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Per Gessle voted Sweden’s 10th biggest star

Written by per_mson on November 6, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle was voted Sweden’s 10th biggest star ever in the Swedish TV (SVT) program “Folktoppen” Saturday Nov. 5. Over 59,000 viewers phoned and gave their vote for their favorite and Gessle received 2,177 of those votes.

This is the top-ten list:

1. Ingemar Stenmark (former olympic skier) 18,357 votes

2. Carolina Klüft (athlete) 6,700

3. Carola Häggkvist (singer) 5,512

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (soccer player) 5,264

5. Victoria Bernadotte (crown princess) 5.152

6. Mikael Persbrandt (actor) 4,261

7. Peter Forsberg (hockey player) 3,946

8. Agnetha Fältskog (former ABBA member) 3,888

9. Robert Gustafsson (comedian) 3,832

10. Per Gessle 2,177

  • SVT (In Swedish)


What kind of people are the swedes? :s
Since when is Mikael Persbrandt a bigger
star than Per?

maybe “Medicinmannen” made people vote for him...

Only #10?

This is an utterly dumb and pathetic program, that has none, or little, input on the world as we know it. And 59,000 votes?! More people than that vote everyday on Idol and such.

i haven’t heard of any of them, except Agnetha and that roxette back-up singer...

I guess most of you missed it, but in that very same program Sommartider by Gyllene Tider was awarded the honour of being number 1 the “Bästa svenska popklassiker” as you can see on the following link:

By the way, what a shame of a picture... :O

Ingemar Stenmark as number one - respect ! I think his career ended before Roxette’s career started. Anyway I also still remember this star even as a German and can understand why he was voted “biggest star”.

He was the alpine ski superstar in the end of the seventies and the the eighties and several times won the world cup (total, slalom and giant slalom). He not only was very successful but he also was appreciated in other countries - a real gain for the whole alpine ski sport.

Congratulations to Ingemar Stenmark (and also to Per for place 10).

fine about Ingemar, but that Carola ended up higher than Per ... *sigh*

I guess all his fans were busy trying to download the single instead of voting ;) :P

@santi: I doubt most of us missed it ;)

i thought the rest of the abba members would’ve been up there along with the swedish chef from the muppets

Then it was me the one who missed it!!! :DDDDDD

So how come the program it’s cool when GT wins and it sucks when Per is 10th...???
I think most of the placings are quite fair. I’d vote Peter Forsberg over Per anytime... he’s much more of a superstar!

And remember that we’re not in Roxette’s best times, that is over.

I never said it was cool. Read that article again.

Plectrum, I don’t understand your point. The fact we like Roxette/Per doesn’t mean they have to be exactly the best. It’s totally subjective...

Only 10th wow I am surprised, I would have thought Per would have made the top 5!

´´´´´´it seems that gessle did not receive many votes´´´´´´

Per definetely deserves a place at least in the top 3...

Maybe the show was not promoted much!

10th place Per was on
1.Gyllene tider-Per Gessle
2.Roxette-Per Gessle
3.The sologessle
4.The lonley boys Gessle
5.Everything other -Gessle

How did Carolina Klüft beat Per...

Carola at numer 3?

Oh God!

What about Marie?

Hmmm, I dunno, I don’t see her name on that list...

u mean, she’s not big in sweden?

roxette är det bästa som finns i mitt livv.sedan jag var 3 år gammal,älskade jag roxette.per gessle och marie är dem bästa i sverige


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