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Polish death metal band covers “How Do You Do!”

Written by roxcyn on March 8, 2006 to .

WROCLAW, POLAND - In what many Roxette fans are sure to consider the worst cover of a Roxette song ever, the Polish heavy metal band Elysium has covered Roxette’s “How Do You Do!,” renaming it “How Do You Die.”

  Their cover song, which appears as a “hidden track” on their last album, starts off with about a 15 second clip of the original version (you hear Per’s voice) followed by their death metal approach. There are incoherrent voices and references to death, murder and knives – and a few more short samples of the original.

  Last month, The Metal Observer reviewed Elysium’s album from 2004 entitled “Deadline.” In the mixed review, they wrote “even the re-lyricized ROXETTE cover “How Do You Die” … does not save much anymore.”

  The link below offers a free download (log in to their mp3 zone with the password and username given, find the album called “Deadline,” and download “How Do You Die”).

Reported by Scott Johnson with additional reporting by Lars-Erik Olson.


how can Per allow that?

It doesn’t require special permission to cover a song (standard procedures are available), but the sampling issue is another matter. Maddona had to pay Benny and Björn handsomely to use ABBA’s “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” in her recent “Hung Up” single and album track.

The worst cover and “song” I’ve ever heard.
Do you understand anything?

Wow – I have no words. If I hadn’t read that this was a cover, I might have had no idea. Somewhat oddly, after iTunes was don’t playing that “song” it randomly played “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. Write your own jokes :)


I can’t beleive i just listened to it.

Do I wanna listen it? No.

A come on guys, just because this might not be our taste in music it does not mean that we should just slag it off..
I mean, yes I do not like this song either.. but that is simply because I do not like metal..

omg! Per once said: “Roxette has always been under everybody’s Xmas tree”.... and as many others say: “imitation is the highest form of praise”...

Definitely not our style, or Pers...but hey...still a cover :)

It seems I can’t downlaoad it even if I’m logged in correctely. Can someone help me please? thanx!

Very Good and original Cover!!!!

@Arlanda: I can’t either... It says something like this when I right-click the link and choose “save file as”: “Can’t fetch file from parent.sel_file. The interface is not supported”. But in Swedish then. Anybody knows what’s wrong? I did use the login and password given.

Yes, that’s it! Could someone send me the song by email please? It really doesn’t work...

you do need a permission to change other persons songs, and that’s what they did?

you have to go to the external link they provide...insert username and password in first box and press enter...then select ’HOW do you die’ and press the second button above from the left (the ball with the arrow pointing downwards).

When downloaded, check it is an mp3, otherwise change the extension to *.mp3 and play.

i haven,t heard it yet but i would love to hear it
if anyone can send it to me please mail me or leave a massage

tack så mycket Maja

[email protected]

I cannot download it. :(

I get an error message (which I translated using Google):
“It has been surpassed limit of transfer”. Am I doing something wrong??

Or maybe someone will be nice enough to mail me the mp3 (zipped)?

Well, I interpret that as the server has reached its bandwidth limit.

Per while is silent

I think you are right, Tev :(

At whom is Elysium - How Do You Die (Hidden Track), copy to me on e-mail please :

tack så mycket


Wroclaw Rocks a lot!!!!!!!!!

ja pierdole..this is so funny...


@Tev: I figured that much. Those guys must think their fanbase expanded exponentially within hours. LOL!

Again, a request for somebody to kindly share it plz ([email protected]). :)

My email: [email protected]

heavy metal is a Satan´s play. Watch out.

Interesting! I haven’t heard the song yet but I pressume it’s not my cup of tea for sure. I’m only a bit surprised and shocked that Poland is in the limelight this time. Hi, hi! Greetings from Poland, Kamila

Oh Satan plz come to me! hahaha
Damn good cover imho!!!

Hi, my translation is shocking but basically I suspect the user account was only to download 100MB.

