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Written by tevensso on October 31, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Daily Roxette presents the sleeve of Son of a Plumber’s new single, along with a message.

Imagine the power of an iPod. During last winter, spring and summer a man transfered his favorite songs to his mp3-player. At the same time he rediscovered a lot of great pop he had forgotten. Soft pop, hard pop, weird pop, cute pop, tough pop - in short a whole lot of pop. He looked into the mirror and said “Son of a Plumber.” Then he took his guitar and started writing. “C’mon”/”Jo-Anna Says” is the first single from the double-album “Son of a Plumber.”

  “C’mon” is Per Gessle in a way you’ve never heard him before. Prince meets Sweet in a distant studio on the Skåne prarie. “Jo-Anna Says” is a classical song that sticks like an unwanted guest: Scaffold meets Mouth & McNeal in Top of the Pops. Son of a Plumber says “I’ve only tried following something that feels right. It’s been as clear to me to do this album as it was when I did “Mazarin.”

  A splendid time is guaranteed for all! Enjoy.

  TDR would also like to point out that “Keep the Radio On (This Is the Perfect Song)” will be added to the vinyl edition of “Son of a Plumber” as a bonus track and won’t be available on the CD edition.

Update November 1: Now you can listen to snippets of “Jo-Anna Says” and “C’mon” on Son Of A Plumber official website.



I really like the cover.

The pic is great, not too sure about the font. But all in all works very well.


Really like it! Looks funny & arty at the same time. :-)

Cool cover... great photo!!! Nice work, Mr Corbijn ;o)

GREAT CD Single Cover, I like it.

Are those buildings in London?


I would guess they are in London as the sleeve shots are taken in London and in Skåne, and Skåne sure don’t have those. ;)

This is the greatest rox-related sleeve! Well done!

No b-sides?

Haha.. Per looks great!
The picture is something like the times of Church of Your Heart meet Fingertips ’93.

Yes I also think it’s in London, isn’t the right building the Swiss Re-Insurance Tower?

Nice! :)

Dang... just read Keep The Radio on is the bonus, I don’t have a record player... boo hoo I loved this song....

Yep a nice cover. He’s gone all arty again :)

I think the font should have been dirtier

great sleeve, very nice and cool!!!

single on plastic case, pleaseeee!!!

It’s needless to say that I love the cover :)

However, I still prefer this one:


great artwork. per looks like on the photos from tourism... :)

I love the cover, it’s great!!!
What is doing per?? He looks like a movie director explaining how he wants a shot to be taken. hehehe

Couldn’t be better!

@qrox: yeah, right, looks like a tim burton to me [look at his hairdo ;)]

it’s taken in London - outside the gherkin!!!!

Man, it looks gr8! and so does Per!

It is precisely beautiful this sleeve, really I like much!!! Gessle every time is better with happening of the years, as a wine.

Per once again i want to tell you: you are my idol!!!! :-D

M.from Argentina

Does anyone know if the song Put the radio on... is the same as on The Lonely Boys album?

Yes it’s the same song, new recording though.

Wonderful cover!

“Per Gessle Project”??
And how does the song sound like?

What can i say about the cover???Simply great!!! I love it!!
I think it’s a great picture!!

the art looks really cool! great thing!

Why do I love this man so much?

Iauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. This is simply PERfect!!!
He’s THE MAN!!!!
I loved the cover. My Gosh, I need this single!!!!

Per, I love youuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Fernanda :D

It´s is probably one of the greatest pictures I have ever since in Rxt/Pg/Mf history...

Wow, thanks for the update! So Thomas was right about those lyrics: dye your dancin’shoes really brite, I wrote a song for you... Now I hope I got the rest correctly:

Writin’ at the doors I was thinkin’ ’bout the two of us
Two of us
We’re starving to the deep
Baby pee-pee-pee-pee-peep

Baby c’mon
On Saturday night
I’m looking for the light (?)
Baby c’mon


I hear it more like ” riding on the bus.....” or at least if you think he’s writing it should be ON the door, no?

wow, I really love these snippets! looking forward to the album much more than I did before!!!

dye your dancin’shoes really brite
I wrote a song for you
baby c’mon baby c’mon

ridin’on the bus
I was thinkin’ ’bout the two of us... two of us
let’s dive into the deep
baby beep beep beep-beep beep

Thomas, thanks for the correction.

Jo-Anna Says is a damned cool song, wonderful style and really relaxing...

and the Jo-Anna says lyrics?

A-W-E-S-O-M-E sleeve! Very arty! I like it loadz....can’t wait to hear the full versions of the songs... Jo-Anna says stole my!


