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Son of a Plumber live in Norway

Written by tevensso on November 7, 2005 to .

Per Gessle will perform Son of a Plumber material at 100-årsfesten (The 100th Anniversary Party) in Oslo on November 26. The 100-årsfest is a Norwegian celebration of being free of the union with Sweden that ended in 1905. Lots of Swedish and Norwegian artists will perform, and the Norwegian Royal family will attend the party.

  Ticket price is a mere 25 NOK (3.20 Euros).

  Last year it was rumored that Roxette would perform in Norway’s centennial celebrations in June 2005. However, Roxette never took the stage.


why all this wierd places?? come to Scandinavium!!!!

This show will be aired the day after in a 1,5 hour long show on the norwegian TV2; Sunday Nov 27th 2005 - 19:30 - 21:00.

well why not, let the Norwegian have fun :D

Yea... this is ofcourse good news.
But yea... why these strange “gala” performances? I want normal concerts... in big arenas or small pubs don’t matter. I just want some Son of a Plumber concert to go to.

In case you don’t remember, hehe, us Norwegians got most recent full concert with Per also, in Bergen sept 3rd ;)

We do remember. You beware or we’ll annect you guys again! ;)

I’d bet you want to annect us again, lol, just can’t wait to get your hands on our money :P

Well I’ll look on the bright side, at least we do get some promo of Soap here in Norway at the same week as the album is released. Wow, timing in Norway suits for once ;)

hi!! what does “annect” mean?? Don’t you mean “enact”?
Hope we will be able to buy SOAP here in Argentina....and maybe a concert... i’d be satisfied with a promotion visit :-)

I agree with Baby-C - it’s time for a normal Per concert!!! But I’m very glad for Norwegians :)

Annect means “take over peacefully”.

thank you tevensso!!!

Hej, Briskeby performs there too!! Briskeby and Gessle!! Two of my favourite artists ever at the same place and time! That’s gonna be a great music night!! :D

(So bad I can’t be there :()

Cardigans will also perform :)

It’s a sad fact that there a a huge probability that there will be a strike in TV2 from midnight tonight, leading to black screens :o I just hope things get worked out before Per’s norwegian TV appearance will be on...

tcooh, don’t you know exactly, what is a show time on TV2 ?
And TV2 is Swedish TV2 ork NRK2 ?

TV2 is Norwegian TV2, not the swedish. It’s not NRK2 either. The show is on from 19:30 to 21:00 norwegian time, which is CET if I got it right. The exact name of the show, in the program is
“Hundreårsfesten - en kongelig varieté”


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