happy bunny

I agree David!! Lucky Germans and Dutch!!!

what’s there to feel lucky about if you didn’t even know he was coming. If I had I would have driven down to the studio to get a closer look!

Oh yeah, me too!

The article will be up when it’s done.

The sooner the better :) - We can wait...

Here is still the Radio2 interview:

I’ve been enjoying the interviews a lot even though they’re quite short; LOL!
BTW, am I the only one who actually liked the songs on Radio2? :D

No, I don’t mind listening Radio 2 either...

@Mary - i can’t download this file :( can you upload it to ?

This morning I heard a small interview between Hans Schiffers and Giel Beelen (Giel is also DJ, but on 3FM, one of popular pop-music stations, he hosts the morning show). Giel phoned Hans because it was his birthday. They also spoke about Per’s single and Giel said he liked it also, so maybe there is still hope for them on the pop-music stations!!!!!!

I couldn’t hear the complete conversation (damn carradio), but perhaps anyone else did?

That’s interesting... Giel Beelen has quite a different audience from Hans Schiffers. Maybe 3FM will get started now as well?!?

that would be nice, although I think Joanna says is more suited for 3fm than Mr DJ is...

Yeah, Giel said he liked it:

there you can find it.

what’s keeping the TDR article? How much time do you need to edit it? You were all complaining that the ORFC was slow, but you don’t seem to be too quick either.

@ rosetti: be patient, everybody is waiting for it, and I’m sure that as soon as it’s finished they will publish it.
We should be happy they get the possibility to meet Per and share it with us!

@rosetti: just be patient, it’s not a matter of’ll be there when it’s ready!

Ha ha, you actually compare the fanclub not sending any merchandise for 6+ months with TDR not adding an interview for 3 days?? :D

What was LEO thinking for publishing the Editor’s note... ? Now every Tom & Dick will be on TDR’s case!!

So what about FFN? They announced Per at least three times today but still no interview; I could only catch an ID from Roxette they put on and after that they played “Joyride” but that was it for now.

hey you can see the photos from germany
Radio SAW 2.May and 3 May Radio PSR at:

haha Thomas! not only that, we never stopped writing articles.

The article will be up when it is ready, what’s wrong with a little teaser? ;) You will understand it when it’s up anyway.

alrightie then, I will be a good boy and wait. You are really doing a good job at making me curious :P

About FFN I’m a bit disappointed; if people were complaining about Radio2’s interview being too short then what do you say about this?

This is all that was for today at about 14.45. Curiously yesterday I was told the interview would be at about half past 5 PM and I was recommended to listen already since 4 PM just in case something could come up earlier; well, I was already listening since 2 PM when the program started as I suspected it could be earlier so there was just a little piece and nothing additional since then; so good that I took time with announcing the times here as you would be disappointed that nothing came up at the time announced. Will it ever be broadcasted completely at all?
Besides that there was a meet & greet yesterday when Per was there and two fans Yvonne and Christina got to meet him; there are some pictures available on in the “bilder” section.

Thnnx for the links :-)

The meet & greet is cool! But, don’t you think that Per looks pretty serious (like he does not feel like the M&G)? He seems more relaxed during the studio interview.


I live nere Stuttgart (well, 70km away) where the Studio of SWR3 is. Does someone know when Per will be there? Maybe they only record the show (so that he´s not really there in the evening...) Someone have some infos???

Please contact me here or per eMail: [email protected]

im listening to per on the radio right this minute and aint he funny.. ehehehe
lets all bow to the absolutely fabulous invention of the internet without which i cudnt listen to this right now.
greets to the roxin’ world

Missed it, anything interesting? Maybe on the TDR report this will be included.

Here it is all in all complete; I only edited out the songs that we all already have to make it shorter.

Thank you for uploading it! But I can’t download it - it always fails and I don’t know why? Does someone have the same problems and can help me?
Thanx in advance! :-)

Dunno what could be wrong with RapidShare. Here is a StoreAndServe link for now; hopefully this one will work.

it worked fine with me. Sometimes if you wait too long to enter the code before you can download the link “expires” and you have to try again..

Thanks for the recording, the interview was actually nice and funny! :)

I’ve got it now. It seams as if I couldn’t download it with FlashGet. When I tried it without using this program it worked. Thank you!

” the back seat of my car, making breakfast” LOL.

Thanks, Mary :)

Very nice interview! But why does the host translate Per’s words everytime in the middle of a sentence? Very annoying! Are Per’s answers so difficult (can’t imagine...) or does the host have such a short-term memory?

But anyway... nice to hear!

I didn’t get that either, Remco, especially since the interview was not live and there really was no need to translate everything right in the middle of a sentence! But Kristian Thees always does that in his interviews, so it’s probably become something like a habit for him. *shrugs*

maybe he does that so people think it IS live, because it actually does sound live, since Per sounds like he stops talking to let the dj translate.. tricky ;)

Great interview!

Thank you very much for the links, the pics of Per are beautiful {xD


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