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The video of “DJ” is done

Written by tevensso on March 18, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The video of “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song),” directed by Daniel Börjesson, will be finished on Thursday and will have its world premiere on TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday.

  “All of the band is in the video, except Jens who was sick. Gabriel and his friends are in it too, they play strings and horns in some sort of orchestra,” Per explains. Per also describes the video to TDR and he says it tries to capture the spirit of the “Party in My Head” sequence of the short film. Christoffer wears a top hat for instance. “The whole setting is a freak show, there’s a knife thrower (me), Clarence is a weight lifter, Helena is a puppet on a string, kinda cool really.” Daniel has also edited together a video for “Jo-Anna Says” with footage mainly taken from the short film. “Also great, to my surprise,” Per adds.

  Nyhetsmorgon starts at 08:59 CET and ends at 11:00. The agenda of the show will be posted on TV4’s website, but usually not before midnight the day before. Per will be a guest on the show appearing at approximately 10:15 and he will present the new video.


Hope Per put it on SOAP site or in some other link.
Can’t wait to watch it!

Fernanda - Brazil

Poooor darrrrling! That means Per has to get up very early...:)

So by what time are we aiming to crash the TV4 website by then lol :)


It’s Tuesday today?

I think put a clip or the video on the official site before it airs on tv? That could mean site promotion don’t ya think?

I really can’t understand this ’time’ thing they have going on all the time...wait wait wait wait wait

The damn thing is it!!!

Per is a knife thrower??? That’s interesting :)

Oh, now that is exciting news! As soon as this is available on the web somewhere, can someone post it here?

I hope Per will have the brain cells to put it on the SOAP site... give us international fans a chance to see it...

are we ever gonna see it on VH1 for inst.?

Yeah - hope they’ll update us whether VH1 will air it!!

Playing Gabriel in Hej Mr. DJ Video?????

Um, yes?

Fantastic video.... had me in stitches! :)

Direct link to view it here

Click “Se inslag från programmet” on the right to open in the TV4 webstream.

Then you can click on the Per Gessle interview to bring up the chat with Per and the video!

Also to add, it was nice to see that quick glimspe of Marie stood with Per watching him make the video!

I enjoyed everything, including the making of “DJ” and the interview. But the video itself is just ok, nothing more. It could have been a lot better.

weird, I can’t see the show one more time. the link is broken or smth. did you watch it the 2nd time?

I’ve watched it 4 times now... :) I love it...

Per as the knife thrower was cool, and I thought Helena was great as the puppet....

The end...

“These people are professionals - Don’t try this at home” was rather funny! :)

GRRRRRRRRRR, the link doesn´t work by me. has someone the direkt link to the video??

thanks a lot!!

I can’t watch it, too. there is no link to the video. Could someone who can watch it download and put it online somewhere, please? that would be really nice!

I can’t find the direct link either :(

I can’t put any other link up except that one, there is no direct link to the video...

I also have no way of copying it otherwise I would for you...

However I am sure someone will have the software to copy it.... :)

I found the link to the interview and the video, but it doean´t work anymore.
Here it is:

Can’t see the video! Got this message:


Videon du försökte att se, existerar inte. Detta kan bero på att programmet just är sänt på TV och inte är klart för avspelning än. Vi rekommenderar i så fall att du försöker igen senare.

Videon kan också vara borttagen på grund av ålder.

I know the message. We just have to ty and try and try again................sorry

Link to watch the video stream:

Link to download the video stream:



Same questions over and over and over again. I am amazed by his patience.

Thank you ALL very much for all the links!!

About the video i can say i like it but not that much. I don’t like the editing on the video on the first part were Helena is shown and to be honest i’m not quite fond of Helena’s acting. This is a first impression maybe it’ll grow up on me.

Please any kind soul could translete the interview for us that don’t understand swedish? Thank you in advance.

Great surprice to see Marie on the recording totally unexpected!!! :)

Nice to see Marie watching on.

Bless. :D

yeah, soo nice to see Marie! Video is ok, not very special.

Per’s clothes remind me of Marie’s in A thing about you. Maybe she came to bring him hers so he had something he could wear in the video ;-))

He made a promise that Roxette will do something this year!

@mattias: he says so in the interview? what doeshe say in particular??? OMG, that would be more than great!!!

He said that it is 20 years since they´ve started Roxette and because of that they will do something later this year.

