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Written by roxeteer on November 30, 2005 to .

SÖDERHAMN - After many years “siteless” or with poor sites, Roxette now has a new, fresh site - The new site is involved in the Son of a Plumber project, which also hosts and there. The company responsible for the design is Transmit/Receive from Söderhamn, Sweden, and the man behind them is David J. Elfström. Two of TDR’s editors, Thomas Evensson and Judith Seuma, have collaborated in the site with adding content in the different sections such as discography, gallery and lyrics, and are the moderators in the forum.

  T/R has many many successful Swedish pop sites in their catalogue, among them, Mauro Scocco, Peter Jöback and Lena Philipsson to name a few.

  Son of a and are in English, while and are in Swedish, the reason for that is simply that the lyrics featured on the sites are in those languages.


let´s gonna take a look there! ;)

“while and are in Swedish, the reason for that is simply that the lyrics featured on the sites are in those languages.”

And I always thought TWATG is in English... ;-)

Huh? It is...
Great site!

That was... funny!

starrox: it wouldn’t look good to have half of Per’s site in English and half in Swedish. Besides he has 3 albums in Swedish (if u don’t count the demos).

GT also have an album in English.. but obviously, Swedish is the language..

@Judith: That’s what I figured - not only because the majority of the songs are in Swedish, but also because TWATG wasn’t that successful outside of Sweden... ;-)

Roxette new site... believe me this is the new beginning!! Otherwise they would not update official Rox site! Rox on!

It’s nice!


Nice site, what about Marie’s stuff ?
if they update the site, as others says, maybe they’ll make sth new for next year ?
and it would be a great idea to make a new album for 20 years existence !
so, wait and see ...

really nice site


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