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Son of a Plumber tracklist revealed

Written by tevensso on November 2, 2005 to .

STOCKHOLM - With excitement building amongst the fans of Per Gessle for the release of his new album, The Daily Roxette is able to reveal the sleeve and the final CD-tracklist of Son Of A Plumber (the vinyl tracklist is slightly different):

CD 1:

  1. Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her
  2. Jo-Anna Says
  3. I Have a Party in My Head (I Hope It Never Ends)
  4. C’mon
  5. Week with Four Thursdays
  6. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)
  7. Late, Later On
  8. Ronnie Lane

  9. The Junior Suite:

  10. Are You an Old Hippie, Sir?
  11. Double-Headed Elvis
  12. Something in the System
  13. Speed Boat to Cuba
  14. Come Back Tomorrow (And We Do it Again)

CD 2:

  1. Kurt – The Fastest Plumber in the West
  2. I Never Quite Got Over the Fact That The Beatles Broke Up
  3. Substitute (For the Real Deal)
  4. Waltz for Woody
  5. Carousel
  6. I Like it Like That
  7. Something Happened Today
  8. Brilliant Career
  9. Burned Out Heart
  10. Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her [reprise]
  11. Making Love or Expecting Rain

  “The Junior Suite” is a 9-minute-long medley consisting of the last five songs on CD1.

  The album is, like previously announced, to be released as a limited edition vinyl record – also double – with an extra bonus track not available on the CD!


Great stuff!!!

Nice cover - sums up the thought behind the project very nicely....

What a bummer it must be for

Sorry Mr G. ;o)


Great Tracklist, Good Work TDR. Is that Pic the cover?

Keep it coming


more excited than a kid on Xmas Eve!!!!!!!!!! Love the cover too!

from a graphic designers point of view i have to say: THIS COVER IS REALLY GREAT! i guess this picture suites the sound of the album perfectly. cheers.

there will also be 2 different CD-versions - a jewelcase and a deluxe digipack.

Great cover! Suits the vibe of the album very well. Is that an ABBA album in Per’s hands? The tracklist looks... interesting! ;-)

BTW. the bonus track will be “Keep the radio on” according to Per.

The info is taken from CDON.

Ha, you wish, this info is not taken from CDON. :)

on the CDON tracklist there is one song more- Jo-anna Says Farewell.

That’s a secret ghost track á la Kix cha-cha that we didn’t want to reveal, but CDON did anyways...

Vaxjoe & Purplemedusa says, “SOAP makes it slippery... MMM!!!”

Some of the titles sounds like episode names of South Park :D Wonderful cover!

i like the single cover better, this is nice also though...

Good news and info. I love the cover picture, perfect for this double-album!! Ghost track as well, hehe, nice one ;)

About some of the titles, I’ve mentioned this one before “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song)” sounds very Madonna inspired. “Ronnie Lane”, for some strange reason this one gives me associations to Harry Potter, LOL. “Speed Boat to Cuba”, hm, sounds like title of a great action movie ;) “Something Happened Today”, hm, yes it did :D “Making Love or Expecting Rain” the west coast choice :P Only thing I must think more of is the reprise track, generally I don’t like it, but I’ll wait an see if its’ at least a bit different than the first one.

Waltz about Woody!? hm. If I recall right, Per’s nickname for Åsa is Woody. So... does he dance waltz for her at home? *smile* Propably not, but that was my first thought when I read that title. *smile*

Funny titles though! And a REALLY REALLY NICE COVER!!!

How about jo-anna says farewell as mentioned as last track on

Wow! really cool picture!
Per looks younger every day...

Nice cover.

Wonder how “Kurt- the fastest plumber in the west” sounds...

@japeke - read all the comments carefully and you will know :)

Veryyyy nice!!!!

Thanx Bunio... Sorry, I am an old hippy sir....

The sleeve is amazing! :0))) Doesn‘t it remind Tom Petty‘s “Hard promises” cover? ;D

Thanks for this beautiful information!!!! Gessle is more beautiful every day!! now I want to listen this disc!!!! I’m super nervous!!! oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

I melt of love for this man and his music!!! Gessle loved you!!!! (as the crazy names that you put to your new songs!!!)

M. from Bs.As - Argentina


how come the cover is sliiiightly bigger on tdr / then? ;)

Funny how CDON doesn’t list the 2 CDs, but all the tracks in a row, but other sites *cough* just like to copy and paste, must be a great hobby.

