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Plumber promotion begins in Spain and Finland

Written by roxeteer on March 20, 2006 to .

MADRID/HELSINKI - In Spain, EMI has launched a Spanish Son of a Plumber website. Currently the website only hosts the same promotional material that has already been published in English.

  EMI Finland announced today that Son of a Plumber will visit Helsinki on April 8. Per Gessle and his band will be playing on the live TV game show Huuma. The show is broadcast at 20:00 EET on MTV3.


Yeah I just saw the Spanish site... I am impressed, nice work EMI seem EMI Spain listened to our complaints. The web is REALLY REALLY GOOD for promotion...

So now, I should apologise myself for not being patient with the promotion in Spain: Ok, sorry. But I really hope that this first step is followed with more promotion: posters in the street, tv-commercials, a lot of radio airplay and, of course, Per in Spain.

Spain is hungry of I´m more than convinced that the Plumber will be very welcomed in he decides to come.

It seems Per is quite busy now :)

Spain, Finland you’re so lucky to be included in this promo tour. I wish he came to Poland.


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