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Per to visit Spain in April

Written by Jud on March 23, 2006 to .

MADRID - EMI Spain has announced in a message on the Son of a Plumber website in Spanish that Per Gessle will visit Spain next month as part of his promotion tour, which has already taken him to cities like Cologne and Vienna.

  Per will be in Madrid on April 5 to present “Son of a Plumber” to the Spanish press. “Per doesn’t forget the country that has always welcomed him with open arms and where he has experienced, together with Marie, so many good and happy moments,” reads the note.

  The album “Son Of A Plumber” is out on March 27 in Spain.


great for the spanish people!!!!! :)

Any dates for a tv show, interview or something like that ??

Damn! I fly out of Madrid on 4th April :-) Rich

Oh great for the spanish fans!!
I’d wish he come to Argentina too!!!But it’s just a dream.

yeahhh some TV appearance would be great so i could watch it by cable TV... hope so

of course when we know about TV, radio etc we will let you know :)

Nice work Per!

I would be great with some activity so that the fans in Spain can meet, I miss big fan meetings!, though it has also been great with the tiny ones we have had since Per and Marie were here

Maybe he could appear on Buenafuente Late-night Show.
In this show artists make live performances.


He should go to one of the various late-night shows that are in Spanish television: Buenafuente, Noche Hache or something like that. Currently, there are no proper music shows in Spain (just in Cuatro and in TVE1, but this one is aired very very late in the night!!!):((((

Anyway, it will be nice to see Per in the press again. Yuhuuu!!!


You´re right. It´s time for a small meeting of all old Roxette-friends. I miss you all!!! Such a long time since we saw each other for the last time.

I hope something will be prepared...


Yeah, it is a long time ago since I last met some of the other fans. Anyway some of us meet now and then. We are not that many but that way we all can fit in one car and sing along to some roxy tunes, and sometimes even create the “up-tempos en español” with lyrics like: “durmiendo en mi coche, te desnudaré” hahaha

On the other hand some of you have been, like... missing! but would be nice to have you back in the small Spanish roxfamily.

@Poli: Where do you live now? I’m spending my last days in Sweden now, and will come back next week to Spain (for good? I don’t know...)

By the way, Spanish Roxfans rule!! hehe, don’t we?

Oh, Spanish fans, you are so lucky :)

Yes very lucky!

Please visit the below link...just a small roxattaq to make spaniards aware of roxette with a “Top rated news article”... click on the small picture icon reading “VOTA NOTICIA” just under the news header, before the article...that will do :)

Just did it :)


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