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Son of a Plumber single leaked online

Written by tevensso on November 6, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - According to TDR’s sources, the new Son of a Plumber single can already be found online. Both songs are easily available in full, however, with periods of silence inserted. Most probably someone has ripped a prelistening CD.

  Per comments to TDR that “this is something you probably have to live with.”


that’s just making me sad when people’s doin’ like that, illegal.
I won’t try to find it, though I’m looking forward so much
to hear it on radio tomorrow..

If a reporter ripped the single - why should there be this silences?? Seems to me that the record company put the singles online as a “teaser” and as well to avoid the full songs being spread over the filesharing tools...

I’m also waiting for the radio airing - when will it be??

cheers, martin

well said Martin!

yea, it really sucks. found them earlier this morning, listened to them, got annoyed by those silences and deleted them. it’s simply stupid. no excitement for tomorrow anymore...the only excitement that’s left is for the single itself, when I’ll have it in my hands. but it’s gonna take ages till it’ll reach me here in paris. in short, i’m totally disappointed: no full songs today, still no excitement for tomorrow. that’s the worst.

you should have waited until tomorrow to listen to the song in full ;)

Tomorrow is the radio date, always has been...
Surely EMI, who won’t put up 40-second snippets on Per’s own site, wouldn’t put out the single on the Internet?? It can’t be anything else than the advance listening deal. Glad that EMI finally learned something, and added these blanks...

surprise surprise...
well, i won’t be hearing it again it any shape or form until i throw the single into the cd player.

I just listened to this and quite enjoyed it! Still just a sample and not the whole thing yet. The song sounds alot more upbeat once youve heard the Jo-Anna Says ’holey’ version. Looking forward to hearing the whole song!

Both songs with those silent parts, although annoying, are a nice way in my opinion to give people the thirst queching preview of the songs while it still makes people want to get the actual album and the full songs. Just makes the exciment biuld even more.

The guitar ending in C’mon is really cool.

So, anyone know if the songs will be played on the radio stations starting 12:00 am in Sweden, as it would be already monday there or maybe some time after 6:00 am? Any guess on whch station is more likely to play the songs sooner ?

Hope someone else will try to record the songs too. I’m all set.

Good luck people holding on until the radio premiere!! It’s tough but we can do it. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Up to the stations to decide. My best guess would be Rix FM, they are usually fast about Per.

So stupiT...

@Tevensso: Thanks. Let’s see what we can do.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Well I havent heard it - and I wont hear it tomorrow being in the UK and all. Ill have to wait.

I hate when things like this happens... Anyway, I won’t listen to it until tomorrow...
You can listen to Rix FM at their website, although I can’t remember the address right now...

I stream Rix FM all the time! :) I love the morning show!

It’s monday in Sweden already.

Any one has had any luck so far ?

I’m listening to Rix FM.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

’once again the situasión escaped of the hands of gessle’

I’m listening to Rix Fm now but I haven’t heard the song yet.

It’s still Sunday Evening (2100) here in California...waiting for Rix to play a single!

Rix FM has announced “Son of a Plumber - Jo-Anna says” as a new song of the week. They have played like 5 seconds of the song while they made the announcement.

It’s 6:16am in Sweden, but the song doesn’t get airplay yet... and I should go to bed!

I still haven’t heard Son Of A Plumber, but I’ve got the luck to hear Marie’s Ännu Doftar Kärlek.

Thanks ally77 for those links :)

Where do I begin today ?
Where do colours never change ?
In the sunshine in the rain,
it’s quite the same,
it’s never gonna change,
I’ve been looking for “Jo-anna says”


I just heard it mentioned!

RixFm just said they would play the single later this hour

Keep tuning in! :)

as it is played right now on Rix fm...TORTURA!!! arghh!!

oh good i left soundforge recording on my pc at home ;-)

So much ads... unlistenable radio station...

If I were EMI I would hand prelistening CDs to selected media, and maybe have slight variations on each version... maybe different running times, or blanks on different points in the song... whatever the leak is, you can track down the leaker... and tell them off! :)

Keep waiting!

Ohhhhhhhhhh Vix you are recording it.... :) hello!! if you email it to me, I’ll buy you lots of Beer next year! :)

It’s my LAST time when listening to such a crapy radio station!!!! It’s simply unbelievably awful what I got to hear in the last two hours! Can’t believe I had so much patience and that pg is going to be played “in a while” among these pieces of shit!!!

Rix FM is fine.... it’s just like my local radio station, lots of adverts!

Finally, they said Nasta: Jo-anna says !!! Of course, after tons of adverts, i guess ;)

Here we go!


Dreams........ away!

haha just as I put Rix FM on, here it is now :D ...really love this song!

