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Roxette’s comeback in London

Written by Leendv on November 30, 2005 to .

LONDON (UPDATED) - Last night Roxette reunited on a stage at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Per was there to receive two BMI awards for “Listen to Your Heart” which has been played 2 million times (and is also the “Dance Song of the Year”) and “It Must Have Been Love” which has been played over 4 million times on US radio.

  Marie stepped up on stage with Per and was applauded by stars like Steve Winwood, Keane and Snow Patrol. This was Marie’s first public appearance with Per since she got sick. “The secret with ’It Must Have Been Love’ is that it has such a beautiful and simple melody and Marie performs it amazingly” Per says to Expressen. “She makes it a better song, therefore it was great that Marie joined me!” Marie adds “It was wonderful to be on stage with Per again.”

  After the gala Per went out in the London night to party with director and friend Jonas Åkerlund and Madonna, while Marie went back to her hotel.

  Aftonbladet asks Per and Marie if Roxette will do something together now. Per replies “We haven’t decided yet, no doors are closed. It’s totally up to Marie. I would’ve liked it damned much to work with Marie again though. We’re still young…” Marie tells Aftonbladet “It’ would’ve been great. We’ve already been around the globe a few times, why not make it a few more.”

  “I hope this may lead to a new album, or at least a few new songs,” Per adds.

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Taken from BMI’s homepage:

The BMI Dance Award went to “Listen to Your Heart” written by Per Gessle and Mats Persson and published by Jimmy Fun Music (all STIM). Recorded by Belgium-based duo D.H.T., the song is a remake of the 1989 #1 hit by Roxette, which won a BMI Pop Award in 1990. The D.H.T. version spent several weeks in the Top Ten of the Adult Contemporary, Hot Digital Songs, Pop 100 and Hot 100 Billboard charts, and reached the #25 position on the Hot Ringtones chart. Original Roxette members Gessle and Marie Fredriksson accepted the award; it was the first public appearance by Fredriksson since her recovery from brain cancer.


Partying with Mr G AND Jonas?! Madge is sooooo lucky. Hope she knows that. ;o)

Fingers crossed for a Roxette project.


great to see Per has time for Roxette having released a new project less than a week ago!

Per & Madonna??? interesting duo.... Per, Jonas & Madonna...incredible trio!

Wow, what interesting news!!!

What a good news!!!:) I am so happy for that. It´s not so long I found a record from Room service tour, concert in Prague. While listening it gave me the creeps. I had a really strong feeling that I want Per and Marie together again. I miss their music so much and I hope this is the first step... Thanks a lot Marie and Per!

This is sooo good news! Alone that Marie joined Per for the awards is a great sign. And their comments are very promising too... Cool to see them together on stage anyway. :-)

Wow! Sounds extremely good!

sounds very promising!

show bigger pictures please!!! :)

I am so happy!!!! Great news!! I could not believe I can see them together again. Maybe the first steps for a new Roxette proyect. We love you Per and Marie!

:-) !!!

The best news and pic in years!!!! Things are sounding more promising!

It´s a like a dream! Marie on stage with Per! We waited for a long time for this news!!! I know I won´t do anything in my work today! Btw. they look great!!!!!

MENAGE A TROIS!, with toxic Akerlund.. hahahahahhaa

Great news!! Whenever you’re ready we’ll be waiting :-) Best wishes from Rich

wow this perked me up this morning i was feeling kinda blah :( maybe they should explore the idea of internet only tracks stuff exclusively for fans so there is no pressure of a whole album and tour

Nice news. Roxette together again... Marie you look fantastic. All the best.

Its a pity that TDR weren’t there to get their own ’scoop’ as that would seriously rock, but its still really good news!!!!

And it has certainly taken my mind off the fact that I have a job interview tomorrow!!! :)

I’ll have to dust off my rox do their songs go again???

reading this,its clear new roxette album and tour will arrive soon or later.Nice news.

I like Aftonbladet’s title: “Roxette want to come back”!

Yes, Marie, why not make it a few more? (-:

What strange language though... “I would’ve liked it...” “It would’ve been great...” Hey, the option’s still open, guys, why talk about what could have been when you can talk about what COULD be?! We’re all waiting for ya with open arms!!

Happy news anyway!

Weird eh? That’s actually how we speak here up north...

here’s a picture of madonna and jonas at yesterday’s party in london

WOW, great!
They got the look!!! And as there never had been a break inbetween these years. A big pleasure that you’re united again! WELCOME BACK!!!

