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Per Gessle to perform at “Fotbollsgalan 2005”

Written by Jud on November 14, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - Per Gessle as Son Of A Plumber will participate in this year’s edition of “Fotbollsgalan” on November 14.

  The event will take place at Hovet, Stockholm, and will feature, besides Gessle, The Cardigans and Andreas Johnson. The organizers are also hoping to get Madonna to perform live. Swedish television channel TV4 will broadcast the gala live from 20:00 until 22:00 CET.

  The gala is organized yearly by the Swedish Soccer Association to pay tribute to the best Swedish soccer players of all times. The nominees to the different categories will be announced in some weeks.

  Tickets for the event can be purchased via Ticnet at the price of 220 SEK (excluding the surcharge).


thats a good one=)

The invasion Gessle again! ;-)

That sounds like one fabulous event...

Cool.... if only it was DECEMBER!

Madonna.... wow that would be cool.... I just re-read it!

I hope this is gonna be broadcast through the net as well...

Cool,just cool.

Nice. I’ve just bought TV4 channel :)

Wonder if we can download on the net.... :),2789,729561,00.html Here’s the timetable. Per will be on stage end of the show.


Yea, but Madonna won’t come.. And as it seems right now, Zlatans neither.. :( Men Per kommer ju fan äga de allihop! It will be fun to see Son Of A Plumber for the first time ever live.. och PG borde få Guldbollen..

C’mon as playback. But it was nice to see Per on stage again :)

Yea... it was nice, but I would have prefered it if he did Jo-Anna Says. It is a much better song to perform live I think.
C’mon... well. There really isn’t that much choice than to do that song playback I think. Not if he don’t have another version without the falsetto song somewhere up his sleeve. *smile*

Any chance anyone recorded it???? :)

It would be great to see it, although it was just a playback...

Just saw it on, it was okay. Per seemed to have a lot of fun ;)

Did anyone record this? Talk about strange timing, Per recently replied to my question on the Son of a Plumber website and I quote...”hi ross, my interest in soccer is unbelievably low!”

My friend went. She works for some sports club in Sweden. She called me up when Per was in, it was that awful C’mon song..... :(

If its not agains any rules in this forum, I could post the “C’Mon” performance as a download-link...

It’s a mpg file and about 30 MB in size.

It´s don´t bad...

Thanx for sharing :):):)



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