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Gessle’s guitar on display at special Ferrari exhibition

Written by onlywhenidream on April 23, 2006 to .

MARANELLO (UPDATED) - After a recent successful exhibition highlighting the links between Ferrari and the cinema, the company’s Galleria has just opened a similar show entitled “Ferrari and the Music” that features Per Gessle as one of the contributors. “I’m very excited that they asked me, it was like Clapton and me…” laughs Per.

  Stars from the world of music are featured alongside four-wheeled automotive legends with a themed exhibition exploring the cars, myth and music at the home of the Prancing Horse. Per comments “I’m a big Ferrari fan and have visited their factory five or six times over the years. I was invited to Bologna a few months ago, for the world premiere of the new 599 GTB (yes I ordered a dark gray one…).”

  Singers and performers from all over the world who were attracted to Ferrari’s racing heritage, and loved the style of the road cars, have expressed this admiration in their songs and videos. With three rooms entirely dedicated to the exhibition, the Galleria Ferrari pays tribute to the 60-year-long link between Ferrari and artists who left their mark on the history of music.

  More than thirty international music artists accepted the invitation to participate: Italian singers and songwriters as well as world-renowned artists from various musical genres: classical, opera, jazz, rock and pop music.

  These artists contributed to the event by placing their portraits and some of the most meaningful symbols of their artistic careers at the curator’s disposal including musical instruments, awards, stage costumes and other personal items. Along with one of Per Gessle’s guitars, there are Miles Davis’ trumpet, Placido Domingo’s Othello costume, Nick Mason’s (Pink Floyd) drums, the crazy hat of Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), and an Eric Clapton guitar on display.

  Throughout the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to see a special collection of video clips, including “Joyride” by Roxette, “Supreme” by Robbie Williams and “Material Girl” by Madonna.

Visitors will also be able to see close up a selection of Ferrari cars belonging to these artists, such as the Enzo Ferrari, the 250 California, the 275 GTB and many other new and old models. Per’s 550 Barchetta is not amongst the cars on display.

  The Galleria Ferrari is located in Maranello, Italy and is open every day until 6 pm (7 pm after May 1). The exhibition runs until June 30.

  Per is no stranger to Ferrari, he performed at Ferrari’s 50 year anniversary in 1997, as he recalls it was “Stupid” and “Do You Wanna Be My Baby?.” “It was a blast!” Per concludes.



I’m not a big fan of cars (in general), but this would be very cool to see. :)

They’ll be showing Joyride as one of the video clips? Isn’t the car featured in the video a Corvette, and not a Ferrari? :-)

Corvette????????? in the “joyride video” they used Ferrari Dino (its name comes from Dino Ferrari, passed away son of Enzo Ferrari, creator of the mythical Italian cars)

It shows you how much I know about cars, then! I walk to work. :-)

Wow! :)
This would be quite nice to see... Well, I would actually look much more at the cars than the guitars, hehe! ;-) I just adore Ferrari (even though my favourite for the moment is English... Aston Martin DB9)!

Ok 2 q’s for the car fundi’s around... does anyone know the details of the limo used in the LS photo shoot or the beautiful roadster in the DBU shoots?

I think the Look Sharp! liner notes states what kind of car it is, and if it doesn’t I know I’ve read it somewhere. I would assume the DBU car is an MG?

I love sports cars, my favourite at the moment is Porsche carrera Gt, and my car at the moment is peugeot 306 :)

Purp, I think it’s Prince Bertil’s Cadillac Fleetwood.

Thanx T - will double check about the MG tho...!

BTW this is my ultimate pimped ride:

If you focus on the pictures at the back, where the guitar is, at the top you’ll be able to see a picture of Per in front of the red car used in the Joyride video holding the guitar shown in the exhibition. Check the colour! Am I wrong?

I can’t see jack!

the guitar is rickembaker black and withe used on joyride video and including on display

nice to know but so far away - argh

funny news :)

Larger version of the pictures where you can see a bit more of Per (but I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed out it was him)

Anyway, nice to hear Per has some kind of connections to Italy ;)

Now, that’s what I call a yummy-car!


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