Oh My God, I was out in London last night around the Dorchester, I wish I had known earlier.

They look great don’t they.


Best news since TBH was #11 in the UK :D

Wow, if you look at BMI’s “million-airs”-site its clear that IMHBL is one of the biggest song EVER!



Good news and even greater pictures. Wow!

I have a feeling that Roxette will make new songs soon :)

Really great news:) I love the picture.
Per, Jonas and Madonna???!!!!!!!

Fantastic news! :-D

If Roxette release a new single, I hope it”ll be released in U.K.!!!

Fantastic news!!!

I feel that Marie is getting interested in Roxette again...every recently declaration about it is more positive about it.

By the way...let´s be realistic!!! Per is doing NOTHIGN for promoting his last album SOAP. And I´m more than sure than this album won´t be a hit in any European country or even overseas. I love that album and I think it´s the most personal and mature Per has written over the years, but I beg him to concentrate now on a possible, big and succesfull Roxette comeback WORLDWIDE.

And now...kill me with your posts, although you know for sure that I´m right about SOAP. (Who can imagine a US release of this album? You don´t know the real musical scene nowadays if you think so...hehehe).

BTW. Marie and Per look fantastic!!!


Please define “nothing”? TV-appearences, radio shows and in-store signings is nothing?

I think he means nothing outside of in spain??

Ok. I will define NOTHING. It´s true that he has done something, but you know it is NOT ENOUGH. Nor even a mini-concert in Tylosand -as in the Mazarin era-, or a small wintercase in some little Sweden-clubs, in order to catch Swedish-media attention.

And I won´t argue my personal opinions...they are personal and don´t need to fit with yours. We can discuse in a year looking at SOAP figure sales and comparing it with their predecesors, ok?


YAY!!!!!!!!! What a great news!!!!
I wanna see the picture of Per with Madonna!!!! (As I can remember Marie doesn’t like her much... %)))))

Of course Marie likes Madonna!!! I can remember an interview with her where she told that she had recently bought Madonna Music LP and that she likes it.

By the way, when I saw the other Madonna dancing in the MTV-European awards, a thought came in my mind: what the hell my favourite star Marie Fredriksson is not active as Madonna is, having in mind that they have the same age...

Ok...Madonna hasn´t suffered of cancer...but the same goes with Kylie, who will come back to work next year. Anyway, I´m extremely happy about Marie...after her recovery, it´s totally possible to combine personal and private life with your work as as singer, if you really want to. Without the need of planning anything, just for the fun of it.

And I know that Marie misses that and that she will do her best!!!

Take care.

each person is different, ever thought that maybe Marie does NOT want such a life? Why compare the two of them? they are completely different and respectable for whom they are, why make weird mixes? :S

So he has done something after all? Or is that an opinion of mine?

Great news!!

Of course I respect Marie!!!! It just a thought...I imagined Marie dancing in such a way hehehe.

By the way, Annie Lennox opinion about her life and they way she faces her musical career is really close to Marie thoughts...

Per, Jonas and Madonna?? ROFL...haha..really?? I hope Madonna knows that she was out there with two very big stars. Any papers got some more pix from the pub-tour?
This all sounds sooooooooo feels soo fantastic that Marie was there we have Xmas already or what?

Hi all

Did not have time to read everone’s commments, but there is a slide show from last night. Look at it:

There is a couple of pictures of Per/ Marie. Marie looks great!

Again, sorry if somebody mentioned this before. If not enjoy!

Good news and fantastic photos!!!
I hope to be continue!!!!

Sounds really good.
Let’s see how they surprise us

I had an awful day today. This new make me feel a little bit better. Hope Roxette back soon!!

Was just (small) talking to a friend about how much I wanted to see Rox live, on stage again!
Marie looks like she’s singin’ “Sankta Lucia”....



Per, Marie => I love you!!!

@geytenbeek: thanks a lot for the link. fantastic pictures, really!

It’s SO good to see them both together!!!!!!!

Woohoo! Great that there’s some Rox-news!

I would not have minded joining the afterparty... ;-)

There are several Roxette´s picture in BMI site. that´s cool!!!

”... We’ve already been around the globe a few times, why not make it a few more.”
I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dream will come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweden, here I go!!!!

It’s just so amazing!!! This clearly makes us Rox fans thrilled.

Really hope it all happens. I still need to be in one of ther concerts before i die of old age.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

this is great!


Oh my god. Fantastic news.

Thank you, Roxette!

viva roxette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!supergroup

THIS NEWS HAS MADE MY CHRISTMAS. roxtte comeback here we come. Marie and per looking stunning.

