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Plumber promo starts

Written by tevensso on March 11, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Plumber is back from wherever he was at (vacation again?). In a fresh message on his site he announces that the European promotion will commence next week. Per will travel to Germany and play “Jo-Anna Says” on the show “Chartbreak-Hotel.” After that he will go to Switzerland to meet the press for a day. “All in the name of colourful entertainment!” as he states it.

  Per also wishes to remind everyone about the Formula 1 season that starts on Sunday.

  Per finishes off his message with “And more to come…”


Finally it starts!!! :):):)

any news from EMI UK yet???

One can attend the recording of the program, costs 5 Euro, max 100 guests. The recording takes place in Europapark, near Freiburg.

More info here:

And about Europapark:

Have fun!

Hmm Per on the 14.march in Eoropapark with the “Zipfelbuben”, lol :)

I think I don’t know any of the other acts! US5 maybe..

US 5
John Sutherland
Giants Club
Suzi Quatro
Boss Hoss
Najoua Belyzel
Tanja Thomas
Die Zipfelbuben

Suzi Quatro is an old 70s rocker girl.

Edit: Typo.

Oh wow - wouldn’t mind seeing Suzi too!! God I hate being in SA sometimes!!!

which channel shows Chartbeat hotel

Sat1 shows it.
It is Chartbreak not Chartbeat (soap-page is wrong)

SWITZERLAND?!? Wow, gotta check that ;) I’m free for another three weeks ;)

Yeah..let’s put Per into the Big Loop..>:)Europa Park?? Soo far away..sniff..Per you should ask at
if you can make a concert at “Pop im Park” this summer! That would be reeeeaaallly nice of you! :D
Anyway..have a nice Promo tour! :)

...die Zipfelbuben...My God who is that? Why the hell do we fans always have to watch such rubbish shows?

these shows are cheap produced bullsh*t ... no acknowledged artist, all c-rated bands/singers ... except for per of course.


however, maybe someday roxette will comeback at “wetten dass”, the only german tv show with a-rated celebrities. btw: it’s a shame they haven’t been there yet!

hopefully he will :)

I think not being able to attend the record of this show is no loss. ;)

The few minutes had better be recorded on TV. *evilgrin*

I expect the air date to be sometime in April.

Yeah “Wetten dass” would be perfect! But weren’t Roxette invited somewhere back in 1994..but Per got the flu or something?? Too long ago..I can’t remember!

That’s cool ...I get Sat1 :)

i’m pretty sure Roxette performed Joyride @ “Wetten, dass...?”

Per claims Roxette has been on Wetten dass...? four or five times.

*ROFL* In his dreams maybe! *g* But ok, they were on the Dutch (or was it Belgian?) version of “Wetten, dass...?” in 1999 or 2001, so he’s not totally wrong... ;-)

ETA: IIRC, someone wrote an email to ZDF (the station WD is on) a few years ago and asked about inviting Roxette. The reply? They don’t approach the record companies, the record companies have to approach them and EMI had never asked them about getting Roxette on the show...

This is a list with all artists that have been on WD in the past 25 years - can anyone find Roxette on there? ;-)

@Tev: Nope, Per/MF/Rox has never been on Wetten Dass (the German/Austrian/Swiss one)... Not yet at least! :-)

This is a really cheap tv show!

PER, what do you want in this show? And in Freiburg? You should perform at the ECHO or VERSTEHEN SIE SPASS!

Can´t believe it. But better than nothing!

I’m not saying they have, Per says that. And to the contrary what people believe, I ain’t him! ;)

Hope that EMI is actually pulling their darn fingers out for the promotion work in Europe... so far I’m NOT impressed - and Per shouldn’t be either!!!

@starrox: your list is about Wett-Paten, not about music acts that only performed. and as far as i know, Roxette “only” played Joyride, and then they went away without sitting on the famous sofa... so our beloved band is not on the list.

Roxette NEVER performed at “Wetten dass” - Germany!!!!

Believe me!

Wetten, dass..? might be a good program to perform at for promotion.. but the program host Thomas Gottschalk is annoying :D

NO! Roxette NEVER performed at Wetten Dass...? in Germany!

Sad but true!

He is the most annoying host ever. I can’t stand him longer than ten minutes.

And yes - Wetten Dass would be a very good promo for any artist.