Can anyone post a link to this or email it to [email protected] and I will post a link.



Download here :)

“heavy metal is a Satan´s play. Watch out.”

What era are you from, honey?

can somebody help me to find mp3 because I can’t do it by my self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first of all thats not music its total secondly if you’re gonna cover and english song do it in english lol

i need a shot gun

Visit this site, and choose .

have “fun”! :)

the absolute worse crap I have ever heard (note! Crap, not song)

wroclaw, poland.

yeah, that’s the city i live in :)

Very amusing :)

Of course since most of us are not enthusiasts for that particular genre, we are really judging death metal, not the cover in itself... I might send it to a friend of mine who’s a death metal fan.

It could be brilliant for all we know :P

To Cowboy:

It’s in English, but with heavy metal it is very hard to hear the lyrics many times ;)

Zargo, make sure you tell us if it’s crap or not, just so we know ;-)

It is necessary:

Elysium - How Do You Die [Hidden Track]

2,16 mb, 128 bitrate[Hidden_Track].mp3

Many thanks :)

Helene Feichtenhofer

Im not a fan of death metal either, but this cover is pretty good and funny!

I’m absolutely no death metal fan at all, and therefor I do not like this “song” one bit.

BUT, I do think it’s kind of cool that even a death metal band have choosen to cover a Roxette song... I mean, If I had a band, and I wanted to do a cover, I’d do it with a song from an artist that I like. So... looking at it from this point of view, this death metal band must like Roxette!!

Probably the best Roxette cover I’ve ever heard!

ow some bursted a bubblegum pop song lol.

“It doesn’t require special permission to cover a song (standard procedures are available), but the sampling issue is another matter. “

They should change this.
It should be forbidden to cover a song, unless the original artist approves.
It would also be an excellent way to get rid of all those horrible covers we here more and more.

It is obvious that all those covering bands have no creativity at all, otherwise they would have come up with an original, by themselve made, song.


I would be more lucky if a metal band like Hammerfall would have covered the song. But it’s much better than the discoblaster thing!

hmmm wonder where all those newbies come from just now :)

Not my cup of tea, but fun :P

Cool! I like when other artist make cover of Roxette’s song. Years ago, I always wonder why no artist wanted to do cover for Roxette, I kept thinking that maybe I’m the only one who knows Roxette, but now it seemed that there are still many people out there that like them :)

WTF is this??? I didn’t fully listen to it, I just couldn’t! It is horrible! You don’t understand a word of it either! Trash it is!!!

I’d like to hear the cover. Somehow none of the links above work for me :(

But in general, I take it as a positive thing that people are interested in Roxette, at least in Fading Like A Flower, Listen To Your Heart and How Do You Do!.

I have just heard the song. I laughed a lot, it is funny - and I didn’t even catch most of the lyrics, although it’s English (“death-metal-English”), does anybody know where can we find it? Maybe I can laugh even more!

Besides, I see this song as a homage to Roxette - what can be better than that? ;-)

Just listened to it and I am most amused.

My thoughts on metal music. I am a massive fan of German rockers “Rammstein” who, granted are not in the death metal category but are quite heavy. Not to mention they put on a quality show.

Roxette now have a common link to Rammstein, the latest Rammstein video “Mann Gegen Mann” was shot by non other than Jonus Akerlund !



It’s always great (and sometimes SO funny ...) to listen to Roxette covers!

The production of the song is fantastic, although metal music is not my cup of tea.

Not a bad cover, but certainly not the type of thing I’d listen to on a regular basis.

Many thanks to Helene for sharing the file :)

lol.... its different!

I spoke to my metal friend, and apparently it’s known as “nu metal,” and it sounds okay.

I’ve heard the song only once and I think it’ll do. Not bad! I thought it would sound even worse. It only proves that Per is the greatest composer in the world. His songs are both suitable for dance fans (Groove Coverage) and metal fans.


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