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Bad Hair Day is back with more

Written by tevensso on April 21, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - From out of nowhere, Bad Hair Day is back. This time around a The Lonely Boys song is released - “Keep the Radio On (This is the Perfect Song)” or as Per says himself; “The song itself was written for Gyllene Tider back in 1980 (called ’Gå hem innan du lägger dej’ which means something like ’Go Home Before You Go to Bed’…) but GT never used it. Mainly because of the terrible Swedish lyrics if I remember the history right. However, it was recorded by the Lonely Boys for the LB album but I’m sure y’all heard that! And just recently it became rejected once more when we mixed the SOAP album. That version didn’t really make me tick!”

  Per also reveals that the next SOAP single will be out in Sweden soon; “I Like it Like That” with a b-side named “Plumber in Progress #2”.


Nice! A bit more raw than the final versions. Great addition to the collection. Keep ’em coming :-) Rich

Hey I’m not exactly jumping with joy to hear that there’ll b a second Plumber in progress... it’s cute but a couple o’ remixes of Carousel (or an extended version on this on), MLOER, ILILT would REALLY be appreciated!!

BTW... can’t WAIT to hear the Demo of KTRO - always been a fav!! *wish these downloads was in .zip format*

Thanx Per! Bad Hair Day RULZ!!
But do we really need a Plumber in Progress #2? My ears are still hurting from #1...SORRY..(and I don’t mean Gabriels part!!!)

love it
what is it with me and the demo’s?!
LB’s version was hot too, SOAP version was only sorta luke-warm.
yummm says: “Keep The Radio On (This Is The Perfect Song) (5 jul 05)”
But it´s the 1995 demo. Guess people will get confused :s

download doesn’t work right now. anyone else also have this problem?

What’s “Plumber in progess”? An album? Is it in the charts at #2?

don’t you just love those drums and guitars and.. simply (L)

The LB original version and this demo are the best versions of this LB song.

Guitars are nice!

Take care!
Carlos E., New Yok.

Never been a fan of this song, but this is probably the only version that i really like.

Thank you!!

such a great demo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s no doubt about it, that guy is a pro (hoping you reading this, Per)! In fact, I truly believe that demo sounds better than the two “final versions” of that song! :)

Thanks to Per: this is a great and generous idea to release these free demos on your website. It’s really appreciate and it helps us to wait for your next album!

As a matter of fact, what happens with the “supposed release” of SOAP in Canada?

I missed this!


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