Worth the wait to hear it in full finally..... I love it! :) Gessle is back! but then again did he ever go away!

Coolies that is - RixFM is really a good station

still i think it is the sound and feel we always get with other words: Per is still Gessling :)

@PeterGM: I think that would be really expensive for EMI... ;-)

Just heard the song on RixFM now! :) It rocks! :-))

ok. now how ’bout “c’mon” ?...another two hours of waiting?

Ha Ha Fliss that was lucky!

sometimes, you know ;)

I’d been listening for ages... mind you have been listening to Rix for months in the mornings...

Yeah, I also listen to it now and then - makes a nice change :)

...”bäst musik just nu” :P

It’s great!! just heard it in rixfm thanx to internet!
now i’m waiting for the second song to be played.

With a bit of luck they will play C’mon! :)

I doubt Rix will play C’mon, I think they will stick to the chosen song.

Awesome song!!! Speechless.

Ready to go to my Creative Zen Micro mp3 player!!

Carlos E., New York.

but wouldnt they have an arrangement to play both? Being a double-A-side? whats the point then?


Recording on page 6 of the link bellow.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Still listening..... never give up hope!

Ally try to let me know a couple of seconds before, so i can try to record it.

Carlos E., New York.

I will do!

@Ally: Cool! :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

another short “new this week- son of a plumber with Jo-anna says” , and then 5 seconds from the song.. it’s something, they’re mentioning it often ^^

I keep skipping to other stations... but I gotta go out soon for about an hour.... I bet I miss it!

did anybody record c’mon ?

You can now listen to both songs on the official site...

And i’m almost passing out. Too tired and sleepy now. I gotta get some rest.... At least, i was able to record JS and upload it.

C ’mon will have to wait.

Going to sleep. I’ll try again later on.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

No worries... thanx Carlos!

@ally77: i won’t know what ive got til i get home tonight, but i left soundforge doing something ;-)
will let you know.

Don’t know what’s going on with my PC. It won’t even let me listen to the songs anywhere.

Anyone got anything they can send me?? Email [email protected]

Thanx guys!

It’s on now......

@ Paul, check your email!

@ Vix.... no worries... I got it now! :) thanx again!

send it my way ;-)

[email protected]


I started crying when I read this..
wicked and weird I know that
But I just imgained how it would be...
A London tour guided by:
Per Gessle
I wanan win that.. can’t handle it :’(

If there’s someone with anything...

[email protected]

Thanx in advance for all!!!

:) - Buy it today..... (I did)

@Roxryder_V: Go to the bellow link:

There’s a record link there.

Carlos E., New York.

thanx so much :)

Thanks a bunch, Carlos!
Can’t stop listening to it now:) And I was the one who doubted our devoted King Of Pop would have done a great piece of work....I’ll just shut up and listen:)))

P.S. Did you notice the way he pronounces “candle” in the second verse, sounds like a “condo”(from condominium) to me?

thanx so much Carlos for keeping Jo-Anna in place!! lol

does anybody have c’mon in full version?..just got back from work and I kinda lost track...did they play it on the radio anyway?

Check The Quicktimes!!!!
Son of a plumber website updated!!
Intro Video of Per’s recordings uploaded!!!!
It’s funny!!!!!!!!!!!

hey, that’s ’old’ news buddy!

@Max-Tob: She’s in place!!! lol Told you i’d stay and record it. But i gotta tell you, It was such a torture to endure all those head-spliting songs last night.

At least we have version of JS to listen to until we get our albums in the mail.

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Just keep her still till I come her way!! LOOOOOOOOL

i’m kinda worried though for “c’mon” come they didnt play it on the radio?...ok, maybe not rix fm, but some other station maybe? it possible not to like it?...i hope not.

@Max-Tob: lol lol..

I guess they’ll play it. Maybe they will give Jo-Anna some airplay time before starting to play C’mon.

Carlos E., New York.

Joanna is more radio friendly than C’mon, I think that’s the reason. If I were the head of music in a radiostation I would have picked JS too.

@Carlos, what other music do you listen to besides Roxette and related( you mentioned some head splitting songs on Rix FM). I was listening this morning too and it was alright: Madonna, Sugababes, Bon Jovi to mention a few. But yeah, I guess if you have to stay tuned for hours it could get rough:)

Thank you again for sharing JS with all of us!

Rox On!

Gessle has got a lot of money, there is no problem if his songs are avaiable online.
I don´t understand why the people says that they will not listen the songs.
We are in the year 2005 in the internet age, and if Mr. Gessle says that he doesn´t work for the money, where is the problem?
Thanks for the ripping people. C´mon with the whole album.

Almeria 2005 XV Mediterranean Games


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