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Son Of A Plumber becomes film

Written by tevensso on October 19, 2005 to .

SKÅNE - Per Gessle has, as per usual, videoed most of the time during the recording process of the album “Son Of A Plumber.” So far it is not decided whether the material will be included as bonus material on the album or not. The Daily Roxette can also add that more film has been shot featuring six songs from the album. Per calls this “little promo videos,” but it’s not decided yet what they will be used for. Per and the band has spent two days down in southern Sweden shooting.

  “We have not discussed a ’Son Of A Plumber’-DVD”, says Marie Dimberg, manager of Per Gessle. The EMI representative knows nothing about the footage either.

Robert Thorselius and SleepingSingle contributed to this article.


Oooooo now this IS interesting.

New video footage and possible in English?


Great news!!!!

Yes please, put a bonus dvd to the Cd! :D *freu*

Excellent! Hope they’ll go international...would be nice to have some footage for all the programs on tv to show ;)

Oh my God

Simply great!!!!
I want a SOAP DVD!!!!

Ok, lets analize this...

1-Does Per videotape all his sessions? Yes
2-Is that really news? No
3-Will that be released? Probably, probably not.
4-Do EMI or management know about that footage? No
5-Was this bit of news worth publishing? No, God, no.
6-Then why was it published? Tevensso doesn´t like the idea of Marie having the 1st headline on TDR´s front page, so he had to come up with some stupid little article about his beloved Per to push her to the 2nd spot. With all that ass kissing that will feed Per´s ego, he may be getting a free copy of SOAP...

Thriller... get a life !

SOAP DVD ? Amaaaaaazing !!! :)

How nice! We see Per at work again...........

Please, release this material on DVD or CD!!!

Guess what, I would have written the article myself, hadn’t Thomas already started. How does that fit in your theory.. *rolls eyes*

I asked this Q last night on the website.... this has been on my mind for ages... we all love to see studio footage! :)

Sounds good...

Thriller: Exuse me but..are you stupid??!!

Great! I love behind the scenes videos! :-) Wonder if there’s ’Making of HAND’ and ’... RS’ material in Per’s drawers as well.

@ Thriller:

You’re paranoid. Seriously paranoid.

Tevensso was completely justified in brinnging this news to the fans.

@Thriller, nice of you to use an alias instead of posting under your real nickname

TDR posts news, simple as that.

If you only want to read news on Marie, not on both Marie and Per, visit a Marie - only site or something.

I am totally overwhelmed with emotion! Can’t work up all these fantastic news! :-)

Well I supposed so. And I hope it’ll be released ;)

So can we treat those “little promo videos” as clips for the singles? or they are something different?

I don’t call this news, I call this stalling

Where is the tracklist, pics, sound clips

Even will young has a clip on his site!

Stop with the stalling and give news!

Yeha but Will Young needs to suck a$$.... Per doesn’t!

Thank you ally you just made my point VERY clear.
Per does not have to give us anything we must just wait...thats there attitute....what a shame

Dearest Thriller, I buy my own records thank you very much.

C’mon Per..why did you film so much when you don’t wanna share it with us ??
I just say: DUAL DISC!!! :D

@ erweetiran - Your Welcome.... ;)

@thriller: we needed a bit of flame in here...

... look at the news article posted by T CAREFULLY... forget about the content....

It is not actually Thomas writing up the article for the sake of it... he actually gives credit to Robert and SleepingS, PLUS there is a direct link to Aftonbladet who make a comment on Pers videos too....

Now, isnt it ok for TDR to update news with anything new that pops up? i think so.


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