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Per to perform on German Sat1

Written by Silverguitar on April 23, 2006 to .

COLOGNE - Per Gessle as Son of a Plumber played “Jo-Anna Says” on the TV show “Chartbreak-Hotel” last month. The performance will be broadcast on May 13 at 10:15 pm on German TV station Sat1.


I have that channel so I will surely watch it!

Hopefully Per didn’t get lost between all these cheap sketches they’re sending in this..ehm..strange show...

the program is awful. I saw by chance a performance by some artist there yesterday.. I was O_o when I saw they put those awful sketches in between of the performance!!

On the other hand, I saw A-HA performed on “Let’s dance!” - which seems to be one of the most watched tv programs currently.. another suggestion to sum up to Wetten dass?

Don’t know if “Let’s dance” is very popular...I didn’t watch it yet...but that doesn’t have to mean anything..;)..Wetten dass?? would be the best choice but they are already in a summerbreak if I’m not wrong :(...Chartbreak Hotel was definately the wrong choice..too late, too crappy...and they even play these sketches inbetween the performances..I wonder how much Per we will see at all....:(

This show is really cheap produced. I’m looking forward to Per’s performance. But, I also think it’s not a big deal to be anywhere else on that evening. So....

Per, be a guest at germans “Wetten dass”. Every every artist performed there. Now it#s time for YOU and of course for ’Roxette’ this year!!!


“Every every artist performed there” I might even risk to add “every artist [in the top 20] performed there”.

As far as I remember, the artists who perform there are quite IN or? I don’t watch the program in full because I cannot stand Gotschalk, so I only try to catch the artist I want to see perform and then change to some other channel.. ;)

There are always acts who are actually IN at the moment. As you have seen with Tokio Hotel *lol* But, also acts who started promotion for theire new CD. So, Roxette MUST performe there!!!!

Did the person putting together that website REALLY not notice he/she put the image of the Capitol Records building at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine UPSIDE DOWN ?!? How bizarre!

@LEO: That’s art! *g* But seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if that person really didn’t notice...

“Chartbreak Hotel” is a complete disgrace, a dull piece of junk.

“Wetten daß...” would be an appropriate choice, I agree. I don’t like this show either, but it has always top viewing figures.

Per can’t perform at “Wetten Dass?” simply because the show is in it’s usual summer break until October. And then, he isn’t big enough as a solo artist to be invited. I dont know any other huge tv show tp perform at the moment, maybe some upcoming Worldcup Gala...

Without a doubt “Wetten Dass?” would be a huge opportunity for Roxette’s comeback in the fall. One WD perfomance is worth more than 50 “Chartbreak” shows. Look how it has kickstarted the comeback of crappy Modern Talking in 1998!

Yes, I agree Wetten Dass would be the best coice in order to sell a shit load of records.. but Roxette never performed on Wetten Dass before and I am sure Per’s or Roxette’s managemend did try to get them on that show..
It is not that easy to get to play on Wetten Dass..

I’m pretty sure that back in 2001, I read an email from someone working on “Wetten dass...?” saying they had never been contacted by the record company...

I have no clue how this works... does the record company have to pay any (huge) amount to the program so the artist plays there?

I think there is only one choice, and that is TV Total! That would be a blast. And the host of this show (Stefan Raab) has already been in Hotel Tylösand a few years ago (even though it wasn’t because of Per). So now it’s the right time for a re-visit. And Stefan has a great sense of humor. I would looooooooovvvvvveeee to see this!

Yeah, TV Total would be cool! They could be jamming the Ulkulele! ;-)

Little correction: the show will be aired on May 13 at at 10:45 pm.
Usually it is broadcasted at 10:15 pm, but not this time ;-)

I would love to see this!


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