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Bad Hair Day - a success

Written by tevensso on January 14, 2006 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Per’s new “project” Bad Hair Day released an album last Thursday. The album is called “Mazarin demos” and consists of 12 songs. Those 12 songs were downloaded no less than 42,041 times in total the first 24 hours. That amounts to roughly 96.44 GB data transfered…

  “Mazarin demos” is reviewed as an actual album by Anders Nunstedt in Expressen, where it gets four stingers out of five. Nunstedt says that Per writes on [and on TDR] that “I guess it’s basically for the hardcore fan,” but that it certainly isn’t. He continues the review by mentioning that this album is like a “Mazarin unplugged” minus the audience background sounds and applause. The production is splendid and in the naked arrangements songs like “Sakta mina steg” and “Varmt igen” grow several sizes (while the monster hit “Här kommer alla känslorna” actually gets weaker).

  Nunstedt comments that this album, had it been released “for real,” would almost certainly have been able to top the charts.

Update Jan. 16: Per has found yet another demo; he comments on it himself:

  ”Oooops!”, look what I found in the drawer!! I totally forgot about this one! Looking back, I remember I didn’t feel very comfortable with the lyrics and I definitely thought I could write a better and more interesting melody line.

  But I did like the guitar riff and the overall Blondie-feel to it. All in all though, it’s quite terrible!!!”

  The Plum, Jan 16, 2006

  The song he’s talking about is “Jimmy’s gitarr” which was further developed and recorded as “Spegelboll.” It is now available for download as a bonus track to “Mazarin demos” at


What can I say? Almost everything Per does is great and so is also this album!

load i didnt think the demo album was not to different to the actual album ! some are sweet songs. i wouldnt rave about it though at all lol. the album is better.

i especially like the acoustic version “gungar” and “tycker om..” - sounds fantastic. should have been on the mazarin album in that version.


But it’s no surprise for me that this project is that succesfull. From the first day on I have been curious about the amount of downloads.


“songs like “Sakta mina steg” and “Varmt igen” grow several sizes (while the monster hit “Här kommer alla känslorna” actually gets weaker).”

But of course you have to remember that these demos were recorded first. So what Nunstedt means is that the final recordings didn’t bring out the best of tracks like “Sakta mina steg” and “Varmt igen” (which happen to be my two least favourite tracks!), yet the awesome production of “Här kommer alla känslorna” converted the song from what could have been one of many slow-to-mid tempo album tracks into an immensely successful lead single.

All the best, Rich ;-)

Rather unexpected I might add... !!

If you divide 42,000 by 12 you get 3,500. So this album sold 3,500 the first 24 hrs. And it’s free. So does Per REALLY have millions of fans abroad, like some people claim? ;)

The news about the album came up on TDR quite late, the same day, so, maybe all the fans dosn’t discovered the realise in time to download it the first day!

Actually the news was on TDR the day before. On the 11:th. But since we were able to download the songs from 00:00 she same night, you could be fooled to think the news came out the same day as the release, but it wasn’t. Anyway, I understand what you mean... many fans might not have access to internet every day, or maybe not even every week. So ofcourse there are many more fans than this 3.500 that has already downloaded the songs. And.. this was the first day aswell. Would be interesting to know how many it is now.

...and not all fans around the globe have “bredband” fans are so nice and making copys for those who need them :D
By the way: I prefer the finished Mazarin album too..and don’t understand the big exitement of Expressen at all...ROFL. But I’m impressed by the good quality from the demos. Maybe it really was funny for a change not to record any demos for SOAP.

It was of course meant to be a secret. :)
Yes, I’m sure this number will continue to rise steadily, especially now that both Aftonbladet and Expressen have mentioned it. But some people always claim that there are SO MANY fans out there, especially internationally, and I just suggest it might not be so? I’ve heard people shouting for a German Gyllene Tider tour... Hmmm?

... and there also the eBay ’sales’ :-)

Yeah there are many Per-fans around the world, as well as Marie-fans... mainly because they´re all Roxette fans - and want to know everything related to Per or Marie.

I loved those demos... in my opinion, this “hardcore fan album” is million times better than “Son of a plumber”.

