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Per has dug up new demos

Written by tevensso on January 27, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per has found a few new demos for his Bad Hair Day project. These are the “missing” demos of “Smakar på ett regn” and “Spegelboll.” Per comments “Yea yea yea!, nobody’s perfect! I found this on a, believe it or not, worn-out old fashioned music-cassette with chewing gum on it! This low-fi recording was made in the middle of the night minutes after the song was written in the kitchen at the Aerosol Grey Machine studio, late January 2003. It was extremely cold outside but Christoffer’s and Ylva’s cat was purring and we all needed another uptempotrack on the record…. so this idea came up (I re-wrote the chorus the next day)….. sorry to keep you all waiting but… here we are at last…. the completed Mazarin.”


Nice! It’s good also to get an updated cover. I’ll print that out later :-) All the best, Rich

Now -this- is really interesting. “dudududu dudu...” :-) Finally we get a glimpse at how Per really designs new songs.

LOL! Fortunately I still didn’t burn the CD. Not because I thought therer were more demos to come but because I was too busy.

(Is he getting old and forgetful? ;) )

Well, we don’t have all the demos yet. At least there is another demo (well, I don’t know if there’s a demo, but there’s a song) that was to meant to be in Mazarin. The song is Måla Mitt Mine. And it’s included in the last album of someone I don’t remember... I think the album is called “Jar är monstret” or something like that.

I have never been into demos...not even with Roxette. There are a few good exceptions (Run To You, for example) but I think it’s fair to say some things are better left in the drawer, the bin, or whatever. Sorry but that whole Bad Hair Day thingie is awful shite!

I just like it. Mst of the times I like demos... because the music and the voices are so pure. But that is a question of taste of course!!

As “Smakar på et regn” started I couldn’t help feeling happy. That’s the way I imagined Per sometimes doing sing a long with a melody. It is fun and I like it a lot!!!

it’s the 3rd cd that i burn, jajaja!! (ok, i put 1 on the car,mmm and the other?? ph! to the village, no problem) This guy is crazy and great!!!!!!! New demos!!!! yeah!!!
Thanks, thanks thanks, Per!!!!!
we’re waiting for new demos!!!!!
You’re the best!

I like these “nature”-recordings. The other demos are too much like the original. So we can listen which part of the word Per did and which part (Guitar-arrangement) Christoffer did....

dedededededed dede dededumddidededumdee
ähm.I..meant..Thanx for the demos..are we ready now with Mazarin? Am I allowed to burn the CD now?? :D
..great guy this Mr. G.

Anyone hears what are the extra lyrics from “Spegelboll #2”?

It goes something like this (this is wrong, I guess)

Åh ... Allting är så vacker
och allting är så riktigt
Åh ... Allting är så enkelt


great and funny stuff :D

i must say that i love these 2 demos. They are the best!

“Silverboll” is fantastic! ;-)

By the way, did anyone else ever thought “hemlighet” might be about Per finding out about Marie’s illness? The lyrics are really dramatic, but hopeful, and the time when the demo was written seems about right, too : nov 2002.

Nice freebies!



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