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Per Gessle in a “circle of friends”

Written by joyrider on April 21, 2006 to .

VIENNA - Per Gessle will present some of his favorite songs on the Hitradio Ö3 show “Freundeskreis” (“Circle of Friends”). The Austrian station will broadcast the show tomorrow, April 22, from 23:59 to 01:00 CET.


Joanna Says - Son Of A Plumber

Till The End Of The Day - The Kinks

A Question Of Temperature - Balloon Farm

Free Fallin’ - Tom Petty

Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks

The Only Living Boy In New York - Simon & Garfunkel

The Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric

Hey Mr. DJ - Son Of A Plumber

  You can listen to the show over the Web as well (, click “Ö3 Live”).

  • Ö3 (In German)


Please someone record it, I want to listen to it!!

That’s cool. Per Gessle 4 ever!

just wondering who will be listening to the radio at this time of day...

didn’t he do another radio show a few years ago with almost the same songs? i remember i downloaded all of them. quite good ones. ;)

Thank you again Per. Its amazing that you’re releasing so much free content for the fans. I’m proud to be one. :)

Will Per be the guest tomorrow?

it extra says on the website that the program is on the night from Saturday to Sunday. So don’t get confused with the timing :)

2 Judith: ... that’s why I wrote 23:59 instead of 00:00 ;)

I think it wasn’t a radio show but the CD that was played before the Mazarin-concerts began. TDR had published a list here.

They played lots of teasers for the show yesterday and today ... so I guess we won’t be the only listeners in the next 60 minutes (thank god, I have to write a paper for uni and I am at home on a Staturday night ;)

It’s a shame that they’re even dubbing the radio in the german speaking countries. I thought it was just TV that did that.. but now, I feel really sorry for you german speaking people out there. Do you ever get to hear Per say an entire sentence in english without interruption from a translator?
It makes me wonder what the point is for Per to do these interviews anyway? He could just write down his answers on a piece of paper and then the reporter could tell the answers... it wouldn’t make much diffrence.

And The Look was on the meal too. Yummy! ;)

I hate it too! In my opinion this “system” is a step back in communication in a time where everybody should be able to read/understand/speak at least one foreign language.

@Baby-C: Yeah, I suppose he could! I think the only time they don’t dub interviews is when the interview’s aired live - really stupid! And then they complain about people not speaking a foreign language...

(The sad thing is that in documentaries or similar, many TV stations even started dubbing most people speaking dialect instead of just using subtitles like they used to do only when a speaker was really difficult to understand! I’ve seen it done mostly with Swiss German and Bavarian...)


00:04 > Joanna Says | Son Of A Plumber
00:08 > Till The End Of The Day | Kinks
00:11 > Solitary Man | Johnny Cash
00:13 > A Question Of Temperature | Balloon Farm
00:16 > The Look | Roxette
00:20 > Free Fallin’ | Tom Petty
00:24 > The River | Live
00:28 > Ever Fallen In Love | Buzzcocks
00:31 > The Locomotion | Little Eva
00:34 > The Only Living Boy In New York | Simon & Garfunkel
00:37 > Dangerous | Roxette
00:41 > Last Train To London | Electric Light Orchestra
00:46 > The Whole Wide World | Wreckless Eric
00:49 > Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day | Morcheeba
00:53 > These are the things | ?
00:57 > Hey Mr. DJ | Son Of A Plumber

They do the same in Spain. You simply kind of get used to it.. and if you listen carefully you can hear Per’s voice in the background. It might take some training though :P

It was a nice show and I like the idea of giving musicians the chance to present their favourite songs. More radio stations should do that.

But I would also prefer to hear Pers voice... ;-)

I really don’t see the point having Per there in the first place if they are talking over him anyway.
No wonder the Austrians (and Germans) are so bad at English! ;-)

@ joyrider: There´s one song missing in your playlist. They played “Solitary Man” by Johnny Cash between the Kinks and Balloon Farm!

2 Robrox: Thanks, I corrected it. I just did a copy/paste job from the Ö3 website and it was missing there too.

Hi everybody!

does anyone recorded it?
if so, can you send it ?


Sounds perfect... my three favourite artisits are there... PG, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne (from Electric Light Orchestra).



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