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“DJ” begins airplay today

Written by tevensso on January 18, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM - The next single off “Son of a Plumber” is, as previously reported, “Hey Mr. DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)” (3542742) with the b-side “Plumber in Progress #1.” The single was sent to Swedish radio stations today, with a commercial release slated for February 1.

  “Jo-Anna Says” is back at #2 on the official Top 40 chart (with Agnes as the new #1) and “Son of a Plumber” was the third most sold album in Sweden 2005, even though it was released at the end of November.


ooh great.. I really like that cover =)

I’ll be interested to hear that ’session’ song. Good good!

Very nice cover. Looking forward to the B-Side!
Thanx Mr Gessle!

Oh my God! I want that single!!! Helena is great! Very good news, thanks a lot!

Really nice cover:)

Oh I like that pic so much! :-) I am really curious about the b-side. I hope it rocks!!!

Weak choice.

Best song on the album in my opinion.

the cover is really cool,but i don’t like the song as a single:(

very good song! like everyone else, lookin forward to the b-side

@Steven i agree :(

Jo-Anna Says is not at #2 on the official Top 40 charts. It was on #15 in it’s 9th week and as well on #15 in it’s 10th week.
Only in the download charts Jo-Anna says was on #2 last week (this week #4).
Don’t mix it up ;-)

As I mentioned before, these charts are definitly not the official swedish charts.
I see you didn’t refer to the download charts, but to some kind of special rixFM chart, which had nothing to do with the official one - so it’s not right when you say it’s at #2 on the official chart. That’s what I wanted to say ;-)

This chart is indeed the official Swedish Topp 40 chart.

Edit: typo.

But these are not the official swedisch charts, the ’real’ official charts you can find f.e. at or at

@ room service:

It is the official airplay/sales chart that “tevenson” is talking about. It is the system that Billboard uses when they make their “Billboard hot 100”.

Rix FM top 40 is the official airplay chart in sweden. has no airplay chart at all. Rix FM work together with “Grammofonleverantörernas Förening” who are the ones that runs, they also work together with “Nielsen Music Control”, so I do not think it could be anymore official.

Have a look at all the other chart-news here on TDR in the past, they always spoke about the official sales charts and not about these rixfm airplay-sales mixture. Why should one suddendly refer to this charts as the official ones?

That’s not true. And even if it was, why does it bother you which charts they refer too as long as it’s a valid one?

@mattias: On the one hand we have the official sales charts an on the other hand we have the official airplay charts. Even if both are official in a way, you have to seperate them from each other and can’t refer to both as the official ones, at least there’s one word missing to describe correctly which charts you mean.
Another point is that nearly everybody thinks about the sales charts, when you just tell him something about the official charts, because the airplay charts are not very importing. They can tell you how radiostations like a song, but not how successful it is sold.
In the same sentence of this text, it is mentioned that SOAP was the third most sold album. That information you can only get from the official sales charts, but in the beginning of this sentences the position of jo-anna says in the official airplay charts is mentioned, without saying that the airplay charts are mentioned in this case.
You get it? ;-)

I wonder why people is still so worried about chart positions. Charts doesn’t mean quality: sometimes good music is totally ignored, while the crap is at the top. No reason to pay much attention to the charts, I don’t bother reading them.

Note: room_service and Room_service are different members ;o)

Why oh why would you ever want a nickname that is that close to someone else’s? Plain stupid.

@Room_service: I see you didn’t get anything, it’s not about being worried about chart positions. It was all about naming the special charts correctly.
Official download charts, official airplay charts and official (sales) charts are different things, if you refer to all of them simply as ’official charts’, you don’t know about which you’re talking about at the moment. Now? ;-)

@mattias: I also didn’t get it why member #9342 takes a nearly identical username of member #2020, who already hab this nickname in the old board before the re-registration ;-)
But related album or single names are always very popular. So I’m very understanding with member #9342, especially if she didn’t test the version with “-” before her resistration with an “_” and therefor didn’t know that such a member exist :-)

And by the way I really wouldn’t assume her that she wanted a nickname that is close to mine, therefor I’m not popular enough - it’s just an coincidence.
Perhaps it’s not the best situation, but I’m able to forgive *g*

TDR has always referred to the national sales chart before, but last month this new airplay/sales chart á la Billboard, called “Topp40 Sverige” surfaced and we have referred to that ever since. It is not owned by Radio Rix, they merely present it. TDR would never refer to a download chart, and not telling so.
There is, by the way, a brand new download chart in Sweden, but Apple disapproves of it so I think personally that won’t work out.

Now, if you will, please back to topic.

Normally you refered to both since this airplay/sales mixture surfaced, for example here (december 22th):
And you named both charts seperately.
That’s why I was confused as I just read “official top 40”, expected the 1st 40 positions of the sales charts (like aftonbladet publishs them), but found the billboard-like charts.
I think there’s no need to refer to this new airplay-influenced charts as THE official charts, because the ’old’ one still exists and the new one didn’t replace them - It’s just a new facing of the charts.
OK, Per is placed better, if airplay is count ;-)

is it getting any airplay at all? could anyone from sweden tell me?


I do love the song.... I shall get it from CDon as soon as I can afford to add some other things (to justify the shipping charges)

It was my favourite song on Cd1 (although I now love all of them, so I have no problem with it being a single.

I too am happy that there is a “new” b-side rather than it being a double A side... always good with new songs :-P

thanks to roomservice for the shortcut,

the best one for me is “hey Mr Dj” = pure Roxette !

the other ones: need more time to appreciate it!

“Jo-Anna Says” is #3 now.
Waiting for DJ to hit #1 in two weeks! :)

@brunorox: How is Mr. DJ pure Roxette? I don’t think it’s pure Roxette especialy that Per is not singing alone and the other singer is not Marie. So i really think that song can’t be pure Roxette.

The song Substitute (For The Real Deal) is closer to Roxette. However, I Like It Like That is the realy “pure” Roxette song in the album. At least. that’s what my ears tell me. :-)

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

I don’t think “DJ” will beat “Jo-Anna”, since it’s weaker than the former single. It sounds much teen-pop for me, seems Nick Carter in a duet with Britney Spears (or even worse).

to Roxrider: the melody of Hey mr DJ is nicer and “more acoustic”; I meant ” pure Roxette style” in that way ! Sorry for misunderstood ...

@brunorox: Thanks for clarifying it. :-)

@others: That’s the same clip we saw before which was within the clip on the SOAP site. Why don’t the songs have their own full lenght videos. I don’t understand it.

Take care!
SOAP on!
Carlos E., New York.

I like the little video on EMI site!

Hoping my single arrives soon!


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