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Son of a Plumber on TV

Written by tevensso on October 28, 2005 to .

Tonight on SVT2 at 21.30 CET there’s a show called Musikbyrån (The Music Bureau.)

  Today Musikbyrån will visit Per Gessle, Clarence Öfwerman and Christopher Lundquist in the Grey Aerosol Machine studio and we’ll get a first preview of the new Son of a Plumber album.

Henric Wahlberg contributed to this article.


A clip to upload tomorrow maybe?! :-) Rich

Sign me up!

Someone please capture this and upload it fast. I guess many many people are eager to view it.

Can someone please record? I am at my work, so not be able to watch the stream....

still don’t get it...if I log in and look for the right category, am i really able to watch it live through www?
q for the swedes who saw the show before: how long this show will be?

tcooh is just reading my mind :-)

You CAN watch it later at :)

You will find it at: later I think

now I feel even more nervous...

If it’s anything like norwegian NRK webtv, and it seems so from the clips avaliable on that SVT location Tobben mentioned, it will be avaliable fast after the show is finished. Let’s hope so ;)

Thanx Tobbe! Anybody seen the show before? How long will it be?

The show is 30 minutes long.

so who’s recording it? :D

I will happily provide the webspace for this!

If someone wants to grab it and email it to me ([email protected]) I will put it on superfast, bandwidth free servers in minutes for everyone.

HELP!! I got onto the above website to see Per , got Musicbyron on and do I need to get onto more...everything is in Swedish and I can’t read or understand it... although I wound up watching the Cardigans! LOVE ME! LOVE ME! Was I even close ? I am in US time which is 1:38 afternoon central standard time What time would it be in Sweden? I would love to see this! B

@Roxette_for_me: Take it easy :)

The show hasn’t been broadcasted here yet :)

The time is 21:20 CET... 10 minutes left

Edit: I have seen Musikbyrån now. The Per Gessle-part was in the beginning. But now I have heard some snippets too :) It sounded intresting and special.

agree I do wonder where he got the inspiration for cmon on... feel like I´ve heard it b4 but where

They played clips of two songs.

Both sounded very 70’s... very... glam rock-ish...


Jo-anna says sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!! C’mon was cool!!! I already love them both!!


Wait, please don’t tell me you really are surprised songs by Per are mainstream! Did you honestly expect something else? ;-)

(BTW, I think Per was right when he said the songs don’t sound like anything else on the radio right now - might be a tough job to get them on the radio in countries other than Sweden!)

Jo-Anna Says (=YES, SOUNDS GREAT).
C’mon (=No, sorry, I don’t like Per singing that way).

Cool... “Jo-Anna Says” is absolutely PERfect... played the clip 1000 times already.

“C´mon” is very strange... I mean, should be a fantastic song but that falsetto voice ruined it. Sounds like Bee Gees... :(

But can´t wait to get the album !! SOAP will rule the world

I didn’t like what I heard either... but Crashi, I woulnd’t complain that it’s mainstream, not because it isn’t, but because Per’s music has always been mainstream. So if you don’t like mainstream I wonder what you like about Roxette?

One word - big discussion!

I love everything what Mr. Gessle is doing! He could play Jazz - I would love it.

It’s a lot Beatles to be honest....

“I have to wait in the line and come back tomorrooooow”... Jo-Anna is a cruel girl.

My immediate thought upon hearing some of these songs – since we’re always prone to make such comparisons – once I stopped thinking about Per and Roxette, was “Beatles!” And then I thought, yes (as Per has said he hopes)... this project could definitely have legs outside of Sweden. More on that soon by the way.

oh my God :-O C’mon is really expectacular!!!! I’m very happy with these melodies, although, they seem to me well-known...;-)


GOD!!!! both song sounds soooo sooo perfect!!!
It’s a torture to have to wait for the entire songs now!!!

did anyone record those clips?

NOOOOOOOOOOOO Per has turned into Franz Ferdinand!

I’m totally hooked on the chorus of Jo-Anna Says. Love it!!! :D I really like the sound of the music, very much arrangements wise what I tought might come hearing from what music and time Per was inspired :) C’mon will take a bit more time for me to like, but it keeps growing.

Jo-Anna says has the best radio potential I’d say ;)

ok, i recorded short clips from this tv show. edited them, so there is no speaking. enjoy:

i have to admit, that i love the songs already! they are not in the twatg style, but great anyway!

Thanks for the work, Jackeill, i´ll probably play this snippets over and over again the next days. :-)

Btw, Jo-Anna says is great!

Oh God both songs sound really cool.

Loving ’Jo-Anna says’ :) ’C’mon’ mmmmm....needs some time don’t hate it and that’s always a start ;)

BTW aren’t we just loving all this Per and Marie stuff right now :) :) :)

How fresh and wonderful do those 2 songs sound!! Nothing weird about these 2 at all :P 23 to go!

Iauuuuuuuuuu I loved to watch that.

I want to kill Jo-Anna. She’s a bad girl.
I loved this song. It’s fantastic :D

C’mon i still don’t remembers me Bee Gees. Maybe when I listen all song I can change my opinion. Let’s wait!

BTW it’s Per Gessle and I can’t wait to put my hands on it to listen all songs.

they’re a couple of arse-kicking tracks...

Gessle for President ! ;)

As kaifuoju !

i guess that soap album will be the best “ROXETTE” album next to the world according to gessle... ;)

Jo-Anna Says is cool! Definitely sounds very Beatles!

The show will be repeated three more times!!!