Re -release IMHBL again, come on guys , remix it in a dance version for the 20th year of roxette along with the oring.

This the kind of news we really are hungering for: a “true-possible” Roxettte´s comeback!
And amazing pics! Marie looks so good!
By the way, probably the party that Per & Jonas went out with Madonna was the party of the debut of her new documentary “I´m going to tell you a secret”, directed by Jonas as well.

Wonderful!!!! I like seeing them together!!! but they did not invite me to the party! :D

I seriously have tears in my eyes. IT’s great to see them together.

Wow, they really do look great, it is SO nice to see Marie smiling again! #83 from the slideshow is now my favourite picture of Marie, ever. Bring on the comeback!

Nice pics, and great to see them both together once again. They sound very optimistic with them quotes, lets hope for the best :-)

Wow, Roxette must have been the photographer’s darlings! So many pix of rox!

So many new pics of Roxette!!!! THIS IS CHRISTMAS!!!

Marie and Per, you are the BEST!!!

@Brentnewtown: many thanks for these nice pics!!!

Really cool news! :) I think it’s funny too, that this happened in their 19th year as Roxette...makes it seem more possible for a 20th anniversary release, wouldn’t you say? Man, you could write a book about this! :D

I’m so so happy to read that! It’s crystal clear there’ll do something together and Roxette IS back!!! :D :D :D
All the pics are great, Marie looks gorgeous.

@ brentnewtown: TACKAR!

I’m speechless!!!

TOTALLY AWESOME news!!!!!!!! Marie & Per ^_^ That is SO SO great to see them together again!
Thanks everybody for links to some sites!


...still, i just cant believe it! I’m sooooo happy! Thank you, Roxette!!!


@ Pardek: YES!!!! This photo is just excellent!!!

Here are great quality photos!

All photos are awesome :)))

sweet, lovely :)

@pardek: absolutely!!

M_a_g great pics, the one of per and maire hugging is so wonderful :-( beautiful.

It´s beautiful. It made my day. THANKS for the picture.
And thanx to Roxette also, for their music.

I´m proud of them (tears). I like being their fan.

@Pardek: obsolutely!!!! The most beautiful pic of Roxette!!!! I have got this photo like wallpaper on my computer!!

I love them so much!!!!

Wow! That picture says more than 1000 words... The whole gallery is fantastic!

those pictures are magnificent. thanks

this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!
wonderfull news!!!!!!!!thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!

please rox friends read if you like, the post i did at the international forum about an articule that appears at about Akerlund, in wich they didn’t mentioned roxette. However i wrote them and today they gave me a nice aswer , and told me that roxette is now included in the articule.


in the thomas engstrom pics i am noticing something kinda troublesome, is it me or does the right side of maries face in some of the pics look partially paralized or maybe taught, its seen some times in stroke victims and her right eye is either swollen or somewaht sunken

She didn’t look like that for real when I met her.

This is so GREAT. Thanks for the pics! Amazing news. I feel there is some new Rox material in late 2006 :)

Marie looked so good! Thank you God.

Madonna?? Does she really know who Roxette are?!?

“Fingers crossed for a Roxette project.” by carbon boy.
Yes! Yes! Yes! :D

Well, of course Maddie knows Roxette, but I also have to say that the papers got it wrong, Per did go out with Jonas - to see Madonna’s new movie...

It’s so great to see them together again... Let’s pray for Roxette to come back... (Per and Madonna???)

It’s fantastic news!!!

Wow, this news is like a bolt of lightning. I predict a Roxette album end of the next year.


I am so glad to here this! Roxette reunited!

The time goes by, so slowly ;o)
But there seems to be an end of the misere.

Maybe a new CD and a new tour in some years. I wait for it and if it takes a decade, I will still be a Roxette Fan.

Itá so nice. I´m so glad
I‘certainly tht Roxette will come back soon. Marie Seems great!!!!


We love you

From Brazil

It’s a real shame there is no video footage of them togeather, that would have been so good!

well I love to here this news!!!!!!!!!
hope to hear their new album

so happy for you Per and Marie!!!
so happy to see you together on the stage again!
love you!
your Polish friend /it has been 16years that I love your music/

would be good to see Roxette back together but who cares really as long as they are happy with what they are doing?they have been giving us great music as roxette for 20 years this year i think they deserve a break if they dont record as Roxette again remember them as they were and not what you want them to be ROXETTE 1986 - 2006 HAPPY 20TH YEAR!!!! WHEREVER YOU ARE


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