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Per in Swiss chat tonight

Written by tevensso on March 14, 2006 to .

ZÜRICH - Per will chat on a Swiss website Bluewin tonight, between 18:30 and 19:30 CET. Apparently, you will be able to choose between a text chat and a video and voice chat. The site will also host live webcam images from the event.


Nice promotion.
Go Per!

a slight correction to the article on the soap-website: bluewin isn’t actually a radio station, it’s an internet provider. but never mind, people read at least the transcript of the chat, at least when it’s mentioned on the front page...

mmm, i’m on the train home at that time :(

Wow great! Saw that they have a webcam hope to see something!

My Gosh.
...that’s about right now...


I have the webcam but looks like he is not there yet...

I can’t enter anything.....mpff...

All I see is nothing! :-)

Same here! I see a black leather sofa, but ain’t a clue how to enter the chat, do you have to register....

How you could you enter the webcam withouth registration? aah..web cam..sorry. I’m blind

I just clicked webcam..... I can now see stripes I am presuming that is Per... but I can’t register because I am not in SWITERLAND!

I see I see!

I do hope someone does a transcript of the chat for us that can’t get access....

how exiting to see him in my counry!
@ally: there’s going to be a transcript tomorrow or in a few days, with fotos etc. it shoud be on the same page as you linked above.

Ahhh thank you... he seems very relaxed...

He keeps sniffing, think he must have a cold or hayfever!

so, we cannot chat, can we? one needs a registration...somebody explain pls. my German is damn poor...

indeed, he seems to have fun. a girl from emi is there as well, he asked her about promo for poland. she didn’t know though...

you don’t need a registered nickname, just choose one. and questions can be asked either in german or in english. he answers in english, obviously ;)

cannot enter......nothing is working here!


Can’t get in it!!!

Oh noooooooo......

I gave up. I can’t do it. I don’t understand where should I get a password. So i will turn off the pc. I’m furious.

i cannot enter, too!!!

good promotion! per still have #36 at welle1 charts in austria! take a look and follow to charts! you can also vote for per

the chat is now available on the website

Edit: added link at the bottom of the article! :)

quite interesting and funny chat - they dont use to be so informative then other times but this one was really great

just saw the charts at it’s great that we can vote there, so please everybody get there and vote for mr. g! would be good promotion...

Did anybody notice who’s at #39 on that Austrian chart? Groove Coverage!! They must be burned to see that Per is higher in the charts than they are :-D Maybe they’ll get “inspired” by “Hey Mr. DJ” the same way they did with “Jefferson”.... (-;

Well at least we can read what went on!

Now this one had me laughing...

Ellie: Can you comment on the fanclub situation? SO many disappointed fans... the team used to be so great like 10 years ago...

Per: Sorry but it’s beyond our control. There are two websites we support these days www.sonofyouknowtherest and

From the horses mouth..... I am surprised he has no imput in it! lol

Nice chat - most of it, anyways.

Roxette unplugged in the fall, possibly! YAY!!

His picture isn’t that good, however. Couldn’t they take another one? :P

Yeah about the MTV unplugged that would be nice...

hi.. well 46545456465464465 quest and only 2-3 were good :s, well actually Per didnt help a lot with the answers but how...? ppl can ask such a nonesense sh.. sometimes.. what a way to loose the 1lifetimechance .. pffft

so.. is it offffiicial the upcoming rox box ?

I can’t believe I missed it :( But it’s great to read anyway.

And let’s vote for Son Of A Plumber on

@llanrox: Most chats are this way - get used to it. ;)

Interesting chat, and nice too know that he’s working on something with Unplugged and the Rox-Box :-D

Good ol’ Per:::

ktoto–Spaniard-in-Falun What are the three commercial songs on the album? Mr DJ, Joanna says and ..... ?
Per: I like it like that is catchy don’t you think?

Melancholodic Is there any chance for the COMPLETE MTV-unplugged in 5.1 on DVD in the next future?
Per: Might come out in the fall. We’re talking to MTV about it. Wish us luck.

Koen1 Per, recently you have recorded some demos. Normally you only record them when you have plans for a new album. Which will it be? Koen from Belgium
Per: True. New plans. New songs. New life.

Guest32475 what will contain that famous rox-box which is planned for release?
Per: Unreleased songs, live trax, demos, alternative takes maybe, a few hits

danba The 3 videos form TWATG from 1997 didn’t make it on the mazarin DVD. Any chance they appear somewhere in the future? Maybe even a SOAP DVD?
Per: Yes, they will pop up somewhere.... trust Li from EMI sitting on the floor

This year is gonna be big :o)

Some interesting bits on the webhat - I want a picture of Li also................

Damn! How could I miss this one :”””-(

There was not much notice given on it Lonely Girl

@Kiwein1 : haha yes i know :( :) anyway lets hope this year gonna bring some cool stuff :) but til ‘ oct/ Nov... well u know per‘s with this proyect so far..

the chat was ok, in my opinion, not amazing, but pretty nice...better than many questions and many answers in q&a section.

Any news about today’s schedule? some radio stuff at least?

he spent a day with the press today here in Switzerland. Don’t know, but there might be some newspapers articles in one or two weeks when the album is going to be released here.

there’s a nice review on the same page that hosted the chat with per:

4 out of 5* which is really good. only a few cds get the full amount of points.


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