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Platinum to Per on the first day of release

Written by tevensso on November 23, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - The new album, released today in Sweden, has already sold platinum (60,000 copies).

“Son of a Plumber” has gotten a wide variety of reviews in Sweden today. Aftonbladet thinks it’s weak and gives it 2/5, while Nunstedt in Expressen agrees with most of TDR’s review and gives it 4/5. Furthermore Hallandsposten gives it 2 and thinks it’s nostalgic but not really good. GP on the other hand likes it a lot. All in all about half of the newspapers like it and half really doesn’t like it, there’s nothing inbetween.


Oh God!!!

Congratulations Son of a plumber!

Wow, Great Mr Gessle!!!

tour, tour, tour, tour!

Break this down for the newbies. Is this good? - did any others go platinum on the first day?

Oh and “Yay !”


Awesome!! Way to go!!

Hopefully, there will be the international releases, including one here in the US. Be a believer!! :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@chrisjankunas - GT’s F5F sold 120,000 in the first day as far as i can remember. But of course that is great news!

I’ve got the vinyl!!!!!

Who care about what critics say? The important things are sales, concerts and fans... And SOAP is platinum in just one day. Over 60.000 copies... That´s what I take into account.

@speedo85_90: Enjoy it man!!! How does Keep the Radio On, sounds?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York


CD’n släpptes väll den 16November?
ja fick för mej det...
men ja har ej köpt den än... ja ska köpa den i Ålens city och få den signerad! :D

(de är en sak som The Daily Roxette borde skriva...)


@Linnea: The CD was released today (nov 23:d). It was supposed to be released on the 16th first, but it was postponed. This is a fact that has been known for quite some time.

Speaking of Linnea: we did write about that...

So it looks like we´re gonna get love / hate opinions about the album.

Hmmm...that can be really positive, I think. What I see is that the “hate people” tend to think it´s too weird and the “love people” think it´s original (=weird in a good way?) that´s definately funny...

Yes Chrisjan, this is good. Most Swedish artists never sell gold or platinum ever.

Edit: typo

What do you mean Ever? like EVER?? or like the first day of the release?

GOOD GOING MR. GESSLE! I hope it’s a worldwide release!

To give a bit of context, Madonna’s album also sold platinum in its first week of release... I didn’t think Per would outsell Madonna even in her second week, but now I’m going to revise that prediction!!

Great, Per!!!!

Please, next time Roxette album!

Ever ever. Like “never”.

60.000 on one day :)
GRATTIS PER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brilliant!! you’ve never let us down with that radio in your head!



Hi. I was just wonderinf whether any of you Roxette addicts would be able to help me in telling me a reliable and honest record website that would export the CD Son of a Plumber to Australia. Please send me an email to [email protected] to let me know thanks

mr sandman, u might wanna check out
they deal with imports and are reliable, but u might be paying a high price for it tho sells it internationally, cheap and no shipping.

Hey...I would LOVE one of these BUT... I can’t seem to find any even on that CD WOW site! HELP!! Would anyone like to make me a copy if I sent some blank cds or actually buy one pretty cheap?This would be a great Christmas present to myself.. I give mostly to everyone BUT myself ! I must be the only one in the states who needs a GESSLE fix!! Barb

This album is a great deception, Per without Marie is nothing.
The Per´s energy is empty after 20 years.
I respect him a lot, but I think he must think in another projects because SOAP is a copy of the Beatles, and the Beatles is over.
And for last, Gun Marie Fredriksson will be always THE VOICE and nobody can replace her.
Sorry fans, but you have to know that I am a Roxette fan too since 15 years ago. And I have my own ideas.
Good Luck for P.H.Gessle, but Marie is my favourite, sorry.

Juan from Spain

Roxrider USA, sorry to keep you waiting- been busy working...
About Keep the radio on- it’s more spanish influated than on The Lonely Boys, and a fue changes in the of funny...still think I like the TLB-version better, but it’s a great song anyway!
Ha det gött! /speedo


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