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DHT’s version of “Listen To Your Heart” released to Aussie radio this month

Written by prands on November 16, 2005 to .

SYDNEY - D.H.T.’s rendition of Roxette’s “Listen to Your Heart” was released to Australian radio in the past week or so, with Sydney radio stations adding it to their playlists. The single is commercially released November 21. It’ll be interesting to see if it enters the Top 50 singles chart and whether it’ll spark interest in the original version.

Mr. Sandman contributed to this article.


”....and whether it’ll spark interest in the original version”.

That’s the main reason for covers to exist in my opinion.
If nobody would know that Roxette was the original performer of LTYH, DHT doesn’t have to come up with this cover, since the original is much better.

I actually heard this song on my local radio station about 3 weeks ago. It was just b4 the 6 pm news on a Wednesday afternoon. Whats surprising about this is that Im from a small town of about 10,000 ppl, in the Hunter Valley (about 3 hrs north of Sydney - Australia). And it wasnt even part of a syndicated national program which I thort it was as the local dj came on after it - not that he mentioned the song tho..... - the radio station is 98.1 PowerFM btw.

i have heard it on nova 969 quite a bit over the last week.

It’s great news cos I love this cover :D

This has been playing in adelaide for over a month, both the remix and cover have done fab on sa radio. Don’t hold your breath on a LTYH/FLAF re-release/Double A side, I already asked, they have no intention.

Also LTYH was also released on a new Compilation.


The DHT single is also out in the UK on 21st. Seen the video quite a few times

The LTYH video has been on Rage on ABC (in NSW) a few times these last few weeks - although its only been on early morning ie b4 2,3,4 am-ish

Heard it on nova and 2dayfm, at last!! Although i’d much prefer Roxette to have done the remix!

i know its not a good que to ask,,, but i just wanna know,plz don laugh at me,kkkk?
what is the exact relation between dht and roxette???
i terribly love the song “listen to your heart”,but dont know what is the rel between’em?

D.H.T. made a cover of Roxette’s mega hit Listen To Your Heart :)

i saw the video of LTYH by DHT and i think it´s really nice, i like how it ends.
good for them!! =)

i live in washington dc and the song did extremely well in the states over the summer (both the techno and slow versions)

Hope it does really really well!



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