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“It Must Have Been Love” and “Listen to Your Heart” awarded

Written by tevensso on October 23, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - It’s been 15 years since the movie “Pretty Woman” entered the scene, and with that, the now classic song “It Must Have Been Love.” Of course, in Sweden the song was released in 1987 already, as “It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted),” - Roxette’s Christmas single. BMI, one of two organizations like STIM in the US, has now announced that “It Must Have Been Love” has now been played more than four million times on US radio. Per Gessle will therefore get another award from BMI for this. Per comments “It’s of course unbelievable.”

  Four million times is about 36 years non-stop playing…

  But that’s not all, Per Gessle and MP Persson will also receive an award from BMI for “Dance Song of the Year” regarding “Listen to Your Heart,” as these two gentlemen are the writers of the hit. The song has passed the limit for platinum with more than 352,000 downloads.

  In Europe “Listen to Your Heart” by D.H.T. is on the top 10 in Holland and in France.

  The awards will be presented in London, November 29.


That´s a hit”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to remix this song ... I wont Peter Rauhofer mix ih’s the best now!!!

It must have been love HAS been remixed.

It´s best song!

no, The best song is “The Look” !

its roxette’s signature song without a question , in the uk anyway. one of the best aswell

That’s huge, a real classic! Diamonds are forever...


It’s wonderful! I just wonder when some DJ’s will remix It Must Have Been Love...

This is very cool.
What says Marie about that?

Its time for a new album!! ;D

I agree!!! :-D

This shows once more how good Roxette is!

Just GREAT! They totally deserved for awards!!! :)))
But what is what, those songs have something magical thanks to Marie! :D

Roxette rulez, the best band ever!I think the future of roxette is brilliant they will come back soon

Listen to Your Heart by D.H.T. is also playing in Brazil a lot :D
That’s wonderful !!!!
Roxette forever!

Long time ago LTYH by DHT was played also here in Argentina, but the unplugged version. Hope during the year the single is officially released in this parts of the world...


Per will be in London on the 29th of November, then..?

Interesting :)

I don´t remember exactly when but it was a couple of months ago, maybe more. Announcer said that it was Roxette with a remake of LTYH :S

ohhh tack

D.H.T.’s remake of Listen To Your Heart is being played quite often in Lithuania too :D

“hi steve, yes it bothers me a lot. on one hand i think rox achieved
much more in the states that anyone could hope for (4 no 1’s, 2 no
2’s etc) but at the moment there isn’t, for instance, a good
compilation available on the market, no decent back catalogue
presented etc etc. however, we’re working on it, trust me!!
ps. i just got an e-mail from bmi two days ago that it must have been
lunch have passed the level for being played more than 4 million
times on US radio which is of course unbelievable. that’s about 36
years non-stop playing.... so i’m definitely aware of that a lot of
people like what i/we do/have done.”

From the Soap site..

Yeah, that info was already in Soap site, but its seems like nobody paid attention to it untill it was published here...

not the greatest song....



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