Well.. can “Vikingarna” be popular in Germany, why can’t Gyllene Tider? ;-) Ofcourse, they’d have to translate the songs to german... but nah, don’t think that is a good idea at all.
And no, I don’t think that there are nearly as many fans out there that some people claim it is.

Is the review on the internet or is the expressen webpage so bad (or I so stupid) that I cannot find it?

So far only in the paper.

..a german Gyllene Tider tour!! Hahaha..who did ask for that?? “Die Ärzte” or “Die Toten Hosen” ever toured in Sweden? LOL

I’m not usually a big fan of demos, but I agree - some of these are really something special (no wonder the album turned out so well with demos like these). “Vilket Hall Du An Gar” in particular is beautiful as a demo. “For Bra For Att Vara Sant” was also much better before (not a big fan of the finished version), but the best has to be “Mazarin”... just gorgeous!

I don’t think this would have topped the charts at all, though, if it had been released for profit... people would think of it as a really lazy cash grab, especially with the real “Mazarin” being one of the best selling Swedish-language albums of all time (to think that Per has two in this category - “Halmstads Parlor” of coruse!).

Does anybody else think of Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window” when they hear the first part of “Vilket Hall Du An Gar”??!

Tycker om is amazing :O I already liked the song but I think I’ve never heard Per sing with so much feeling as in this demo @_@ - it makes me cry/goose bumps!

roxtex: yes! I was wondering it reminded me of something but what?? now you gave me the answer!

after listening to the demos like dozens of times I must admit the demos are almost BETTER than the real thing... Sorry to say but Helena IS annoying at times at the final CD, and since she’s not to be found too often on BH project, it makes the songs more attractive.

And then, PGs voice is somehow more exposed, really nice acoustic try! And hey, Gungar and Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet are better than final songs too.

You go Gessle! Thanks again :)

no what would be interesting if they did that with an roxette track no one heard before, then we would be talking download numbers. :-D

The reviewer has thought the exact same way I did, a Mazarin unplugged. But I would give it ***** :) HKAK does sound especially weak. How they turned that weak demo around into the song it is on the album shows the talent Per, Clarance & Christoffer have.
And of course the talent of Mr G shines through with how similar most of the demos are to the final produced songs.
Being a Mazarin release, most of the swedish people who bought the album probably dont visit here or the SOAP site. Those download numbers are mostly hardcore Roxette fans. It will be interesting to see the number of downloads now that he papers have promoted it.

I actually think it is nice to “get rid of” the “Bonanza” rhytm in HKAK... so I think this version is almost better! :)

r just great! love ‘m :) ( Thnx god Helena is not on any of ‘m ... I guess )

Who’s singing backing vocals in Om Du Bara Vill? Thanks, Rich

Helena ?

This is just a guess, but it could be Milla Andersson.

It sounds like the backing singer who sung on one of the tracks on the CD that accompanied Robert Thorselius’ book. Is this Milla Andersson Tev? Cheers, Rich ;-)

Edit: I don’t think that it’s Helena. At one point I thought it was Per doing a very bad falsetto (!) but now I think that it is a woman :-)

Well, Spegelboll is indeed much better :)

I think this song is way much better than Spegelboll! :)

He, thanx! Fortunately I didn’t burn my CD yet ;)

I was going to burn my CD this evening so that’s good timing :-)

Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! Blondie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 70´s!!!

Thank you Per!

The song is not so terrible. It has a nice ,of course, guitar feel to it.
It’s actually joyfull.

This Bad Hair Day project is cool. It’s a rally nice idea. Keeps us hardcore fans always plugged in to this wonderful Rox and related world, even more than we actually are. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Atomic by blondie reminds me off LOL.

Cool that’s the best of all the demos ’cos it’s really different! So GT! Are we going to get an updated pic sleeve?

another demo. Thank you Per!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Per!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oohhh well ,i will burn another one for me :-)

And another 3 for bg fans whose internet conection isn’t fast..
so the number is 3500 +3 :-)

excellent demos :D

Jimmys gitarr ROCKS, so much better and less electronic than Spegelboll! Thanks Gessle, love your voice in that one.

I vote for an updated sleeve too, already bought the cool CDr that look like vinyl I am waiting with burning the final version of the Birthday Demos :)

**heads straight to the site** :-P

It does rock!


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