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“Son of a Plumber” leaked

Written by colinvdbel on November 21, 2005 to .

UTRECHT - This afternoon, the songs from the new album “Son Of A Plumber” appeared on the the Kazaa p2p file sharing network. However, they all contain sections of silence like the first online MP3s of “C’mon” and “Jo-Anna Says” did. The files can be found in a wide range of different qualities (from 54 to 320 Kbit/s), and even in ogg-format.

  TDR suspects this is an attempt from EMI or another institution trying to prevent the songs being easily available for download. If a “normal” version of the album would be put on the Kazaa network (or similar), it would be practically impossible to find it. A brilliant move in that case.


we are living in 21st century, the same thing was with RS etc. - the album was out before official release. So I think in a week we will hear all full songs without silence... btw where have been uploaded these “mising parts” songs? :)

yup... there’s HEAPS of files out there... just listened to ’something in the system.’

wicked song...

Why cant people wait????

yes, some people have no self-control :(
(like me, but i only listened to ’system’ and ’i like it like that,’ and i’ve deleted them both now)

it’s a good move, but is there people who stills uses the Kazaa network? In the torrent network you won’t find fake files easily....

This time I’ll wait, I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (o.a.l.i.w.d.m.b.w.s.i.e.)

For those who don’t know, the album is already released in Norway today. I got a copy over the counter today, and many CD where showed in the NEW section ;)

@tcooth: You are a lucky person. :-) For people like me, who live outside of Scandinavia, gotta import the albums and wait like a week after the release date to get the albums and hear the songs.

Enjoy it, friend!

PS.: In a way this silent parts files are a good one to promote the album. They are on emule too.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

!!! can’t wait for the full album !!! :) so excited ...

” kinda like it like that, like it like that” ...

slow, sweet and shoothing... really nice. That’s why it’s one of the singles.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

very very lucky people from norway. I pre-ordered the LP and I´ll have to wait two weeks for the arriving to Argentina land. :( I can´t wait anymore!

@Eloy: Same situation for me here in the US. It’s a torture when you know the album is available already and we can’t listen to the songs in full.

So hellish!!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

i have to say, that the songs which i have heard already SUCK A BIG TIME.


“TDR suspects this is an attempt from EMI or another institution trying to prevent the songs being easily available for download. If a “normal” version of the album would be put on the Kazaa network (or similar), it would be practically impossible to find it. A brilliant move in that case.”

it’s not thatbrilliant. almost every file on the net [found in p2p] has it’s hash [id] based on the md5 function. we have all the ids, so we can easily tell the files apart and download the proper ones.

I disagree, I think the songs are brilliant.

@Jackeill: You are right.

@others: The upcoming singles are the best and strongest singles on the album. That’s the impression i got by listening to these “silent part” files. Thank God Per chose those songs as the singles!!!!!

There are a couple others like “Speed Boat to Cuba”, “Come Back Tomorrow” and “Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her” that are cool too.

Most of the others are slow and layed back songs. Very mellow. I guess that’s what Per means when he says that the album is very personal.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

I love “Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her”, onlt took 10 seconds before I was won over. “I Like It Like That” MUST be a single for sure!! “Hej Mr DJ” go Helena. Lovely ballad :)

Well, all I can say is that I’m EXTREMELY excited to hear it. I am a HUGE fan of 60’s and 70’s music. So this’ll be right up my alley.

One can’t compare SOAP to TWATG (which everyone is doing/going to do), cos that was a Roxette album without Marie (according to MF herself).

Will just have to hang tough and wait for my copy to arrive. Don’t want to spoil it. Have never done so in the past, and that is the best part of hearing a new album by MrG/Roxette. Sitting infront of the hi-fi, volume to the max, and experiencing something new and extraordinary for the first time.

Cheers ;o)

we will talk when i hear whole album. at the moment - is damn too personal for me.


what’s up with tdr server? it’s very slow today! anyone did notice this?

@tcooh: Is “Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her” [Reprise] the exactly some version of the song on CD1?

Carlos E., New York.

Darn! I don’t have Kazza (packed with Spyware).

I’ve checked iTunes and MSN Music for the album and nothing.


Stupid kazza: I won´t ruin the amazing and wonderful feeling of hearing the album for the first time using the net. I will wait for the album althought I will die at the meanwhile!!

Why do we outside scandinavia have to wait another whole week to get our album? This is so messed up!!

@steven: The same “missing parts” files are on eMule too.

Carlos E., New York.

I have ordered my copy but haven’t received it yet. So ofcourse if I can find it somewhere online, I’ll download it. It’s not self-control. It’s excitement that it brings. I’d rather listen to it now than wait another week. Or do you think ordering it was wrong and I should have waited a few more months for it to be released here in Canada?

The reprise of DIWTAH sounds different. So, I guess it’s not the same version.

Carlos E., New York.

“I like it like that” Sounds really cool.. I’m excited..!

It’s not the same, it’s a reprise...

c’mon. I wont buy the album but if its released here in Argentina i will do it. But please, you talk bout the songs and im extremely anxious... I wanna get it now!

@Tevensso: Ok. Thanks! I guess the part I heard is another piece of the song then.

Carlos E., New York.

Start to get worried with such negatives reviews from FANS.

Oh boy.

That’s what happens when you judge an album by snippets...
I’ll happily wait for the real album. To get the full experience. CDON shipped it on monday, so it shouldn’t take too long. ;-)

It was obvious... s.o.a.p in kazaa :/

Just got it!! Listen to it right now...So far I like it!!!

Just heard ’Hey Mr. DJ...” and I want to erase Helena’s voice from my memory. No offense but she should have stayed a back up. I don’t know if I can’t help comparing her to Marie and she is nothing like her or she is just bad, I mean bad(on the same level as the one from D.H.T.)The chorus is great though, love Per’s part!

Rox On!

Some people!


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