Here’s my try. That’s what I could get:

**Hey boy, Joanna’s in the mirror in a dressing gown
talking to friendly (??????)

She goes ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
My love and beyond
Oh, I wish it was
My love and beyond

Joanna says; I’m not the only one
Joanna says; I’ll never be the one
But when she smiles there’s something in her eyes
That tells me I’m not like the other guys
Joanna says; I have to give her time
Joanna says; you just gotta make up my mind
Joanna says; I have to wait in the line
And come back tomorrow

**This section is certainly missing words. The meaning is somewhat vague. Hope someone else has more luck than me.

BTW, Joanna and C’mon sound very cool and promising. Really excited and happy with the result until now. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

... and hey boy
Jo-Anna’s in the mirror in a dressing gown
Talking to a friend who lives uptown
She goes aaah-aaah

My love and beyond (?)
Oh, I wish she was
My love and beyond

Jo-Anna says I’m not the only one
Jo-Anna says I’ll never be the one
But when she smiles there’s something in her eyes
That tells me I’m not like the other guys
Jo-Anna says I have to give it time
Jo-Anna says you just gotta make up her mind
Jo-Anna says I have to wait in the line
And come back tomorrow


Pity I can’t edit the interview correctly cos there was a little part still after this.
Anyway, like all of you I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! 6 days to go!!!

Hey it’s cool that it’s in London! I’m half Italian and half English, HKAK and Mazarin have got a Roman sleeve so it’s like Per is always taking photos in one of my countries! I know it’s just a stupid thought really...

Roman? i always thought that photos from Mazarin sleeve were taken in Stockholm. Can someone say something about it?:)

@Mary: “a friend who lives uptown” and “she was” are perfect. Nice attempt.

What do you think of the “beyond” part ?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

I’m not 100% sure if the part is correct, at the same time I have no other idea. Any other suggestions?

@Mary & Carlos, I join you with the friend who lives uptown:) “I wish she was” is correct too, from what I hear.

Finally this song is growing on me but I’m not sure about C’mon yet. I hope now that I don’t expect a lot from this record I’ll be nicely surprised:))

Rox On!

@Bunio, yes those pictures are taken in Rome, most of them are actually taken in St.Peter (Vatican State) so it’s not really Italy but it’s still in Rome.... I know it’s very weird!

@IV_Rox: Yep. So, I guess we got those parts of the lyrics correctly identified.

The “beyond” part I’m almost certain it’s right even though it’s samewhat tricky. However, I believe it makes sense.

@Mary: As of right now, I still go with “beyond”. Can’t come up with something else. Any new thoughts?

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@Carlos, we got it man!:) Hey, what do you do in New York? I was there couple of weeks ago, it was my second time, and thtat’s the only place in US that doesn’t make me want to come back to Chicago right away, although I like Chi-town better( for now:P)

I played the snippet to a friend called Joanna, she was very excited and felt special, even though she’s not a Roxette fan.

@IV_ROX: It’s so nice that she felt that way. :-) Did she like the song? Man, you gotta covert her or something. Tell her to read all Roxette’s and Per’s lyrics booklets. You know, might work like the Bible. lol

Well, glad to hear that you’ve come here. NYC is huge as you saw. I guess you can do everything you think of here. I live about 30 minutes north of NYC (White Plains is the place i call home). I usually go there when i have a date. However, i also go there to take walks in Central Park, play soccer or volleyball there and of course to take walks and window-shop at Times Square.
I have also gone to a couple of New Year celebrations to wait for the so called “ball drop”. I was at the millenium (2000) one. It was so packed you could barely walk. The were people from all over the world there, which is the case every day anyway. But that night, it seemed like there was even more. And, of course, all the cops and helicopters flying around.

So, is Chi-Town better now because of the White Sox ;-) or are you a Cubs fan ? The Big Apple is a liitle depressed nowadays since the Yankees got ousted from the series, especially the Bronx. lol

Nice talking to you, man. (Don’t forget to conver Joanna to our side. After all, “Joanna says; you just gotta make up my mind”). ;-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

@Carlos, Hey god to hear from you:)
Yeah, I have to try to convert her at least into Per’s stuff since she is a big Ramones fan. She’s also liked his covers for “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” and “Shock Treatment” before.

And as for Chicago and New York City, I don’t think there’s too much of a difference between the two cities, except for the dirt in NYC. Chicago is way cleaner, man! It’s also huge and gorgeous, there’s a lot of fine architecture here. I guess Times Square is what we’re missing, probably you pay good money to stop us from doing it:) There’s also great shopping, dining, clubbing....a lot of parks and a wonderful shore line where you can sunbathe, run, skate, drink....:)
I’m not a baseball fan at all, so I don’t really care about The Sox or The Cubs, I wish The Bulls were doing better nowadays!
Good talking to you as well! :)
And if you don’t wanna bother people with our stuff click on my user name for my e-mail.

I love the album cover!


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