Wow... what a cool cover... really really cool.
I like the titles of the songs too. Can´t wait to have it in my hands !! :)

can’t remember right now, but did he say anything about the instrumental ones? how many orchestral songs will be?
let’s take a guess...”Ronnie Lane”, “Kurt - the fastest...” and “Waltz for Woody” (I am SO convinced that the last two I’ve mentioned are going to be instrumental!!)


Very nice! But I don’t see any song in swedish, HE (Gessle) said the album would contain a mix of instrumental tracks and english and swedish songs.

I can’t wait to listen to it anyway

Swedish? He never said that.

:S he always said that the album would be in English.

Somewhen he said he had written songs in Swedish too (and French?) but nothing about mixing them?

The songtitels are sooo funny...never ever seen so many funny songtitels on one CD! ..eehm..two CD’s!
Nice Cover...good work!! Respect!! Reminds me that I will go to a record fair this weekend..:D

there are some words over the ’son of a plumber’. what could it be?


ok, i got it.

“elevator entertainment and capitol records present”

my god it sucks! why they had to write this... ?

btw: i like the colors of the cover presented on tdr better ! it looks like a bleach bypass to me. it’s nicer than the cover presented on a offcial website [and this offcial one is cropped, a bit].


I like it!! (the sleeve)

Songtitles don´t say me anything this time, I ll have to wait and listen the whole album...

Wonderful cover!!!!!

Can’t wait to put my hands on this cd :D

Thankyouuuuuu Per!

Love you!

Great news!!!
And a fantastic cover (-:

Gosh, this must be one of the most creative tracklist I’ve ever seen. It had to be a Per album!

The cover suites the project very well. It’s all coming together very nicely. Now, I just have to wait for that “party in my head” to start with the arrivel of the CDs. :-)

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Awesome. :)

Hehe, some of the titles are quite funny. “Are You an Old Hippie, Sir?” Hahaha! I love the Gessle humour.


Ahhhh 2 cd goooooodness. :swoon:

2 cd’s gooood. ;) That’ll make my day fly by in work!

One of my fave cheesy songs ever is Ernie, the fastest milk cart in the west... now Pers: Kurt – The Fastest Plumber in the West, cheesy or not? But cool title all the same. ;) Hehe!

Ooh, i’m all excited. YAYNESS!

Per looks so good looking! The best title for me is Come back tomorrow (and we do it again)

Don’t know if you’ve notices but you can actually LISTEN to both the new songs on the plumber’s site!!!

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to have the whole thing! :)

Edit: Wops! There was an update down in the single news... you TDR-guys are always the first to know! ;-)

I love the cover and the tracklist!!! Can’t wait to have this album in my hands.

Son Of A Plumber rulezzz!!!


I thought of “Hard Promises” as soon as i saw the sleeve too! :)

I ordered digi-pack from SOAP website, and there was a promise that it could arrive even before release day or very very soon after. Wow !

yeah, i got the same “promise” haha...I doubt it though...I ordered gyllene there and didn’t get it earlier...waaay much later...but well, france is far also depends where are you from, i guess.

Both album and single covers look excellent!!!
All the titles and everything are so... yummie, don’t know how i’m gonna wait for hearing those pair of cds, it’s such a torture!

Does anybody knows how to buy Vinyl version?

And does anybody knows if the single will be edited in plastic case too?

About SOAP, I haven´t felt nothing like that since Room Service...I´m so excited....!!!!

Per, thank you for giving us so many good things and so many good songs. You made (and will make) the soundtrack of my life. thanks sir.

It seems that we can only order the vinyl LP here so far:

Now it’s also possible for the EU states. You can pay with creditcard via Payson (the same system like PayPal) but in Swedish, you have to be registered there at first.

Oooh, this is very exciting.

Very nice cover!!!!!

Love the cover and the track names (very Gessleish). Just hope that it will be released here in Australia, but once again I’m not holding my breath.

It looks really impressive!

I want to hear the Kurt track in full!

Some top titles, speed boat to cuba... where did that one come from!


Ha! So this is the point! :0) Thanx you didn‘t leave alone with this thought. And what about the LP in Per‘s hands? Isn‘t it one of Tom Petty‘s earlier records? Some blonde guy on the cover... ;0)


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