Tilde (the reporter in “nyhetsmorgon”) said she had not heard about that before. Thats right, Per said, but now you have heard it and then he made the promise that it will be so.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the best news of the year!

Is it just me who is excited about it? hope not... .


Peter, Stuttgart

AWSOME !!! What a great great great video... amazing costumes, funny idea and Helena looks amazing (I almost had a heart atack when she smiled while playing that puppet on a string.

One of the best things Per ever did in his video carreer.

Pure poetry... lovely !
Way to go Per.

PS: Nice to see Marie too.

which one of the boys is Gabriel?

@pardek: I think we’re all cautiously excited because “doing something” could be anything from releasing a new compilation with no new material (i.e., NOT for the fans) all the way up to a new album or tour... if he’d said he promises that Roxette will do something *new*... well, that’s a different story!!

i think the boy with the black hut and big string thats gabriel

well, rox-box will be “new”. Unreleased songs, live tracks and more are surely new for us. The question is: will there be new studio album?:)

Can some translate something about Per was talking in the interview plz???Specially what he said about Roxette!!!I wanna know!
Marie you are great!


The video is nice. I’m not dissapointed.

You can download a wmv file for the video and a wmv file for the interview plus the video in the Share-your-Rox! DC++ hub in my SOAP videos directory.

Enjoy it!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

you can download HEY MR DJ video from here:

Interview will be available later. Enjoy!

Thank you for all the links :)

It has to be said, nice attempt but if failed. I think the project was to big for the director..shame. The knife throwing was the better part of the vid.

Thanks for the links

somehow Per manages to have Marie around in all of his projects :D

I think the best comment from the interview is “Mazarin plattan, 83...”. Think he was 20 years wrong there... ;-)))

Cool video though! :-)

I got used to the video. I started to really like it.
Now I just want to see it with the label “VH1 recommends”.

It’s nice... not funny, but very charming.

Typically Helena adds some sensualilty to things, and throwing the kiddies in too helps avoid the ’just a bunch of dudes’ scenario.

Thank you for the link, Bunio :)

Here is the ”Roxette part of the interview” translated for you.

Tilde: In this video you can see Marie Fredriksson glimpse of.

Per: Not in the video, but………..,

Tilde: No, not in the video but she was there looking when the video was made. Are you going to work together again, you obviously have contact.

Per: Yes, we celebrate 20 years this year, Roxette, since the first single came. We have said we are going to do something later this year, but what I don’t really know yet. But it should be funny, really funny. We are still such good friends. It feels like we are not really finished with what we’ve started yet.

Tilde: Is it so?

Per: Umh

Tilde: It feels a bit like a promise I haven’t heard you made before.

Per: No, but then I give you this promise now.

Tilde: What fun, it also must mean that she is well and that is really pleasant to hear.

Per: Really, it was a big punch for us all and especially for her and her family. But it feels very much better now.

Tilde: Great

Tilde and Roxryder: Great!!

in an interview on a German website he says that they (per+marie) plan/want to go in studio this summer :)

When had Per that said??? in the Interview not.
I hope still it that true.
The Unplugged session on DVD-great!!!!

Hope it´s true. Hope that Roxette are planning the comeback with brand new full lenght album. If it´s true, this is the best new over the years. Waiting for more good news...

PS: I saw Marie in Nyhetsmorgon interview from last year October yesterday, and she looks so good and so young with his new haircut.

Don’t know where they have this info from, but would be great indeed! But the rest of the article seems to be true (Rox Box and MTV unplugged), so one can hope/assume(?) that they will really go to the studio in summer. *lookingforwardtoit* :P

Translation from the first part of the german interview (the rest is just a biography from roxette and an explanation of soap)

Cologne - It was quit around roxette for a long time.
But now the swedish pop-duo plans a comeback.
Singer Per Gessle and Singer Marie Fredriksson haven’t written any songs yet, but they want to go into studio this summer or fall.
They will also release a Rocks Box with 3 cd’s for their 20th anniversary.
There is also a chance that their MTV unplugged session will be released on DVD.

First impression: what is all this make up in Per´eyes????!!! :0

The video is nice, but I agree with one who says the editing is not that good.

Great to hear Marie was there and about those Roxette news!

japeke, “auf jeden Fall” doesn’t mean “or fall” but “anyway, definetely, in any case” :)

“Roxette has been silent for a long while. Now the swedish duo plans a comeback. Singer and guitar player PG and singer MF haven’t in fact written any new song but they want to go in studio in Summer in any case” :)

Lets see what happens!


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