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Son of a Plumber single out tomorrow

Written by administrator on November 8, 2005 to .

Now that the new singles from the “Son of a Plumber” project are about to be released, Swedish newspapers have started to review them. Aftonbladet gives “C’mon” ++++ and “Jo-Anna Says” ++. Expressen has a review, but so far only in their paper edition. TDR will add reviews when we find them, meanwhile enjoy our own analysis of the single, by reporter Colin van der Bel.

When I first heard the new titles for the Son of a Plumber single, my first thought was that “C’mon”
would be an uptempo song á la “The World According to…”, and “Jo-Anna Says” an English version of Gyllene Tider’s “Jo-Anna Farväl,” so when I heard them I was quite surprised!


The intro immediately reminds me of the Beatles, and then the falsetto singing starts. At first it seemed a bit strange, but after hearing the song a few times you get used to it. The typical Gessle-ish handclapping, tambourine and a very catchy chorus: it sticks to your mind immediately! Don’t know if this song can be an international chart breaker though. Maybe too much ’60s?

“Jo-Anna says”:

The song starts off with a moderate, steady beat, with Per and an acoustic guitar. Then the chorus kicks in pretty fast. It’s extremely catchy, and reminds me of the ’60s and ’70s, but it clearly has that fresh Gessle sound to it.

  Instant hit! Maybe this should’ve been the only A-side because this song is much better in my opinion, and has the potential of becoming an international hit if it is sufficiently promoted.

Judith Seuma, TDR News Editor, would like to add that initially when she heard “C’mon” would be sung in falsetto she was rather nervous but she likes “C’mon” now that she’s heard it a few times. “Jo-Anna Says” is her darling though.


just ++ to Jo-Anna says?? hm weird but ++++ to C´mon :D thats good by the way.

umm i ll pass on this release i think !

hmmmm...I loke both really much. but I also agree in some points with what the guys said in a topic about Jo-anna i’ve read in the discussions section; Roxwriter and AT seemed very determined and made their points. it’s nice not everybody agrees on everything

Jo-Anna Says is really nice. C’mon seems to be cool too. However, see JS as potential hit. Just love how the song flows and how Per uses different voice tones in different parts of the song.

Carlos E., New York.

I quite like them. I agree that C’mon seems to grow on you and that Jo-Anna Says is classic - what we could have expected (reminds me a little of how do you do)

I agree about C’mon... First time I heard it (have only heard the snippet, but anyway...) it was lik “WHAT is this? Some kind of up-tempo “Sakta mina steg”? How... strange... and, not as Gessle as Jo-Anna...” Now I don’t know which one I like the most...

And I’m still in love with both of them :)

I personally can’t say I like C’mon at all, but Jo-Anna I think is great. I just fear that this is a song one can get rather fed up with pretty fast. So maybe C’mon is something one learn to like (even though I doubt it in my case).

I also find it so typical that the newspapers give C’mon a 4 and Jo-Anna only a 2. It is almost always the other way round what the critics think. (same as with films.. avoid the top grades and go for the 2 and 3... ;) )

I love C’mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
(I do not stop listening the full version:)

i love both of them!
But C’mon is my fave!!

I agree with the last two: C’mon is better than Jo-Anna Says. I have no problems with Per’s falsetto! I just love it :)

And I disagree, “Jo-Anna says” is better than “C’mon” ;) On the other hand part of the song between second and last chorus of “C’mon” saves the day

why argue ? Gessle/Rox/GT/MF/LB - there is such variety that you can find what fits your taste 100% ;)

C’mon is devastating my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
It’s the best i’ve heard from Gessle for long!!!! I can’t remember that i’ve ever felt to dance to a Gessle-song. But this one is a catchy tune and it makes me dancing all the time! :-)

I UNFORTUNATELY must say, that I am disappointed from both of the songs. I can only say what I fell. Have Per Gessle lost in the time? I hope that the rest of the album will not be the same. After Mazarin... Is very hard to make better album. According to me...

Best PG / MF / Roxette & “related projects” album, IMHO is The World According To Gessle. Pure straight guitar driven POP without any compromise ! ;)

And this album would be a tribute to moms & dads, that had to suffer “Roxette sound” for years - now they’ll have reward in such music style that reminds their younger years ;)

“After Mazarin... Is very hard to make better album. According to me... “

That’s why he uses the Son of a Plumber name now.. so he would not have to compete with teh success of Mazarin. So I don’t think we should make that comparison either. Espesially since it is in 2 different languages.

I highly doubt that ANY of these songs will be an international hit. I don’t know how Swedes would react to these songs by Gessle. The song “C’mon” is very catchy indeed and different and yes “Jo-Anna Says” is very Gessleish but I just don’t see any “big hit” potential in both the songs. Good for us fans though who’d love Gessle no matter what :)

Hmmm, I think that C’mon has a potential to become a hit!!!

“And this album would be a tribute to moms & dads, that had to suffer “Roxette sound” for years - now they’ll have reward in such music style that reminds their younger years ;)”

@Ramas - lol! I said the same thing to my mom the other day... getting her and my dad a copy of it for Xmas. They’ll absolutely adore it!

just read in aftonbladet he’s in NY! WOW! Carlos, WATCH OUT!!!!...nice interview, as far as I could understand...personal lyrics...dealing with his life...hell!!! what could be really that personal in C’mon and Jo-anna says? maybe the fact that his messages are always a mess! LOL...or at least the sleeping bag must exist!!haha

btw: he likes best “I have a party in my head” and “I like it like that” is gessle-ish!

hahaha Carbon_boy! :D

My lovely mum is already used to Roxette, she even knows some songs ;) Her favourite is Party, though, I had to copy the CD for her.. and I think she will like SOAP! And now I have a Xmas present already ;)

I’ve heard only the snipnets and I must admit that C’mon is absolutely stunning. Per’s falsetto is wonderful. Such an unusual voice. Beautiful. I’m looking forward to hearing the whole version.

I like them both now! I’ve always likes “Jo-Anna Says” and the more I listen to “C’mon”, the more I like it!

Personally,I don’t like at all “c’mon”.I become more and more tired of Gessle falsetto while I listen to the song.I really find so much better “Jo-Anna says”.I like it,it’s very Gessle-ish although I don’t think it will be a potencial hit.

it only reached #8 in the single charts?!? i’m qiuite surprised, i was thinking it would hit a top position...
i hope the album will do better!!!


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