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“Son Of A Plumber” also to be released on vinyl

Written by Jud on October 17, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - A new section has been added to the official Son Of A Plumber website today: Q & A - Ask Per, where - as the name indicates - Per is once again responding to questions from fans.

  In the first batch of replies Per reveals that there are plans for the upcoming album to also be released as a vinyl record – also double – with a bonus track not available on the CD version.

  Per is still cautious when asked about a tour. “It will depend on how the album will be received,” answers Per, but he surely would like to make a small club tour. “It would be great, don’t you think?”

  Per also says that Marie is fine, and that she performed a “couple of blues songs in a club outside Marbella a month ago.”

  Point your browser to the Son Of A Plumber website to read all the replies and, of course, to submit your questions!


Sounds GREAT!!

yeeeehaaaa! vinyl!

Awesome Per!

You just have to love Purplemedusa questions? note QUESTIONS!!!!! and Per answers... way to go Hanrich! :)

BTW, great little feature to SOAP webbie!

Yippieh..back to my old hobby...
Thanx Per!

Excellent news (thank you Gessle for answering!!!) I wait attend to my response ;-)


I believe it when I see it...

...Per has promised things in previous Q&As and they have never come true.

Utlimately, it’s NOT up to him.

“rox 20 years? yes, some thing will happen, can’t tell you what right now though.. “
Just what I wanted to read! :-D Hope it’s true..

Roxette comeback with new album. Pleaaaaase!

Tevensso are you responsible for SOAP site? Or Per has hired someone new?:)

I am having a fit of laughter...

Question asked by:
Ted (from Varberg, Sweden)

Hi Per
Will the vnyl lp be relased as a limited edition??
how dd you got this Sonofaplumber idea?
Is Marie singing on any one of the new songs?

limited yes
my father was a plumber
no marie this time
the only people playing are me chris clair helena jens
+ strings and horns

In case your wondering it was the Son of a Plumber bit that made me giggle! :)

This question caught my attention...

Kommer “Keep the radio on” med på plattan?
don’t think so, no.

So, all new stuff I guess!

I so hope for the tour.

Yay! “something” for rox ... a gretest hits album lol. No I doubt it - gh thing.
My question got answered! Yay! :)

Ally I missed that one... *giggles*

Per also says that Marie is fine, and that she performed a “couple of blues songs in a club outside Marbella a month ago.”

Why hide this from the fans - sure she doesn’t want pressure but I certainly hope that someone record something!!

Great News!! :-D

I’ve send a question few minutes ago.

Will there be more answers from him ? Or it’s too late for me ??

Hi Crashi

Nono, he wrote that he tries to answer more questions, not maybe every day, but all the same. I think its awfully cool of him to do that for us..and of course he likes feedback..haha..


Yaaay! Great news! Marie’s ok, Per’s going to answer ours questions again! *starts to read Q&A section*

Thank you, bluesue (-;

great news! :-D

give the guy a break! he replied to questions twice yesterday.. which doesn’t mean he’ll reply to them everyday :)

And please ... send him clever/interesting questions.. and read before posting to avoid asking him a question twice, three times... :P

This is not very helping....
Is Per a politician? >:)
An answer like : “I hope” would have make me a bit happier to be honest!

Hello Per!
Here is my question, will Roxette ever come back?? Honestly? I know
that you will say that its up to Marie, but has Marie said anything
if she want to return to Roxette or not?
it might happen, yes. on the other hand, it might not.

Judith: Did you read our messages?

Let us ask Per what we want. This is our chance to have contact to him.

he asked that himself....

Hur länge kommer vi kunna ställa frågor till dej?? Är det bara idag??
[how long can we send questions in? Is it only today?]

no, i’m gonna answer q’s once in a while. i can’t promise it’s gonna be on a daily basis though but i’ll do my best. however, try to keep the q’s interesting!!! not too much repetition!

Who gives him our messages?

are you deleting the questions and answers?

I asked Per if Marie’s voice is on the record and he answered that not phisically but yes in spirit, and that he played the record to her the other day and she really liked it.

I don’t know why it was deleted, he doesn’t answered something like that to other questions...


Hope they don´t delete tham. Would be a shame!!!!

@ Roxryder-V2002 - I saw that....

@Ally saw what? My question or the lack of it?

I’m not in charge of the SOAP site, but I am involved in it.

Anyone talked to you?

Oh yea, now I noticed three questions were deleted including the one by Roxryder-V2002; maybe some error occured when they were splitting it into pages? Hopefully it won’t happen again. Luckily I still saved everything on time when it was still all on one page.

Roxryder: I answered to your PM :)

Talked with the webmaster, they will solve this soon - The q/a’s are in the database, not lost, so don’t worry :)

And what Thomas said applies to me too..

have a nice day,


I’ve just read the pm, thanx very much.

You were really kind.

Thanx for your time and atention.

HAND you too.



Question asked by:Roxryder (from Capital Federal, Argentina) - Answered: 2005-10-19 11:19:00

Is there a little tiny bit of a chance to hear Marie’s voice in the
plumbing project? You know her voice always shone on all your
sorry no. she’s not there physically. only in spirits. she loves the
album, by the way. i played it for her just the other day.


The answer is right back where it belongs :)

Thanx to you all!!!

@ Roxryder-V2002 - Your question, but it shows again now so no problem!

Do you think that a 7” vinyl will happen...


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