Does anyone know when the show will be on TV? The site doesn’t tell anything about it!

maybe about a month later, as the album is released late April in Germany or? we’ll have to keep an eye on sat1 website ;)

They sometimes have interesting bets @ wetten dass but that guy is just >:| annoying, i specially hate it when one of the contestants has to concentrate and he keeps on talking *ggrrrr*

Just in case some Austrian fans are out there. Some radio stations (in Styria) have already started playing Hej Mr. Dj! Heard it for the first time yesterday and was totally surprised by that

schau ma mal ob Ö3 spielt Hej Mr DJ auch ;)

(let’s see if Ö3 - austrian radio station - also plays the song)

These promotion activities sounds fine. Both locations are not too far away from my village (Freiburg + probably it’s “Zurich”). But it’s too short to take a day off. I think this is the cheapest way to see a Per performance (only EURO 5.00 (?); including a small bus travelling, some food and drinks). This sounds really good. They wrote on their homepage that there will be some time for autographs! For those who have the opportunity: Enjoy the show! I have to wait patiently for some Roxette news.

i don’t think it’s a good choice of emi, to promote “hey mr. dj” in austria and “jo-anna says” in germany... jo-anna would have been a much better choice (for austria and in fact for the other european states as well). people will get confused with that track: “hey mr. dj” by “SON of a plumber”, a girl starts the song, per gessle is in it but it’s not roxette ... it was really strange for some of my friends. but who knows, maybe they kick out a 2nd single in summer...

@ judith: maybe ö3 is playing it sometime in the night ... i can not imagine “hey mr. dj” in their normal programm ... this song is too much “schlager”, i guess. once again: jo-anna or ILILT would have been better. or maybe it’s only me, because i can’t stand hey mr. dj at all ;P

I’ll stay at home and check the newspaper and magazines the next few days / weeks.

“Zurich” is not enough informations.

I hope to get to see some performance... seems that emi didn’t chose a high-quality program to start Pers promo, but at least it’s a quite good time when the program is broadcasted(22.15).
I hope the quality of the programs Per’s visiting rises(maybe it’s going to be “Wetten, dass...” this time).
Anyway I’m happy to see Per back in Germany!

just heard Jo-Anna says on our national radio station (DRS3) :o)

How come Switzerland is getting “Jo-Anna says”? I thought they had decided to go with “Hey Mr. DJ (...)” there as well!
(EMI Switzerland used to be a “daughter” of EMI Germany until a couple of years ago, but they changed that when the names were changed to “Capitol Records xyz”, so they don’t have to go with the same single in both countries anymore. Promotion-wise, especially as far as TV is concerned, it makes sense, of course, but then they should have released “Jo-Anna says” in Austria as well!)

BTW, pardek: this is not MY list, it’s an official list from ZDF and there’s also a list of every single artist that ever appeared on the show, no matter if they were “Wettpaten” or not... ;)

Since we changed our radio station at work I was able to listen to “Jo-Anna says” this afternoon on the swiss radio station DRS3. We were four people trying to get Meet&Greet Tickets for Depeche Mode (28.03.) in Zurich and just afterwards they played “Jo-Anna says”. I think “Jo-Anna says” is a better choice than “Hey Mr. DJ”.

@lonely_girl: Schönen Gruss aus Appenzell!
@pardek: Schönen Gruss aus Appenzell!

I could swear, that Roxette was as an Artist on “Wetten dass...???”.
I can remember, that they played two ballads. I think it was “It must have been love” and, at this time, a new track. CBB or Wish i could fly, don´t know it right, cos its years ago. I check the Inet for infos ;)

EDIT: I checked all searchmachines. It must have been an other tv-show, not Wetten dass...

hi pam, it was 7 years ago... “VERSTEHEN SIE SPASS” in 1999. they played an edited version of it must have been love which faded into wish i could fly. cheers!

Yeah, that was exactly seven years ago today! Time flies... :o

Just came back from the Chartbreak Hotel.

It was very nice. We could do small talk and he gave autographs after the two playback performances (Every artist played his song twice, because for different camera positions).

More to come...

Just came home? So you left earlier as well? ;-)

I think there was no more audience after Per and the lunch... ;-)

Anyway, I’m happy that promotion finally started. I just wonder what’s next.

I prefer Jo-Anna says to Hey Mr. DJ as a single for Switzerland

@Oliver:Gruss zurück aus Chur

yeah, jo-anna is awesome and to all people i played the song, loved it ... i can’t say the same about the hey mr. dj-track ...


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