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Return of Bad Hair Day

Written by tevensso on March 16, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Bad Hair Day is back, this time with… well, we'll let The Plumber himself tell.

Liar! Yes, I know… but I thought I told the truth when I told you I didn't have any more demos from the SOAP-project. But look what I found! The first version of Jo-Anna Says with a totally different verse (Clarence hated it!). I re-wrote just in time for the real recording… Sorry ‘bout this f##k-up… but better late than never…


P. (no brains left…)

Sthlm, March 16, 2006

PS. By the way, just came home from a couple of days of promo in Germany & Switzerland. I had a blast. Great day yesterday, I did 14 (!) interviews in Zurich and Jo-Anna is happening on the radio!!! Hallelujah!


Awesome, thanks Per. =D

Thanks. Glad you made the changes on the “ah ah ah ah ah” parts in the verses :)

roxlad-says ’thanks’

Rich-UK-says ’thanks’

Roxrider_USA-says ’thanks’ !!

Carlos E., New York. :-)

Oh THANX!!!!
You’re great as always!!!

Thanks! The verse is mix of “Late, later on” and “Jo-Anna Says”


@roxlad: Yes, it’s contagious... lol

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Is it not weird that out the 3 most comercial songs on the album, 2 had demos?

Just shows you have to have demos (a platform) to work from and improve on. Can’t help thinking how much better the other songs could have been

Thanx Mr G... :o) ... hmmmmm.

So now we’ve done 2 of the 3 latest solo records’ demo’s. I can only hope and pray that we’ll get the demo’s for TWATG (wink wink nudge nudge).

Anyways, great addition to our collection so far.

Later ;o)

You’re so funny Per! Very cool of you to share.

I am loving these demos!! (I always loved Per’s demos anyway ;))


This time I agree with Clarence :-D
Sorry, Per! Thank you, anyway.

Thanx Per!

(14 interviews? Oh heck, so many possibilities to check ;) )

Who da man? You da man, Per!!

I like this demo ! Great ! Thanx !

I love the demo!
by the way i’m i the only one whose completly stuck to them?? i mean i cant stop listening to the demos... i just love them. Some of them i even like them more than the final album version.
Thanxs Per for sharing them with all of us.


Thank you very much!

Greetings from germany (-;

I´m getting tired of these demos, althoug I love them. Why not Roxette demos? Is Per keeping them back for the ROX BOX?

My god...we talk too much about possible future Roxette projects, that I´m bored sometimes...When that box came up, I will buy 100, I promise hehee.

Thanks so much dear!!

...THAAANXX!! Nice one!! Love it!

strange..I always thought that Per is so terrible tidy.
Keep on searching Per!! Keep on..there must be something else in your closet. Somwhere next to the socks or so...:DD

Bandquitter says: “Never QUIT with Bad Hair Day”!

I’m just downloading the demo. I hope it’ll sound a bit different than the final version. I’m really curious what it sounds like. Beautiful!!! Why do I always fall in love with every demo Per releases? Per’s voice is so clear and audible... Lovely!

i like it :D cool
Per is a legend

Thanks Per !!!!=)

thank you per you are fantastic

Yes, you’re right Per. Today “Jo-Anna says” was played again on the Swiss national radio station DRS3.

It is fun seeing (or hearing in this case) how much or few songs change between the demo-version and the final version.

nice one :) love it

Cool... but isn´t time to Bad Hair Day give more songs to us... I mean, not just one or two demos per month? C´mon it´s just too good to wait.

Sweet sweet voice, thanks!! Jo-Anna lies, Per you are the one!

All that travelling is killing the brain cells!

What can I say? Per, you are the greatest :) Hmm, maybe you have more songs laying around?..


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