SVT Europa
sön 30 okt kl 00.40

sön 30 okt kl 01.40

tis 1 nov kl 19.30

what does he say in “c’mon”?...”Jo-Anna take a break, won’t you come out and play today? c’mon...” and then?? the more I listen to it, the less I undertsand...Anyone with bettter ears/English?

But I like “C’mon” better than “Jo-Anna says” anyway. It’s great. It’s different and surprising.

“C’mon” makes me think about The artist formally known as Prince.
“Jo-anna” is very Beatles-ish.
I think this album is gonna be a Hit (even here in France ;-) )

wow! it sounds sooo great! verry beattleish=) and

Jo-Anna, take a break
won’t ya come out to play to play
baby c’mon (baby c’mon)

dye your dancin’shoes really brite
I wrote a song for you
baby c’mon baby c’mon

tev, are u positive the lyrics you’ve just mentioned are from the snippets we’ve got from the tv show? lol...I am almost sure I hear something else...couldn’t tell ya what exactly though...the word “sleep” might be involved anyway in what I hear...

I think musically, Joana says is quite similar to How Do You Do

Poor little me - I’m without computer the next few days ;-(

Here’s the video part with SOAP:

Scroll down, click on free and wait 25 sec., the link appears

Thanx for the snippets. Both songs sound really fun! I even prefer C’mon for the moment... :-)

Could anyone write down the lyrics of “Joana says” snippet ? It seems simple, but some lines are difficult to understand

His pronunciation’s a bit dodgey on some of the words, but here’s my guess at the lyrics:

- - -

Joanna says
I’m not the only one
Joanna says
I’ll never be the one

But when she smiles, there’s something in her eyes
That tells me I’m not like the other guys

Joanna says
I have to give it time
Joanna says
She’s just got to make up her mind
Joanna says
I have to wait in line and come back tomorrow

if the whole album is gonna be in that bad falsetto even my cats are gonna wanan scratch it n pee on it

I’m sure it won’t.

bad falsetto? it’s great, it reminds me a little bit of prince. it’s something new in per’s style!!

Hm, not good...I didn’t even get a single thrill. The falsetto doesn’t bother me as much as the production: Per, iPod=>2005, the two songs I heard=>long time ago!

Hope the rest of the CD is better, or at least when I hear the songs in better quality it will be different.

Rox On!

@ Jackeill

Forgot to say...
Thanks ever so much for saving me a job in transferring the songs into MP3. Most kind of you!

C’mon is superb!! I love it. Chorus is perfect! I don’t mind even that falsetto :)



I agree 100%!!!

Is a wonderful “C’mon”!!!

Jo-anna is very entertaining ... every time I like more!

I fell in love instantly with them both.

Definetely - Gessle for President!!!

mm kul

i loooove both songs .... waaahhh - wanna listen to them all!!

jo-anna says is great!!!!!!

he said iPod, but he also said he went through all his collection (vinyls = old ;)) so that’s soap :)

both are good

Yeah I think too, that the songs have something of Beatles last era, the most psychodelic and I like it a lot. It makes me think that Per is like McCartney and in a certain way Marie could be like Lennon (musically talking!!!).
Btw, I agree with the people who already likes C´mon, from the artist fromerly known as Per Gessle.

I Love you Per!!, you are like the Wine.
Cheers ;)

Am I the only one that is absolutelly in love with “Jo-Anna Says”... so much in love that could sell my own kidney just to get this song full right now ?

I ´ve got the same feeling about Prince. C´mon is just great, so catchy but no that sweet like “Real Sugar”

Jo-anna says sounds great! C’mon is also nice song. But it’s you can’t judge song if you have heard only 10 sec of it.

Coool songs...! Now I’m getting unpatient..
but the falsetto thing is some already wrote...Prince..Bee Gees?? hmm...I still think that falsetto is nothing for Pers voice. But..well, seems that he had a lot of fun to record it...
Edit: now it just came into my mind which musicstyle came into my head while listening to c’mon......Ojoj..seems I am old enough to say: T-REX!!!!!

Oh, yeah... I must say I wasn’t too hot on this album when I first heard about it... but yeah, I like the sound of the 2 clips!! Yay!

LoneGunman I’m with you ahaahahahahaha!
That sounds fantastic!!!!

PS: Cadê você no forum homem de Deus!!!! Ajuda lá pra ver se Per responde uma perguntinha nossa.


For the guitarplayers, I think the chorus in Jo-Anna goes C G Am F.

Mattias I also think so. I found the same chords as you :)

It just rocks, I love it! :)

Yeah, i like both.
C´mon is superb. It will be a great album :)

OMG!!! C’mon is absolutely AWESOME!!!! It’s very glam/70’s rock - and you guys know there’s a revival of this tipe of music hapening in the UK at the moment. I’m over the moon!

Mr. G - you did great! :o)

@Criz: YES!!! T-Rex!!! I love them!!! And someone mentioned McCartney... spot on guys!

jee very good falsetto....heh,heh,now we waiting your album....

You can find this short movie here, in really good quality:

On EMI’s webside you can see the single-design: :)

Both songs are really great! Can’t quite tell which one is my favourite!

And what abou the single cover??? It’s sooooooo cool!! I want that single right now! C’mon!!

Great songs made by Gessle and Co. is it a deja vu, isn´t it?
I want video-clips for the singles like TWATG videos!!!!

I cannot get enough!

I’m just goin’ crazy!!!

Same here. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!
I’m trying to get more of “C’mon” by discarding the interview from the original file but the sound is too bad and irregular after the edition. Anyway, at least this: the chords in “Jo-Anna Says” after the chorus seem to go on A E D A E.

“JO-Anna Says” is really great. “C’mon”, njae maybe after listening to it for a while..

I think “C’mon” sounds like The Beatles “Get Back”


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